All You Need to Know about 1867 Ceramic Flooring

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1867 ceramic flooring is notable for its luxurious design and durability. Thanks to its components, 1867 ceramic flooring can withstand heavy foot traffic. Also, it is ideal for non-commercial places like your home. While 1867 ceramic flooring may differ a little from other ceramic floorings, it is equally stain-resistant.

Knowing what to expect from 1867 ceramic flooring allows you to make the right decision. Hence, it’s important to have an 1867 ceramic flooring buying guide before making a purchase. Also, when buying any flooring option, one thing to consider is the installation location. Thankfully, you can use 1867 ceramic flooring in any part of your home.

In this article, we discuss all you need to know about 1867 Ceramic flooring. Here we discuss its features, pros and cons. Also, we answer common questions regarding 1867 ceramic flooring.

What is 1867 Ceramic Flooring?

1867 ceramic flooring are thin, flat tiles usually shaped with slanted edges resembling a right angle. When employed to cover a surface, they provide corrosion resistance, heat protection, wear resistance, and surface decoration. 1867 ceramic floorings are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and colours.

1867 ceramic flooring uses mortar to bind them to a surface, such as a subfloor. Likewise, it uses grout to fill up the gaps between the tiles. Asides from grouting, cross-shaped plastic spacers are used to separate the tiles in flooring applications.

Ceramic tile is the only type of flooring that you can use in any area of the house. 1867 ceramic flooring tiles are a common flooring choice for all building types. You can use it in residential, commercial, and public structures. Additionally, 1867 ceramic flooring is ideal for foyers, mudrooms, and other high-traffic areas.

Furthermore, many homes, particularly in warm regions, use tiles in living rooms and bedrooms to excellent advantage. To put it another way, you can’t go wrong with 1867 ceramic flooring tiles. There are hardly any flaws with this long-lasting, attractive flooring. However, they can be hard and chilly to walk on and difficult to install for DIYers.

1867 ceramic flooring tiles have numerous advantages that make them a popular flooring choice for numerous structures. These ceramic tiles come in various colours that you can utilize to create one-of-a-kind wall and floor designs.

1867 Ceramic Flooring tiles: What to Expect

What to expect from 1867 ceramic flooring includes what makes it unique. One unique feature of 1867 ceramic flooring is its easy maintenance. Unlike other flooring options like hardwood, you can easily clean stains off your ceramic floor. Here are some things to expect from 1867 ceramic flooring.

High strength

high strength

The strength of 1867 ceramic flooring is the first feature that you should anticipate. A strong floor is defined by its ability to hold the weight of people. In other words, a strong floor should be able to withstand any weight without breaking.

1867 ceramic flooring tiles are extremely strong that they can withstand extreme pressure and temperature. They have a breaking strength of about 350 to 400 kg/cm2. Unlike the mosaic floors that have about 100 to 150 kg/cm2 breaking strength.


Dealing with stains on any surface ca be a bit challenging and discouraging. Hence, the major reason you should opt for a floor that is easy to clean and stain-free. 1867 ceramic flooring tiles are the easiest to clean, and maintenance is stress-free. In addition to it being stain-free, it’s also highly resistant to acids and alkalis.


Scratched floors, whether from pet paws or furniture, can make your home look unkempt. In addition, it gives your home’s interior an unattractive look. 1867 ceramic flooring tiles have high abrasion resistance, hence are scratch-resistant.

These ceramic tiles have a hardness of about 6-7 on the Mohs scale. In other words, hard materials with extremely sharp edges can’t leave scratches on the surface. If you’re feeling unsure, you can use a furniture pad underneath your furniture.

Extremely lightweight

One unique thing about 1867 ceramic flooring tiles is their lightweight. These ceramic floors weigh just one-third of mosaic and are just 7.5mm thick. Hence, they require much thinner floor bedding than mosaic flooring. You can see The result of this feature in how much money it saves you.

Easy to wash

easy to wash

Aside from the fact that 1867 ceramic flooring tiles are stain-free, they are also easy to clean. 1867 ceramic flooring tiles have a very low water absorption and are very easy to clean. In addition, these ceramic floors are electrostatically neutral. Hence, they do not attract dust.

Easy maintenance is the feature that distinguishes these ceramic floor tiles from other floor tiles. Mosaic floors are electrostatically charged. Hence, they attract dust. Instead of opting for mosaic floors, 1867 ceramic flooring tiles are a better option for you.

Antibacterial properties

You find Bacteria everywhere and are difficult to get rid of sometimes. 1867 ceramic flooring tiles are a good option if you’re seeking a flooring option free of bacteria.  These ceramic floor tiles are bacteria-free because no bacteria can grow on them. Its antibacterial properties make it excellent for hospitals, industrial kitchens, operation theatres, and deep freeze godowns.

Highly insulated

Generally, ceramic flooring tiles are good insulators. However, 1867 ceramic flooring tiles are very good insulators. Moreover, the specific heat of the ceramic tiles is about 0.12. This leads to a significant improvement in the efficiency of air-conditioning.


Knowing if your choice of flooring tiles is fireproof is important when buying a flooring material. 1867 ceramic flooring tiles, asides from their high strength, are fireproof. These ceramic floor tiles are fired at 1900oC, hence can withstand extreme fire conditions.  In the event of an accident, you can be sure that the fire won’t ruin your floor.

HIgh acoustic factor

1867 ceramic flooring tiles have a commendable high acoustic damping factor which helps in the elimination of echoes. Hence, the consideration of these ceramic flooring tiles for public structures. Big halls and auditoriums are commonly considered as the best options for this flooring choice.

Easy to lay and ready to live-in

1867 ceramic flooring tiles are easy to lay and ready for use in a matter of 48 hours after laying. This is a piece of great news for DIYers because they can follow the instruction manual. Its easy-to-lay features enable DIYers to have a stress-free adventure while laying the floor of their homes.


1867 ceramic flooring tiles are salt-glazed, anti-slip and non-skid. An anti-slip floor in your home means that you do not have to worry about accidents. 1867 ceramic flooring tiles have surfaces that grip your feet. You can run on 1867 tiles without the fear of falling and hurting yourself. Also, it’s safe to use these ceramic tiles in children’s rooms are they are children-friendly.

Things to Consider When Buying 1867 Ceramic Flooring

Before buying 1867 ceramic flooring, there are things to consider. One of such things is your budget. Buying any flooring material without a budget may require you to spend too much eventually.

Additionally, you should also consider the size of the room where you’d be installing the ceramic tiles. Here are things to consider when buying 1867 ceramic Flooring.

Price of the 1867 ceramic flooring

One of the major factors to consider before buying 1867 ceramic flooring is the price. It would help if you had an overview of the generally acceptable price for what you are buying. The knowledge of the market price ensures that you get value for your money. Also, you get to buy the ceramic tiles you need without eating deep into your budget.

Your home style

Whatever type of 1867 tile you buy should match the whole concept of your home. Your choice shouldn’t be unappealing or distasteful to the eyes. There must be a perfect blend between the layout of the room and the tiles laid. Typically, you can look through magazines, catalogues and online samples before making your choice.

Size of the room

It would help if you gave preference to the length and breadth of the room. For example, a medium to a large room will have a more spacious illusion with large tiles. On the other hand, small to medium tiles will flawlessly befit spaces like bathrooms. Hence, size is important in adding the illusion of more or lesser space as appropriate.

Also, you must bear in mind space for grout when choosing 1867 ceramic flooring. Grout helps in adding traction for feet and prevents accidents that are resultant from slipping.


The 1867 Ceramic flooring pattern rests on the scale of taste and personal preference. Its patterns come in glazed and unglazed/ plain and patterned forms as desired. However, this spectrum of choices possesses an edge or advantage over the others.

Glazed tiles are easier to clean and possess high hardness. In addition to this, they have more resistance to bending, which affords them more durability.



Colour is important when setting the whole ambience of the room. Dark tones will generate an overall effect of a warm ambience. You can consider cream tones in areas like bathrooms to make it appear larger. Combination colours are important to disguise dirt, especially in areas you use frequently.

Ceramic flooring designs can be quite tricky, especially if you’re no expert. If you get confused about the best design for your space, contact a professional.

Anti-slip properties

The statistics of accidents/deaths that have resulted from slippery tiles are quite problematic. Therefore, the anti-slip factor is most likely one of the most important on this list. Anti-slip property is a parameter that affects general safety and prevents accidents at home or in public places.

There are written symbols which are values meant to indicate anti-slip properties. The higher the value, the less slippery the ceramic tiles are.

Abrasion resistance

Abrasion resistance is a measure of resistance to surface abrasion. It determines wear and tear that characteristically affect tiles. The higher the abrasion resistance, the longer the longevity and durability. Hence, you should prioritize 1867 ceramic tiles with high abrasion resistance when buying ceramic flooring. In addition, abrasion resistance is important in areas with high foot traffic, like kitchens and bathrooms.

Pros and Cons of 1867 Ceramic Flooring

1867 ceramic flooring, unlike other ceramic flooring, is anti-static. Also, owing to its dense properties, 1867 ceramic flooring isn’t harmful to your health. Whether or not your ceramic flooring is glazed, you can be certain microorganisms don’t linger on your flooring.

They are anti-static

1867 ceramic tiles don’t become electrically charged, unlike some floorings. You can walk over your Ceramic tiles without feeling any sort of electric shock. Typically, in surgical theatres, you find electrically conductive tiles. Owing to 1867 Ceramic Flooring anti-static properties, you can find it in operating theatres.

They don’t burn

Other floorings may have stains or marks if cigarette ash falls on them. However, this isn’t the case with 1867 ceramic flooring. You can easily sweep off ash in your flooring without any discolouration of your tiles.

No allergens

1867 ceramic tiles feature a rather hard and sturdy surface. Its hard surface prevents it from attracting animal hair, dust or pollen. Because 1867 ceramic flooring doesn’t attract dirt, it’s safe for people with allergies.

Easy to maintain

No need to spend hours vacuuming or mopping your 1867 ceramic flooring. They don’t require special attention and are not phased by dark-coloured liquids. Wine or ink spill has nothing on this ceramic flooring. With the recommended cleaning solution, you can have a spotless floor.

They are cost-effective

Ceramic tiles are one of the cheapest types of floorings available. Their initial cost, coupled with their low maintenance, makes them cost-effective. Also, installing ceramic tiles doesn’t require you to spend a fortune. In addition, 1867 ceramic flooring is durable, meaning you don’t have to buy new tiles after a short period.

They are eco-friendly

they are eco-friendly

Ceramic tiles are made from raw materials like clay, glass and sand. Often, these raw materials are mixed with some recycled materials making the tiles safe for the environment.

Another advantage of 1867 ceramic flooring is they help you cut down on electricity bills. During the cold months that keep your home warm by providing insulation. While during summer, they keep the heat away by keeping you cool, allowing you to cut down on air conditioning.


  • Its hard surface makes it uncomfortable to stand on for a long period
  • It is prone to chipping and cracking from severe impact

1867 Ceramic Flooring FAQs

One common question people have on 1867 ceramic Flooring is on maintenance. Also, it’s common to find people mixing up ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. Here are the top 1867 ceramic flooring FAQs and their answers.

Can I use any cleaning solution on 1867 ceramic flooring tiles?

Some cleaning solutions may not be ideal for ceramic tile. However, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water for your 1867 ceramic floor. The combination of vinegar and water is gentle on your flooring and doesn’t pose any health risk. Avoid some DIY cleaning solutions as they can cause product build-up on your ceramic flooring.

What is the difference between porcelain tile and ceramic tile?

Although ceramic and porcelain tiles belong to the same classification, they have their differences. The major difference between these two tiles is the water they absorb.

Ceramic tiles absorb more water because the clay used in producing them is less dense and softer. In addition, the materials used in making ceramic tiles affect their price, making them more expensive than porcelain tiles.

Is repairing the surface of damaged or worn-out 1867 ceramic flooring possible?

A damaged surface of an 1867 ceramic flooring may require that you change it. Unfortunately, once your ceramic flooring glaze is damaged, repairing it is impossible.

Can I install underfloor heating pads under 1867 ceramic flooring?

Underfloor heating and 1867 ceramic flooring go well together. You can install underfloor heating beneath your ceramic tile to make the floor warm during the cold months. However, it’s important to take into consideration the grout joins. Typically, the grout joint should be a minimum of 1.5mm during the installation.

Do I need to seal my 1867 ceramic flooring?

One good thing about 1867 ceramic tiles is that you don’t need to seal them. As long as the ceramic flooring is glazed, using a sealant isn’t necessary.

However, this is not the case for unmodified cement. For unmodified cement, you may need to seal and maintain the grout using fluorochemical-based sealant. Sealing unmodified cement prevents mildew, stains and mould.

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To Sum It Up

1867 ceramic flooring gives your home a unique and attractive appearance. Compared to other ceramic tiles, 1867 ceramic tiles don’t damage quickly. Perfectly suited for bathrooms, kitchens and other places in your home, 1867 ceramic flooring is a luxury tile. Ceramic 1867 ceramic flooring easily complements any design theme in your home.

Are you considering a ceramic tile for your home or office? 1867 ceramic flooring gives you value for your money with its amazing features. LV Flooring offers different 1867 ceramic flooring designs to meet your taste. Check out our online store for different ceramic flooring designs.

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