The Cheapest Wall Covering?

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Finding the cheapest wall covering for your home may be pretty tricky. It can be particularly tough to balance affordability with beautiful wall coverings. During house renovations, many people opt for drywall because it’s common and cheap. Although drywall is an excellent material, several wall covering alternatives offer easier, more affordable installation.

Drywall installation involves mudding, sanding, taping and other miscellaneous activities. Aside from the process being time-consuming, it also leaves you with a dusty mess to clean. Not to mention, it’s not the best wall covering for high traffic areas. Drywall covering is fragile and susceptible to water damage.

Unlike most wall coverings, drywall damage tends to be so visible that a small dent can ruin the room. If drywall has so many shortcomings, why do people still install it in their homes? It turns out most individuals are simply unaware other cheap wall coverings can enhance their space.

The global wall covering market is valued at about $39 billion. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t affordable options for your home. Below are some popular wall covering inspirations for homeowners.

Popular Cheap Wall Covering To Install in Your Home

Every wall covering (including the cheapest) option has a big impact on your room decor. During home renovation, it’s best to pick the best wall designs for an outstanding interior.

The good news is that wall coverings come in different patterns and textures. Here are some of the most inventive and common ways to cover your wall.


Wallpaper offers you high-quality and professional-looking interior wall covering at the lowest prices. Depending on the size of the space, you can install wallpaper at prices as low as $100.

Over the years, wallpapers have improved in terms of ease of application and cost-efficiency. Gone are the days it was specifically meant for the living room.

Today, you can install this unique wall covering in your bathrooms, kitchen and basements. Lively patterns like a fauna, gilded abstract and damask are often used in bathrooms and spa rooms. These wallpaper designs are also excellent in brightening up already dark spaces like the cupboard walls. Thanks to technology, there are several full murals in wallpaper forms.

Rather than hanging famous paintings on your wall, you can personally commission them as a full wall covering. Aside from being affordable, it’s rent-friendly. Apartment dwellers and nomads will find it handy because wallpaper is easily removable. Therefore, they don’t have to pay expensive remodelling fees every time there’s a need for a change.

Pick the best texture and complement it with other decorations. In Canada, you can get beach wallpaper for at most $50. The beach wallpaper is an affordable wall covering that gives your space a beach aura. It’s very appealing and suits every type of home decor. For excellent results, combine it with blue and white to enhance your home interior.

Wallpaper covering ideas: Fabric

Feel like royalty with the cheapest fabric wall covering on the market. Fabric wallpapers can cost as low as $2 per yard for uncut fabric. At the same time, a patterned fabric costs about $8 to $10 per 10 square foot panel or $6 per yard. If you’re searching for traditional fabric wallpaper, expect to pay between $20 to $50 per roll. A double roll goes for $25, and triple rolls for $75.

A fabric wall is an excellent inexpensive wall covering idea. It’s also easy to remove. Compared to most temporary wallpapers, it’s porous and breathable. The breathable nature of wallpaper makes them mould-resistant.

Fabric covering will also give your walls a cushioned feel. Create beautiful decor in your home by using pocket-friendly fabric material like faux leather, velvet, polyester and cotton.

Wallpaper covering ideas: Stickers & Decals

Wall decals and stickers give homeowners a simple removable alternative to drywall covering. At most, you may spend $30 on stickers. Unlike wallpapers that may lose their colour and are vulnerable to moisture, stickers and decals leave no damage on your wall.

Besides that, this wall covering allows you to decorate your interior using endless patterns and props. You can use cheap wall stickers like metallic confetti, 3D wall decor, marble, vinyl decal and magnet butterflies in your space. With stickers and decals, you can give your home a defined detail without breaking the bank.

Wall tiles: kitchen backsplash

Tiles are the cheapest and most common wall covering option for bathrooms. However, they’re quite pricey per square foot. Now, this is where a kitchen backsplash comes in. They’re not only affordable, but they allow homeowners to express themselves through several colours, materials and textures that mimic tiles.

Although backsplash is more suitable in the kitchen, you don’t need to restrict them to that area. You can also install backsplash in your bathrooms and basement because they protect the walls from accidental splashing. If you’re searching for a backsplash that’ll make a statement in your home, try a glass backsplash or ceramic tile. They’re easier to maintain and clean while offering beautiful aesthetics.

Tile installation is easy and enjoyable. If you have time on your hands, simply install it using a DIY method. All you need to do is peel and stick them to the wall. However, if you’re unwilling to try the DIY tile installation process, wall covering contractors can help. Wall tiles are cost-efficient and renter-friendly for every homeowner.

Wall panelling: Wainscoting, Shiplap, Molding & Beadboard

wall panelling

Wall panelling is a classic wall covering style. It was a wall decor standard in many homes in the sixties. Wall panelling is a cheap and easy way to transform your home.

Wall panelling gives your space more depth, and it perfectly blends with contemporary and traditional decor styles. Not only that, wall panelling revives your interior and covers any dents in the wall.

Wall panelling ideas: Wainscoting

Wainscoting is the cheapest long-standing wall covering for any home. It gives your room a defined texture and colour. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune to install it. Wainscoting costs between $7 to $40 per square foot to install. It adds charm to even the smallest rooms.

Its affordability makes it a great financial investment for homeowners. There’s a general misconception that putting up wainscoting is quite difficult. If you’re wondering whether you can install wainscoting yourself, the answer is; yes. Wainscoting installation is cheap and simple. In fact, with the right tools and materials, it’s easier to install than tiles.

Wall Paneling: 3D Wall Cladding

3D wall panelling is a unique wall covering for designing interior and exterior walls. It’s an upgrade to the traditional wall panelling style. Since it’s in high demand, you may expect it to be expensive. However, it’s surprisingly affordable. It only costs a few hundred dollars or less to enhance your space with it.

3D wall cladding is available in various repetitive designs that create a beautiful pattern of shadow and light under bright light. With minimal spending, you can improve your business and private space using 3D walls. Aside from improving walls, you can also use them for making furniture, ceilings and a fireplace.

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11 Uncommon Wall Covering Alternatives

A space surrounded by blank walls gives a dull look. With the cheapest wall covering options, you can make an impression on your guests and create a space you fall in love with every day.

Below are various uncommon drywall alternatives that’ll give your room an aura of beauty and intricacy.


1. Wood pallets

Wood pallets give your wall an upgrade without breaking the bank. Aside from that, the materials are readily available, so you can buy them for less than $100. If you desire catchy yet affordable wall coverings, wood pallets are your best bet.

It’s also the best wall covering for farmhouse and pastoral concepts. When combined with vinyl and marble, wood pallets add depth and beauty to the room. They are a suitable wall covering for the fireplace and living room.


2. Manufactured marble veneer

Manufactured marble veneer is neither a faux or real stone. It’s mostly made with iron oxides and Portland cement. Unlike the average wall covering, manufactured marble veneer is considered among the cheapest options available despite its durability and sturdiness. It costs about $200 to put it up in your home.

One good thing about the marble veneer is that it’s unnecessary to install it on every wall in your home. In fact, it’s best if you put it in a large area where the effect is best pronounced. The uniformity of the stone veneer makes the installation process simpler. Formerly, manufactured marble veneer was mostly used for exteriors. But presently, several home designers install it indoors.

3. Cement board

Using cement boards on the four walls of the home gives off an atmosphere of brutalism architecture. If you’re looking for wall covering ideas for a bad wall, use cement boards. Although they’re an inexpensive choice to drywall, they’re quite pricey compared to other options on this list. But then, they’re worth the cost.

We recommend you install them on one or two walls of a room and not all. For best results, combine it with a polished concrete wall. Cement boards are also excellent for making your staircase area eye-catching.

4. Pegboard

Pegboard is probably the last cheap alternative to a traditional wall covering you want to try. But it’s a good pick to consider. Not only does it cost a few bucks, but it’s also functional.

Pegboard serves as an excellent surface for light reflection. It means you’ll only need a few light fixtures in your home.

Keep in mind that it’s not super convenient to use a pegboard indoors. Although it creates the illusion of more space in a room, most people usually install pegboard walls in their basements, crafts room and garage.

A pegboard makes it easy to hang objects on your wall space.

Even the heaviest and biggest tools can be hung on pegboards. Installing a pegboard is quite easy because it only requires that you screw it into the wall studs. The best part is, you can customize it to suit your taste.

5. Rustic wall covering

rustic wall covering

Wondering how to make your interior look classy and at the same time simple? Put the rustic wall covering idea into consideration. A rustic wall doesn’t need any ornaments and decor to pop. Therefore, you’re likely to spend less than $100 on installing this wall.

It offers you both a dimension look and an attractive texture. Not to mention, it blends in beautifully with a white and beige ceiling. You can upgrade the look by adding painted murals on the side. Installing rustic wall covering can give your space a cozy ambiance.

6. Contemporary grey tiles

Mixing two designs in a room is an attractive prospect. There are several grey tile options available, and they differ in price. But even with the cheapest grey tile, you can unify a classic and contemporary design for your wall covering. Grey tiles lend sophistication to any room.

At the same time, with decorative pieces, it provides a classic nuance. Large grey tiles give your home a textural look, while small grey tiles offer a dramatic feel. If you’re searching for a more trendy and practical wall covering idea, grey tiles are certainly for you.

7. Wahoo walls

Wahoo walls are one of the cheap wall coverings to pick when you want to enhance your space. But, they give you value for money. Wahoo solid walls cost about $550. Besides, they’re specifically a DIY brand product and are often installed for basement finishing.

Wahoo walls are moisture-resistant and do not support mould growth. They’re fast and easy to install. You may not even need to glue them to the wall because the boards click together. But if you’re struggling with the installation process, it’s okay to use glue. In fact, they’re the closest alternative to drywall because they look just like it.

8. Masonry and Brick

No matter how you choose to adorn a brick or stone wall, it’ll always increase the resale value of your space. They also add character to your room. Masonry and brick walls are not entirely the cheapest wall covering to buy, but they’re long-lasting.

Brick walls can last for over a hundred years without depreciating. So even if they’re a little bit pricey, it’s unlikely you’ll spend money on maintenance.

masonry and brick

9. Fibreglass and gypsum reinforced panels

Fibreglass has a similar concept to drywall. However, they’re scratch-resistant and more durable. To install basic fibreglass, you may spend around $200, whereas the best ones cost $400. Fibreglass is a cheap and better alternative to wall plastering.

Considering they’re super strong, it’s unlikely you’ll need plywood during installation. Fibreglass and gypsum also give the room a contemporary atmosphere. They’re resistant to mould, dew and problems that affect the traditional drywall. One significant benefit of fibreglass is that the surface allows for several designs, including 3D art.

10. Plywood

If you intend to maximize the cost of wall covering in the cheapest possible way, we recommend you use plywood. They’re accessible, affordable and straightforward to assemble. Plywood is a wall covering material that’ll not only save you money but time when remodelling your wall.

Many people believe plywood is ordinary and difficult to design. However, that’s not true. If you’re using it as your main wall covering, there are plenty of creative ways to decorate plywood. Aside from painting plywood, you can add wallpapers or stain them.

Another option is to hang large pieces of art that complement the decor of the room. You can also install a faux fireplace to make your plywood wall a  stunning focal point. Unfortunately, it has similar downsides to drywall. In truth, plywood is only an excellent option if you desperately need to cut costs.

11. Plastic panels

Installing plastic panels may seem like an odd drywall alternative. But, they’re very nice for many reasons. Plastic panels are the ideal wall covering for a bad wall.

Most individuals use it to cover up damaged drywall. It’s simple to install as well as cost-effective. Above all, it’s perfect in places with high humidity.

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Remodelling your walls doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Even the cheapest wall covering gives an outstanding result when styled appropriately. A wall covering doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive before it lends beauty to your home. With the cheap wall coverings above, you can achieve a stunning wall.

No matter the wall covering you pick, ensure it expresses your character and gives you value for money. In other words, avoid using inexpensive wall decors that’ll incur more cost in the long run. Your home is your dwelling space, and it should give you a pleasant aura.

If you’re clueless about the right wall to pick, check out our interior wall covering services. Here at LV Flooring, we offer the best wall covering styles and ideas on the market. Get in touch with us today!

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