How Much Does Hardwood Floor Installation Cost in Toronto?

August 11, 2022by Mark0

The cost of hardwood floor installation is an important consideration for home renovation. Hardwood floors are incredibly durable and long-lasting. The floorboards also bring warmth to your home and can eventually boost its resale value.

Despite the advantages of installing hardwood floors, the initial upfront costs can be pretty high. So, before you begin your renovation, you’ll need to know how much it is to install hardwood floors in your home.

This information can guide your decisions during the flooring installation process. Plus, you can plan a budget for your new hardwood floor ahead of time.  Let’s jump in.

How Much Does Hardwood Floor Cost?

Pricing floor for any hardwood floor installation project typically sits at $2500 (no pun intended). While the Canadian average is $4,500, installation prices can also go as high as $7,000, depending on your choice of species.

In terms of sizing, expect to spend up to $5 to $10 for every square foot of new hardwood flooring. However, in the case of high-end installations, the price can range between $12 to $20.

Typically, 50% to 70% of your budget will go to purchasing materials. The rest will fall under labour costs for hardwood installation.

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Calculating Hardwood Flooring Cost

It’s essential to calculate hardwood floor installation costs ahead of time. This intentional effort makes it simpler to budget for the whole process. Also, when planning out the price, you should add 5 to 10% to account for waste and erroneous cuts during installation.

The standard formula for hardwood floor installation pricing starts with calculating the room’s square footage. Next, tack on an extra 5 to 10% to the square footage. Then, multiply the result by the square foot price quote.

Overall, hardwood flooring installation costs should also include miscellaneous items like nails and adhesive. Once you’ve considered all these factors, you’ll get a figure roughly representing how much a new hardwood floor will cost.

In short, the mathematical formula for calculating the hardwood flooring cost is:

  • (Square footage + 5 to 10 percent of square footage) x Price per square foot = Cost

calculating hardwood flooring cost

Factors Affecting Hardwood Flooring Installation Costs

Here’s what determines how much you’ll spend on installing new hardwood flooring in your home or office property.

Choice of Wood Species

There are plenty of species of hardwood for flooring, and each wood has its perks. Depending on the wood species, the price will vary too.

A Janka score is a measure of hardness that determines how many pounds of force a hardwood can withstand. The higher a hardwood’s Janka score, the more pounds of force it can withstand. And typically, the more expensive the flooring is.

Therefore, your pricing for hardwood floor installation will depend on the species of wood you require.

The unit for the Janka score is lbf, and Hickory is known to have one of the highest Janka scores at 1,820 lbf.  Alternatively, cherry and walnut have lower Janka scores which should guide your decision if you’re looking to install a “softer” hardwood. Fortunately, for the most affordable hardwoods, look no further than maple or oak hardwoods.

However, if you’re looking for a more exotic touch, you can choose Brazilian ebony or Tigerwood. Please note that these exotic hardwoods are more expensive.


Before you buy hardwood flooring, check the grading. The grading determines your hardwood floor’s physical appearance and also influences its pricing.

The most expensive grading is clear grading. Clear grading means the hardwood lacks imperfections and possesses a homogenous pattern. A select grade is cheaper with a natural look that features knots or colour variations.

Furthermore, when considering the average cost of hardwood installation, we also have the No.1 common and the No.2 common grades. These two grades possess more colouration and imperfections like wormholes. They cost less and can be a great option if you’re looking to save money on hardwood flooring installation costs.


Thickness is a significant determinant in hardwood floor installation cost. The typical thickness of hardwood is 20mm. Nevertheless, some other hardwoods can be as thin as 8mm which can affect the ability to refinish them in the future.

Consequently, thinner hardwood floor planks cost less than thicker versions of the same species.

Thicker hardwood species can undergo refinishing and sanding multiple times more than thinner planks. Conversely, repeated finishing on thinner hardwood will significantly diminish its quality.


How much the hardwood floor will cost depends on how many labour hours the installation demands. Typically, the harder the wood, the longer it will take for installation to be complete. Generally, exotic hardwoods like the Brazilian ebony take longer to install than “softer” hardwoods like pine.

Certain hardwoods like the herringbone feature complex patterns that yield more waste during installation, driving up the cost. Furthermore, complicated room designs will also increase the installation period, driving up the price.


Applying finish and coating can also determine how much installing your hardwood floors will cost. After purchase, your hardwood floor can come prefinished or unfinished.

Prefinished hardwood can cost between $7 to $15 per square foot. Additionally, since the prefinished hardwood is factory pre-coated, you don’t have to wait for the wood to dry before walking on its surface.

However, when you buy unfinished hardwood flooring, you’ll have to pay an additional $3 to $5 to coat the wood after installation. Furthermore, you’ll have to wait for the hardwood to dry after applying the finish.

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In the End

Installation costs for new floors can reach $7,000, depending on your choice of hardwood species. In addition, the number of labour hours required for the installation job can also increase pricing.

Hardwood floors promise plenty of benefits despite the upfront costs. And you can also enjoy excellent value for money, in addition to these benefits, when you buy hardwood floors from LV Flooring.

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