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In most houses, the stairs are more than just a means to get from one level to another. They are a central feature that is often the first thing you see when you walk in. The stairs are also a very high-traffic area in most houses, and if the treads and handrails start to look worn, it can wreck the entire decorative look in your home that you have worked so hard to create.

Quality Stairs Parts Parts For Your Entire Staircase

Staircases consist of more than the steps leading from one floor to another. A staircase is a unit made up of many parts. In order for your stairs to look great, you need to look at everything that goes into them.


The part of the stairs that you walk on can take a lot of punishment over years of use. This is where the foot traffic goes. Shoes and pet claws can cause scratches. When things are dropped or spilled on the stairs, this is where they land. With high quality hardwood that matches your floors, you can have treads that will withstand the rigours of family life and keep looking great.

Newel post

Every staircase has at least one newel post: a pillar at the bottom that supports the handrail. Some staircases also have a newel post at the top, and at intermediary landings. Although the newel post has an important structural function, it is often used as a décor element as well.


Although most people don’t pay much attention to the risers as a visual element, they are still important. They occupy the space between one step and the next. While risers’ primary function is to help support the stairs above them, they are being increasingly used as décor as well.


Like the treads, the handrail or bannister is a highly visible part of the stairs that tends to become worn out with years of use. People use them for support going up and down the stairs, and as countless parents can attest, small children can put them through all kinds of test. The handrail should be durable and able to withstand frequent – sometimes rough – handling.


Spindles, or balusters, are the elements that support the handrail. The number of spindles depends on how long the staircase is: the general rule is to allow two spindles per tread. The spindles do not only provide support: they can also be an important safety feature in homes with children and pets, and they serve a decorative purpose. We provide high quality products in metal and wood.

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We Care About Safety

Staircases are inherently dangerous. Anybody can lose their footing and fall, and for some people, this could prove to be fatal. Here are some ways in which we can help you ensure that your staircase is safe for every member of your family:

  • Strong treads with a non-slip surface
  • A handrail that is firmly attached to the spindles
  • Spindles and newel posts that are correctly anchored and spaced in such a way that children and pets cannot fall through them
  • Child-friendly handrails can be installed along with the regular handrails, but at a height that is optimal for children
  • The risers are sized to ensure that everyone who will be using the stairs can do so safely. Some people – for example, those with chronic pain or joint issues – are not able to step as high as others.

Stairs That Are Easy To Clean And Maintain

The materials that we use for stairs, be it hardwood or high-quality lumber covered with vinyl or laminate, will make cleaning a snap. The dust that comes with daily living can simply be swept away, spills can be easily mopped up, and the handrails can be wiped down with a light cleaning solution.

Although we use top quality materials, we recommend that once your stairs are in place, you regularly check them to ensure that handrails and spindles are firmly in place. If something is loose, just give us a call and we will advise you on how to secure it.