Hand Scraped, Distressed, and Wire Brushed Hardwood Floors: Pros and Cons

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Hardwood Floors: Pros and ConsIf you are looking to choose the right kind of flooring system, you want to know the available options. You will have to understand the pros and cons of wired brushed floors, hand-scraped floors, and distressed floors. This will help you to make an informed choice on the type that will serve your needs.

Depending on the look you desire, you can choose any of these types of wood floors. Wire brushed, distressed and hand-scraped flooring come with unique benefits that will make your home look more appealing. These features mean they can serve the flooring needs of most homeowners in Canada.

However, we understand that the decision to buy hardwood floors in Canada can be an expensive one. As a result, you must get all information available on different types of flooring. This is the gap we are going to fill with this blog.

In it, we will discuss the pros and cons of wire brushed, hand-scraped and distressed hardwood floors. This way, you have all the data you need to make the best decision on which is right for your home.

What Are Hand-Scraped, Distressed, and Wire Brushed Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are a standard flooring system that you’ll find in many homes. They have great texture and an excellent appeal. The surface can have different levels of depth. It can either be light or heavy. If it’s light, that means there is a small amount of texture. On the other hand, if it’s heavy, that means it’s rather deeper.

In the same vein, there are different types of hardwood floors. Here we will provide a quick definition of what wire-brushed, distressed, and hand scraped floors are.

Wire Brushed Hard Floors

As far as the pros and cons of wire brushed floors go, one advantage of this type of flooring is that it’s relatively new. Wire brushed hardwood floors came on the scene only a couple of years ago. Since then, it has gained a reputation for its overall appeal and aesthetic value.

Just like the name implies, wire brushed flooring is brushed with a wire during the finishing process. This provides a rough look that adds to the aesthetic appeal of this type of flooring.

It is also a highly durable flooring option. Wire brushed flooring hides scratches excellently and comes with easy maintenance responsibilities. This is why it is highly rated by interior decorators all across Canada.

Distressed Hardwood Floors

This kind of flooring option has a great texture that gives your home a unique look. Distressed hardcore have a similar look to reclaimed wood and hand-scraped floors. They also come with suitable variations and colours that match the home’s needs. With its rustic charm, it offers a unique and excellent feel.

Hand Scraped Floors

Hand-scraped floors are known for their rustic appeal, which brings out the qualities of the wood. Its textures are also a bit rough, a factor that adds to the uniqueness of the texture. This type of flooring goes through different levels of production to create a three-dimensional style.

During the hand scraping process, machines are put to work on the planks. The overall effect is that hand scraped floors come with great finishing that makes your home look better.

Pros And Cons Of Hand Scraped, Distressed, and Wire Brushed Hardwood Floors

In this section, we will pick each type of hardwood floor, describing some of the reasons why it may be right for you. In addition to the pros, we will also discuss the cons of wire brushed, distressed and hand scraped hardwood flooring.

Hand-scraped floors

The hand-scraped flooring option is a beauty to have in your home. The finishing is excellent, and the excellent texture serves your home with great aesthetic appeal. There are reasons why you should choose hand-scraped hardwood floors. However, there are cons as well. Here’s all you need to know.

Pros of hand-scraped floors

  • High level of durability: Generally, wood floors have a great durability level, which accounts for why homeowners choose them. However, with hand-scraped floors, the durability level is even higher. Hand-scraped floors can last for an extended period before they need a change.

They will last up to decades without a compromise in the integrity of the texture. With many hardwood floors, you have to exercise a great level of diligence. This is because the floor can sustain damage, especially if you have pets and kids.

However, with hand-scraped floors, this is not the case. It comes with a unique texture that eliminates the concern of wear and tear. The scratches that may happen will not detract but enhance the rustic appeal of the floor. This brightens the look of the surface and enhances the durability.

Here’s a slight word of warning. Irrespective of the durability level, it is crucial to maintain an excellent level of care. There is a need to have cleaning schedules to ensure adequate maintenance.

  • Doesn’t scratch easily: Hand-scraped floors come with a protective finishing that prevents light wear and tear cases. The anti-scratch feature is designed to last for several years. This allows the floors to last for a long period without compromising the appeal.

You can also screen and recoat this flooring option to get them back in shape after two decades. The revitalization can take place without having to deal with refinishing or sanding.

  • Easy to maintain: This flooring option is straightforward to maintain. You do not need to make use of expensive tools to retain the shining effects. You can use a wet mop to clean the dirt and wipe the spills.

With a generic cleaning solution for hardwood floors, you can adequately keep the floor in good condition. Use doormats to reduce the amount of dirt that gets on the floor. With these simple precautions, you can easily maintain the floor without a decline in quality.

  • Great appeal: Hand-scraped floors will make your home beautiful. It has a unique texture that is unlike other flooring options. Since it goes through an intricate refining process, the texture comes out impressive and smooth.

The features shine brightly and offer a kind of appeal that’s mostly befitting for rustic designs. More so, hand-scraped planks do not look the same. As such, it provides a unique and distinctive appeal for each room in your home.

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Cons of hand-scraped floors

  • Can be expensive: Hand-scraped floors can be quite expensive. This is often because the production process isn’t systemized. Many manufacturers rely on artisans to get the job done. This is unlike other types of hardwood flooring that are mostly manufactured using machines.

If you want to get the best quality, there is a need to factor in cost. For the best hand-scraped floors, you should be prepared to pay a high cost. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable options.

  • Might be difficult to install: You can find the installation process a bit challenging. This is the case, especially if you do not have any experience installing floors. However, you can address this problem by reading the instructional manual or paying for professional flooring installation.

Wire Brushed Flooring

Wire Brushed Flooring

There are various benefits to using wire-brushed floors. For one, it goes through a careful manufacturing process that entails the removal of soft grains from the wood without touching the hard ones. This offers the floor a high level of durability, essentially strengthening the service life of the floor.

The authentic appearance of this flooring option is responsible for its positive reputation. It has a solid feel that makes your home look both calm and appealing. Here are the pros and cons of wire-brushed floors that you should know.

Pros of wired brushed flooring

  • Excellent appearance: The most talked about feature of wire brushed flooring is its appearance which makes it an excellent choice. It has an excellent appearance that beautifies the homes and invites people in.

If you love antique looks, wire brushed flooring is a great choice. The distinct brushed patterns will complement most home decors superbly.

  • Highly durable: This flooring option is made with durable materials that strengthen the lifespan. It has a unique texture that allows scratches to blend in. This reduces cases of scratches and damage.

If you have pets and children in your home, buying wire-brushed flooring is a good choice. With the anti-scratch feature, you can worry less about the movements of your children and pets. This not only extends the service life of the floor but also minimizes your maintenance duties.

More so, beneath the soft grains is the hardwood. Hardwood enhances the ability of the floor to sustain damage. This also improves its ability to handle cases of wear and tear. This way, the flooring option delivers plenty of value for money spent.

Cons of wire-brushed flooring

  • Hard to clean: This flooring option can be difficult to clean due to the grains. Dirt can quickly get into the grains, and it becomes difficult to remove the dirt and clean the surface. You may find it difficult to wipe off dirt on the surface, unlike other flooring options.
  • Sanding Issues: This flooring option also has sanding issues. When you sand the floor, it often creates an unequal result. This means that the texture will not be the same. Some parts will look more appealing than the others. As a result of this, the wear layer is easily damaged. This reduces the service life of the floor, which often equals more expenses.
  • Expensive: Manufacturing wire brushed floors can be quite expensive. It can be challenging to make, and as such, it doesn’t come cheap. The manufacturers spend a considerable amount of energy and time on making these floors.

It also has a complicated installation process, unlike other types of floors. This makes it one of a kind, and also adds to the cost of the floor.

Distressed Floors

Distressed floors offer an excellent texture and colour that makes the home have an inviting look. This is a great flooring option to explore. Here are the pros and cons of distressed floors.

Pros of distressed floors

  • Easy to maintain: Distressed floors are easy to maintain and require minimal effort to clean. The floor is designed to blend in easily with scratches and can also hide dirt build-up. You can also conveniently swipe to clean the surface. This reduces the tasks in your cleaning routine.

With a cleaning solution and wet mop, you can have perfect cleaning sessions. This offers homeowners an easier route to cleaning the home. This is unlike some flooring options that require special cleaning processes.

  • Impressive durability: Distressed floors do not have a uniform texture. The wood comes with certain imperfections, which makes it easy to hide scratches and scuffs.
  • Impressive Outlook: Another reason to consider this flooring option is the remarkable outlook. It offers an excellent texture that makes the home look more attractive. If you care about a floor that offers a warm feel, this is an excellent option for you.

Cons of distressed floors

  • Not Environmentally Conscious: The look you get from this flooring option is highly machine-produced. This means the production comes with a lot of carbon emission, which is not great for the environment.

If you want to display more consciousness about the environment, you might want to consider other options. Other wood flooring options offer a rustic charm without compromising the environment.

  • Expensive: If you are working on a budget, this may not be the best option. The process of making distressed wood is highly machine-oriented. This influences the cost, and it can be heavy on your finances. Irrespective, the affordability depends on how much your budget is.
  • Design Considerations: Mostly, it is advisable that you choose designs that are common in the marketplace. This improves the chances of reselling your home. If you pick highly distinct designs, you may find it difficult getting someone with a matching taste when you’re selling.

The difference between wire brushed floors and distressed floors

The essential difference between wire brushed floors and distressed floors is in the imperfections. The imperfections in wire brushed floors are smoother than those of distressed floors.

Wire brushed floors hide dirt more perfectly than distressed floors. This improves the smoothness of the surface and extends the service life. Unlike distressed floors, wire-brushed floors also have a perfect finishing.

distressed floors

The Best Way To Clean These Floors

Regardless of the pros and cons of wire-brushed, distressed, and hand scraped floors, proper maintenance will always make them last longer.

To adequately clean your hand-scraped, wire-brushed, and distressed floors, you need to have a cleaning routine. The best cleaning method is to regulate it. Do not just clean randomly, as this may lead to over-cleaning. Create a cleaning schedule that you’ll follow from time to time.

Secondly, get a microfibre mop. These mops are hugely recommended because they are incisive and can get to different angles. With these mops, you can remove the dirt hiding within the grains. This enhances your cleaning routine and ensures more effective results. If you have children and pets at home, this is a cleaning method you need to consider.

Before mopping, you can use a vacuum to remove particles. Certain particles may prove difficult for your mop. But with a vacuum cleaner, you can conveniently deal with them. This also makes it easy to use the mop without facing hindrances.

Also, use cleaning solutions to get more effective results. Your cleaning solution will help clean away tough dirt and debris on the floor without compromising the surface. Instead, it enhances the surface and improves the shining abilities.

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Final Thoughts

Exploring a new flooring option can be a tricky thing. This is because you need to know the right factors to consider. You need to understand the pros and cons of wire-brushed floors, hand scraped, or distressed floors. Whichever you’re going for, due diligence is vital because good flooring is essential.

This is the purpose of this piece. We review the three flooring options to expose you to the intricacies. That way, you understand what makes each preferable and what to look out for. Remember, if you’re considering a new flooring option, always consider durability and suitability. These are highly essential!

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