Maple Hardwood Flooring

Maple Hardwood Flooring in Toronto

If you are looking for a floor with a uniform look and not a lot of colour variation, maple hardwood flooring could be just right for you. The planks, which are made using a combination of heart wood and sap wood from the hard maple tree, have very little grain. The result is a clean, even-looking floor that can serve as a striking background to your home or business décor.

The wood from hard maple trees is easy to stain, meaning you have a range of colours to choose from. Whether you are looking for a contemporary, light-coloured look or the reds or browns that give a more rustic feel, there will be something in our maple hardwood catalog that appeals to you.

Advantages Of Maple Hardwood

With the abundance of hardwood flooring options available, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you. In addition to the range of colours available, there are other benefits:

  • Because there are no knots or gnarls, the planks cut very cleanly and they wear well, making them a great choice for basketball courts, gymnasiums and similar surfaces
  • While the dramatic contrasts in oak flooring make it a popular choice for those looking for a traditional, heritage look, the soft grain pattern and consistent tone of maple makes it one of the top options for contemporary spaces
  • Maple hardwood is versatile enough to use with any design configuration, ranging from gentle, understated décor for calm, soothing spaces, to a more dramatic feel that makes a statement

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Why Choose Maple Hardwood Flooring

When you choose your flooring, you are choosing more than just the surface you are going to walk on. You are choosing a lifestyle for yourself and everyone who will occupy the space. A flooring option like maple hardwood will save you time and enhance comfort and enjoyment. Quite simply, because you won’t be spending all of your time vacuuming carpets, you will have time to live your life.

  • Easy to clean: maple hardwood is quick and easy to clean using a broom or a vacuum. If you spill, all you have to do is grab a mop – there is no need to scrub the stain out of your carpet using Grandma’s questionable carpet remedies.
  • Healthy: carpets have a tendency to collect dust that even the most thorough vacuuming will not get rid of. This can be a hazard for people who suffer from allergies to dust mites and pet dander. This makes hardwood flooring healthier option.
  • Durability: unlike other forms of flooring, hardwood does not wear out. If it’s well maintained – an easy feat – your maple hardwood flooring can last for decades. If you want a new look, you do not have to get a new floor: simply refinish the one you have with a different colour.

Putting Money In Your Pocket

Your choice of flooring can have far-reaching impacts beyond anything you might be thinking about now. Even if you are intending to stay in your home for years to come, choosing maple hardwood flooring can put money in your pocket a few years down the line, when you decide to either sell or rent your home.

Real estate agents and buyers love a well-maintained hardwood floor. It looks stylish with any décor, making your home attractive to potential buyers or tenants. Buyers know that they will not have to replace the flooring; if you are renting, you will not have to replace the carpets between tenants.

All of this saves you money – and since the flooring can increase the value of your home, it can actually make you money.

Get Ready To Select Your New Maple Hardwood Flooring

We invite you to browse our gallery to see pictures of maple hardwood, as well as some of our other flooring choices. To see samples for yourself, visit our showroom, where one of our flooring experts will talk to you about your needs and the space the flooring will go in, and then give you some recommendations along with a quote.