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Chevron is a popular aesthetic pattern that is made in an inverted V formation. Such a design has indeed made a big comeback in today’s market, including the hardwood flooring industry. The chevron is now visible anywhere, from fabrics for bedding and clothing, to accessories and jewelry. With its classic and unique design, Chevron has gained lots of attention.

In today’s world of home improvement and construction, Chevron has also made its mark. It has remained to be a classic motif while finding its roots in hardwood flooring.

As you may already know, older homes that are over a hundred years old may display the chevron flooring designs. Thanks to these beautiful hardwood floors still prove to be inspiring and modern-day interior designers look to it for its complete subtlety and high impact in homes. Whichever type of flooring materials you choose, and the colour scheme, chevron flooring is sure to continue in its timeless appeal to all applications involving hardwood flooring.

Where Did the Chevron Flooring Design Originate?

In history, the chevron pattern and design are found in some of the earliest art forms around. This includes rock carvings and pottery. Chevron is a key element in most heraldry in the military. It is used as an insignia to determined rank in the military worldwide Chevron has also found its way in textiles and is closely associated with the Italian fashion house Missoni.

Going back tot he 17th Century, decorative patterns like Chevron has made its mark in the hardwood flooring industry. Nowadays it is gaining tremendous popularity. In a chevron pattern, the zig-zag creates a clean V shape. The ends of two equally sized planks of wood flooring are cut at an angle and fitted together to create a point. The opposite ends of the plank mirror the cut so that the pattern is repeated across the floor or wall.​

Chevron’s design can be traced back to 1800 BC. Chevron originated in Greece supported by historic evidence of the earliest use of this pattern. In more recent cases, it has been discovered in France, in the heraldry of Normandy. It is most probable that chevron flooring has its roots from there.

How Chevron Flooring is Made?

Originally, chevron wood flooring is laid using individual wood blocks that are sanded and finished on-site. That makes the production and installation of a chevron hardwood flooring a very lengthy process. Here at LV Flooring, we offer a wide range of pre-finished engineered woodblocks, including chevron hardwood flooring,  that are easier and quicker to install compared to traditional unfinished solid wood blocks.

We have now available products that are here to provide an installation revolution. Contact LV Flooring to get a chevron pattern wood floor pre-assembled and pre-finished in an engineered plank. With LV Flooring, you get the quickest and easiest installation of Chevron Flooring ever.

Why Lay Chevron Flooring?

With the use of Chevron engineered wood flooring, homeowners can now install the chevron wood floor much faster. It now takes less time than it would take to get the same result when installing solid wood flooring. If you have a tiny room and you want to make it look more spacious, then using chevron flooring is the way to go. By using this modern and innovative flooring solution your room will stand out and look more spacious than usual.

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What Makes Chevron Flooring a Great Choice?

Chevron Flooring patters are easily replicated by flooring installers but it may cost you a bit more. Though the finished effect is surely worth it, it is best to contact professionals to get the best results for your flooring needs.

The chevron hardwood flooring will be amazing in any colour. If you want to get a fashionable feel, then try to choose light blond wood tones. Darker tones, on the other hand, will give a warmer texture. Your bathroom spaces can also be made more luxurious by using long chevron flooring cuts. By using different accents and shades or colours, you can boost the charm of your living spaces. If you aim to attain a more minimalist or industrial feel for big rooms, chevron flooring is a perfect way to go. This will include personality and charm for your rooms while creating distinction and staying in trend through the years to come.

Installing these chevron flooring classic designs is easy to do. Ask an LV Flooring expert for recommendations for your hardwood flooring concerns. Chevron flooring works with hardwood, laminate, tile, and luxury vinyl plank! Having these elegant flooring patterns in your home or offices is sure to give more than a trend, they’re a statement!

Why Choose a Chevron Hardwood Floor?

It has been a great trend to install chevron hardwood floors these past years. Though it is a classic design, it has now made its stand as a modern and fashionable choice. If you are a homeowner who wants to create a vintage Parisian or European feel in your spaces, then chevron flooring is the appropriate design. Here is why you should choose chevron hardwood flooring:


  • It adds an instant luxurious European design feel while boasting visually distinctive lines
  • The Chevron design creates visual interest with its diagonal lines
  • By using chevron flooring, you create a feeling of movement through the ‘arrow patterns’
  • Produces a dramatic effect even with less exotic wood
  • Looks trendy, fashionable, and classic
  • Less expensive and time-consuming to install than herringbone


  • Having chevron flooring is a special, custom-order flooring
  • The visual impact of the chevron design may not be attained if the wrong size pattern for a specific room is not used.

LV Flooring is dedicated to providing our clients with the best variety of contemporary and classic hardwood flooring styles. With LV Flooring you are sure to find the best style, finish, and colour for your space.

Contact us today and book an appointment so you could explore our engineered hardwood flooring options. With our flooring experts, you can expect only certified professional installation services.

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Solid and Engineered Chevron Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to the chevron flooring concerns, there are basically only two options to choose from for homeowners. It is either having to choose from installing solid wood flooring in the chevron design pattern or using pre-cut and pre-engineered hardwood flooring.

Going for the second option is to go for the chevron design in engineered wood flooring. That is a very universal flooring solution in today’s construction and home improvement industry. Engineered chevron hardwood flooring can be applied in all rooms and is no different from solid wood. Chevron flooring is made by binding strands, particles, fibres, veneers or boards of wood together with adhesives. This could also include other methods of fixation to form composite materials.

The structure of chevron engineered wood flooring looks like the chevron wood flooring that we can encounter in many homes in Europe, particularly in France. If you want to have Chevron flooring in your home and industrial spaces now, contact LV Flooring today!

Chevron Flooring and Herringbone Flooring

Today, home stylists and interior designers have two general options for the hardwood flooring: the “chevron” or the “herringbone” pattern. The only difference between the two is, the chevron design has the material cut on an angle so that the apex of the V meets squarely; while in the herringbone design, the ends of the boards are straight and staggered, which creates a different effect. Both patterns are highly suggested by designers since they both give rise to thoughts of fireplaces and beautiful views.