How Much Does It Cost to Install Wire Brushed Floors in Ontario?

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Recently, many homeowners are seeking to know how much it’ll cost to install wire brushed floors. The reason for this upturn in wire brushed flooring, and related research is not so surprising.

Wire brushed floors are slowly taking over the hardwood flooring industry thanks to their unique appearance. Rather than the old uniform look of other flooring options, wire brushed floors offer a European look.

Interestingly, professional wire brushed flooring installation offers more benefits to your home than just aesthetics. One thing you stand to gain when you buy wire brushed flooring is durability. Years of wear and tear has nothing on this type of floor. When other floor types are looking old and worn out, its unique design allows scratches to blend in easily.

Considering giving your home a different yet unique look? Wire brushed flooring may be just what you need, and this article is your ultimate guide to buying it. Here, we will discuss wire brushed flooring installation prices and the factors that work together to determine the estimate for a flooring project.

Wire Brushed Flooring Definition and Advantages

As the name implies, wire brushed flooring is created by using the wire brushing finishing technique. This technique involves scraping off the upper layer of hardwood floors with a wire brush. The result is a distressed look that’s very European in its elegance.

Distressing your hardwood floors enhances the longevity of the floor. Also, it gives it more personality and texture while enhancing the wood grain. Wire brushed floors, although rough to touch, are comfortable on your feet and have a natural feeling. Arguably, they are the best alternative to smooth hardwood floors.

Advantages of wire brushed flooring

A more traditional look

There’s no doubt that wire brushed floors give your home a rustic appearance. This flooring option gives your home a natural and earthy feel.

Many homeowners opt for wire brushed flooring because they prefer the rough look. Compared to the shiny and plastic feel of some hardwood floors, wire brushed floors are like a breath of fresh air.

Hides scratches

Considering the cost to install wire brushed floors and its benefits, this feature makes it worth the investment. Wire brushed floors are ideal, especially if you have kids and pets running around the house. Owing to the finishing, the scratches will blend in, making it appear new even after several years of use.

Cleaning and maintenance

If you’re a busy person with little or no time for cleaning, wire brushed floors are what you need. You don’t need to clean them as often as you clean smooth hardwood floors.

The rough surface hides not only scratches but also debris and dirt. Since you don’t have to be overly concerned about dirt, maintaining your floor is no longer a chore.

Mismatched boards

Another good thing about wire brushed floors is that mismatched boards are never a terrible sight. Typically, wire brushed floors have a distressed look. When you go one step further with mismatched boards, it makes your flooring even more unique.  Rather than spend money buying new boards, be creative with your wire brushed floors by placing different boards.

Cost of Wire Brushed Flooring in Ontario

Just like other hardwood flooring options, the cost of installing wire brushed floors isn’t static. Typically, the price of installing wire brushed flooring ranges from $2,800 to $6,400, depending on the extent of the project.

One way to determine how much it’ll cost to install wire brushed floors is to calculate the square footage. You can do this by multiplying the length and width of the room where you’ll be installing the flooring. To avoid getting short of wire brushed boards during the installation, always factor in wastag. It’ll be better if you add a few more boards to the number you intend to purchase.

Additionally, the thickness of the wood impacts the cost to install wire brushed floors. The thicker the wood, the longer it lasts. When you buy wire brushed flooring, always go for thicker flooring boards. Good quality wire brushed floors can last a lifetime with a warranty.

Here’s how different factors affect the cost of installing wire brushed floors:


How thick you want your wire brushed floors to be will impact the installation cost. If you’re working with a budget, it’s advisable to go with thinner floorboards. However, it’s important to note that the thickness can determine the lifespan of your wire brushed flooring. With resending and refinishing every few years, thicker boards can be made to look like new.

Another thing to consider when going for a particular thickness is the placement. Ordinarily, thicker woods are best for basement floors, while thinner woods work great on floors above ground level. However, you can discuss with a professional the best place to use your wire brushed floors.

Thickness of Wire Brushed Floors

Width and length

The bigger the better may not work for you, especially if you’re trying to cut down costs. The bigger wire brushed floors are, the more expensive they are. Getting big boards means you’ll spend more.


Let’s face it, smooth floors aren’t as expensive as wire brushed floors. If you want the rustic and traditional look, you’ll have to pay more. These days, the style often determines the price.

The reason is, wire brushed floors take more time to create than smooth hardwood floors. If your budget can handle the style of your choice, go for it.


When installing any flooring option in your home, it’s important you consider the quality. Installing wire brushed floors in your home is an investment in the appearance of your home. Hence, getting your money’s worth is paramount.

There are tons of companies that manufacture wire brushed floors. The flooring boards they manufacture can’t all be of the same quality. However, cheap doesn’t always translate to being of low quality. Neither do higher prices come with a guarantee of top quality.

One way to tell if a wire brushed floor is of good quality is the warranty. Wire brushed floors with a lifetime warranty are usually an indication of top-quality.


The species of wire brushed floor you use determines how much they’ll cost. Essentially, the extra tree type used to create your flooring can affect the pricing.

Exotic and domestic species are the two primary classifications of wood. As the name implies, exotic woods are more expensive because they are not grown in Canada.

Exotic woods have to be shipped from abroad and are often very unique. A wire brushed floor made from exotic woods doubles the uniqueness it gives your home. So, the aesthetics it offers are usually worth it. Some examples of exotic woods are:

  • Tigerwood
  • Rosewood
  • Santos Mahogany
  • Wenge
  • Teak, etc.

Domestic woods on the other hand, are grown in Canada. For this reason, they aren’t as expensive as exotic woods. However, some domestic trees are more expensive than others. Examples of this type of woods are Maple and Walnut. Other examples of less costly domestic trees are

  • White Oak
  • Hickory
  • Red Oak
  • Ash
  • Cherry
  • Birch
  • Beech

Depending on the species of tree used, you’ll either have to pay more or less for your wire brushed flooring. Also, another thing to consider is the durability of your preferred wood species. Hickory, Red Oak and White Oak are the most durable types of domestic trees.

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Many homeowners don’t know this, but where you’ll be placing your wire brushed floors affects the cost. Typically, tighter spaces make it more challenging to install flooring boards due to restrictions. Also, if the room has small spaces or closets, the installer may charge more.

Type of installation

If you’re going for the floating installation, there is a high chance you’ll pay less. The floating installation process doesn’t involve nailing or gluing down the boards. Instead, the installer will float the boards on the subflooring. This type of installation is easy and requires far fewer working hours.

Floating installation, compared to other types of installation, is more environmentally-friendly. However, this installation method is not suitable for high traffic areas like the living room or kitchen. Also, this type of installation puts your wire-brushed floor at a higher risk of wear and tear.

The Cost to Install Wire Brushed Flooring Yourself vs Hiring a Professional

The type of wood used in creating your wire brushed floors determines the installation tools. Professionals mostly use these tools, and you may not have them in your garage. Thankfully, there’s a click and lock system, that makes the installation process easier.

However, you have the option of hiring a professional if you’re aren’t ready for the stress. Doing it yourself vs using the click and lock system is cheaper as it doesn’t require glue or nails. Here is a comparison between the cost to install wire-brushed floors yourself and hiring a professional.

The tools

Doing it yourself may seem like a great idea when you look at how much it’ll save you. However, in the end, you may realize you don’t have all the tools. For instance, wire brushed floors made from solid hardwood means you have to secure each board properly. To do this, you’ll need a nail gun, nails and also an air compressor.

Furthermore, if you don’t own a nail gun, you can fasten the boards together using a hammer. One disadvantage of this is the amount of time you’ll spend installing the boards. Also, you’ll be hurting your back a lot and spending money on medication. When it comes to the tools, hiring a professional is a better idea.

To protect your wire brushed floors from water, you need underlayment or a vapour barrier. Although they aren’t all that costly, the added cost of purchasing a saw is a con. If you own a saw, it’ll need to be able to cut through the thick wood.


The cost to install wire brushed floors in your home depends on the number of rooms. If you are installing wire brushed floors in a single room, you may not be needing extra accessories. However, if you’re putting wooden grates everywhere in your home, you’ll spend more.

Also, you’ll have to purchase trim, transition strips and baseboards. Transition strips are used from one room to the other. The total cost of extra accessories ranges from $200 to $2000. On the other hand, when you hire a professional, you’ll not be required to purchase additional accessories.

Existing floor problem

Another reason hiring a professional is a better idea is because of the existing floor. Installing wire brushed floors on a bad subfloor may not give you the desired look. It’s important you start by removing the existing floor before laying your wire brushed floor.

A professional is trained and has the skills to handle this as the process isn’t an easy one. Doing it yourself may take hours or days, thereby delaying the project. Also, you may not know how difficult doing it yourself may be until you start to remove the subfloor.

Existing floors are the tiebreakers when it comes to doing it yourself vs hiring a professional. Professionals can finish the installation process in no time. Also, you won’t have to spend money buying tools you may not need again. In the end, it makes more economic sense.

How to Maintain and Care For Wire Brushed Floors

Maintain and Care For Wire Brushed Floors

The good thing about wire brushed floors is that its maintenance can fit into your hectic schedule. Homeowners find wire brushed floors easy to maintain because of their rustic and rough appearance.

However, this is not to dismiss the influence of properly cleaning and maintaining your floor. Like other flooring options, wire brushed floors last longer when you care for them.

Here are some ways to maintain your wire brushed floors

Avoid using steam mops

Water and wooden floors aren’t friends. To keep your wire brushed floors looking new, avoid allowing moisture to seep into them. Typically, when you use steam mops, you let water from the mop get into the floor, thus damaging the floor. Excess moisture can cause your floors to warp and cup.

Vacuum often

Although wire brushed floors help to hide dirt and debris, loose dirt can damage your floor. In light of that, it’s best to vacuum the floor regularly.

You can decide to switch off the rotating brush to avoid scratches. Also, vacuuming often prevents dirt from sticking to the floor, making cleaning more difficult.

Use only wood surface cleaners

If you use vinegar on your wire brushed floors, it will change the colour. Also, it will break down the floor’s finishing. Likewise, oil soaps, furniture polish or waxes can severely damage your floor. It can also trap debris and dirt on your floor.

Additionally, use only hardwood cleaners that are specifically for your style of finishing. Recommended cleaners do not contain harsh chemicals and can increase the lifespan of your floor. They also help you cut down the cost of replacing damaged boards.

Use foot mats

Minimize the scratches on your floor by placing foot mats in entryways. Doing this curbs the spread of dirt and debris around your home. Also, avoid using rubber rug pads as they may discolour your floor. Instead, use a felt rug pad to protect your floor’s finishing and colour.

Avoid harsh temperature

Direct sunlight can discolour your floor, cause buckling, contraction and even expansion. Ensure you close the curtains and keep indoor temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This way, your wire brushed floors will last longer without any discolourations.

Use felt pads for furniture

Indentations on wire brushed floors isn’t a pleasant sight. To avoid this, use felt pads for furniture legs, especially heavy furniture that you frequently move around. Felt pads can also prevent gouges and scratches from heavy appliances.

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To Sum It Up

The cost of installing wire brushed flooring starts at around $1,500. Although, this estimate can increase thanks to the factors we describe in this blog.

Although a recent trend, wire-brushed floors are gaining popularity amongst homeowners in Canadian. Able to hide scratches and dents, they can give your Canadian home a European touch. Their rough surface also makes them easier to maintain as you can vacuum during your leisure time.

Here at LV Flooring, we offer quality wire brushed floors that will meet your every preference. Check out our online store for different wire-brushed flooring designs today!

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