How Much To Install Laminate Flooring

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It’ll be difficult for any homeowner to deny the aesthetic quality of hardwood flooring. Their warmth and sight effortlessly enthrall you. But installing hardwood floors can be pretty expensive — especially when it’s laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring not only has natural wood features. They perfectly replicate some tiles and stone floorings traits at a reasonable cost. Laminate floors come with different perks too. And one of them is the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

It’ll please you to know that the population of your home or office matters little when you install laminate floors. This stand is because laminates can withstand high foot traffic.

Are you wondering how much it costs to install laminate flooring in your space? We’re here with answers to aid your laminate installation decisions. Here, we’ll provide you with the price of laminate flooring and installation costs.

Let’s go.

What is the Overall Price of Installing Laminate Floors?

The average cost of laminate flooring installation in Ontario ranges between $1,450 and $3,550. Meanwhile, the national average price to purchase a 12-millimetre-thick laminate is $2,208. In addition, the average purchase cost is on a calculation that the installation is in a 200-square-foot room. And that the underlayers are sound-dampening.

On average, laminate wood style costs $7 to $15 per square foot plus material and labour costs. The price differences you may notice are due to the array of add-ons you may need for your residence. In addition, price influence can happen due to abrasion rating and your choice finishing.

It’s pretty easy to install laminate flooring. And within a short period, you can quickly complete the installation. But you may want to enlist installation services due to the expanse of the installation area. Labour for a 200-Square-foot space will cost between $850 and $1700.

How Much Does It Cost To Install 1000 Square Feet Laminate Flooring?

Installing laminate flooring in a 1000 square-foot space costs between $6,000 and $14,000. But in most instances, the cost of laminate flooring materials and expert installation may range from $8,500 to $12,500.

Most times, the primary determinant for hardwood flooring pricing is 1000 square. However, you’ll need to buy more planks if your space is bigger.

Furthermore, installing laminate flooring for a 2000 square feet area may cost you $6 to $14 per square foot. And you can determine the square foot of your room by multiplying the measurements of the length and width.

When installing laminate floorings with pricy materials, you may spend $25 per square foot. This laminate flooring level will cost around $23,000 for a 1000-square-foot room.

Flooring companies usually quote the cost of laminate flooring per square foot. The following are peculiar room sizes alongside their installation fee estimate.

Square Footage Average Laminate Floor Price (Materials Only)
100 sq. ft $600 – $1,400
150 sq. ft $1,200 – $2,800
200 sq. ft $700 – $900
300 sq. ft $1,800 – $4,200
500 sq. ft $3,000 – $7,000
600 sq. ft $3,600 – $8,400
1000 sq. ft $6,000 – $14,000

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Cost of Prep Work

You shouldn’t install laminate flooring without designating a budget to cater to pre-installation activities. Also, the sum you expend on preparation depends on the intensity or expanse of repair in view.   For example, old homes may require you to extract existing flooring or subfloor.

In addition, you’ll need to move your furniture and other heavy belongings away from the installation space. Some installers may choose to move your furniture and stuff for free. But there’s a high likelihood many of them won’t.

In most cases, the installation of hardwood floors is over ¾ inch plywood subfloors. Plywood subfloors usually range between $8 and $16 per square foot.

However, you can opt for a cheaper alternative to plywood to save costs. Other options include using the existing concrete as a subfloor. Prepping doesn’t stop at the subfloor. You also need to remove all hindering thresholds, baseboards, doors, and transition strips.

After laminate flooring installation, there’ll likely be a mess needing cleaning. If you can’t clean up yourself, you may need to outsource the task at about $120. But enlisting the services of professional installers will have you pay little or nothing for cleaning. Cleaning is usually part of the installation services.

Costs for Installing Laminate Wood Flooring

The labour costs for laminate flooring installation range between $4 to $8 per square foot. Although, complex installations may be more expensive. The price per square foot can rise to $6 and $10.

Apart from the above, some workers bill per hour. For example, a carpenter will charge between $30 and $80 per hour to install laminate flooring.

Usually, it shouldn’t exceed five days if an installation team of three experts embarks on installing 1000 square feet of laminate flooring. But a larger space will take more time.

An installation crew of up to three people may cost you around $150 per hour. But you can hire one man for the job. It’ll be cheaper. But the former promises better efficiency.

Aside from professional installers, you may need the skills of other labourers. When you aren’t available, you may need a project supervisor.

The pricing model for laminate floors depends on many factors. And the labour is the most capital-intensive of every installation process. It can take as much as 60% of the total cost.

For a seamless laminate installation process, the following labourers will be integral:

Floor joist repairs

Sometimes you may experience serious damage, rot, or moisture on your existing floor. Therefore, the need to rejuvenate the floor joists arises.

You’ll need $2,600 to $6,000 to repair a floor joist. Usually, professional installers have these calculations in their total package. So you may not need to pay separately for it.


In Ontario, enlisting the services of a plumber will cost an average of $30 to $55 per hour. It’s essential to enlist the services of a plumber if your floor installation is in rooms with pipes. Such places include bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

Plumbers aren’t luxury enlistments because they save you expenses arising from pipe leakages.

Professional contractor

Contractors sometimes pop in the cost of laminate flooring installation. This enlistment may not be necessary as long as you can oversee your flooring project yourself. But you’ll need a professional contractor in an instance when you’ll be unavailable to monitor your project.

Expert contractors will charge 20% of the total laminate flooring pricing. Therefore, if the total laminate installation cost is $5000, a project supervisor’s pay is around $1000.


Laminate floorings aren’t bland. You have an array of laminate designs from which to select. But the architect makes that choice easier and better.

An architect can help you with a design that’ll perfectly fit your home or office space. The charge of experienced architects in Canada ranges from $40 to $50 per hour.


Of all the labourers, carpenters are the most important in determining the cost of laminate flooring installation. They’ll usually charge between $35 and $60 per hour.

You can avoid enlisting carpenters if you can get pre-cut laminate planks. But pre-cut laminate planks are not readily available.

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Cost of Laminate Wood Floor: Type of Wood

Laminate plank installation is feasible with different wood species. Hickory tops the list as the costliest wood species for laminate. You may spend up to $700 depending on the wood species for your laminate planks and your room size. In addition, the harder the wood flooring, the higher the cost.

Regardless, your choice of laminate wood will give your home lasting beauty and an unbeatable class. You’ll be joining the fast rising population of laminate flooring users.  The following table contains the cost of wood species for laminate flooring installation.

Wood Average Price per square foot
Red Oak $2 – $5
White Oak $3 – $8
Hickory $7 – $10
Acacia $3 – $6
Beech $4- $7
Cherry $4- $7
Maple $3 – $6

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Factors that Determine Laminate Hardwood Flooring Installation Costs

Here’s what determines how much you spend on laminate flooring:

Location in Your Home

Some spaces in your home can prove challenging for a laminate flooring installation job. For example, installation spaces with multiple tight angles will increase the cost of laminate flooring installation. Such tight areas include your closet and staircase.

Type of Wood

Laminate floorings usually come in different wood types. They come from sources like maple, hickory, white oak, and red oak. These woods vary in price. Therefore, it’s only logical that their prices will influence the total cost of laminate flooring.

Kind of Finishing

Floor finishing is one of the things that project the beauty of your floor. As such, the finishing adds to laminate flooring installation costs.

Most times, refinishing your laminate floor will cost around $0.99 to $10. There are three finishes peculiar to laminate flooring. They are matte, semi-matte, and gloss.

Semi-matte finishing is pretty bright and shares borders with matte and gloss. Usually, you’ll get this finish between $0.99 and $3.79 per square foot.

Matte finishing for laminate flooring has a flat look. And matte floors are best for high-traffic areas because they perfectly hide scratches. Also, they’re available in various colours and styles that will tickle your fancy. You’ll likely get them between $1 and $4.40 per square foot.

Glossy laminate finishing is best if you’re a fan of sheen and lustre. It not only accentuates perfectly with light. But it can also create an illusion of a larger space in your room. High gloss finishing usually costs between $1.70 and $5.80 per square foot.

Kind of Finish Average Price per square foot
Semi-Matte $0.99 – $3.79
Matte $1- $4.40
Glossy $1.70 – $5.80


You’ll get laminate flooring in 6 millimetres to 12 millimetres when it comes to thicknesses. It’s important to note that the thicker the laminate flooring, the lesser its resistance to bending when put on an uneven subfloor.

You should get 6-millimetre laminate flooring between $0.70 to $1 per square foot. Meanwhile, 12-millimetre laminate flooring price per square foot can cost between $2.29 to $5.99 per square foot.

Pattern and Style

Laminate flooring provides various colours, patterns, and styles. There’s always a fashion of laminate flooring that’ll tickle your fancy.

These shades of aesthetics don’t come for free, though. They also add to the cost of laminate flooring installation.

Laminates may not take much time to install. But if you’re installing a complex design or pattern, you’ll have to pay more.

factors that determine

Type Of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring isn’t available in wood format alone. You also have them in tile and stone forms too. And they also add to the cost of laminate flooring installation.

Stone Laminate Flooring 

You may veer from the feel of wood and choose to go stony with laminate flooring. Stone laminate flooring costs between $3.50 to $4 per square foot.

This laminate flooring type can’t contest the popularity of its wooden counterpart. But it has its uniqueness and will influence how much you spend if you choose it.

This laminate flooring copies the appearance of tumbled or antiqued floors. And it’s also available in different colours.

Additionally, its installation is in the format of click-lock tiles. And it’s typically bigger than planks and has different stone sizes on each tile.

Tile Laminate Flooring 

The tile laminate flooring is not as famous as its wooden counterpart. But it’s readily accessible, unlike its stone mate.

This laminate can duplicate the look of terrazzo tile, stone, and even concrete. Its tiles too click-lock together. But unlike stone laminate, they don’t seal on the edges.

The feature of open edges is why tile laminate isn’t a good recommendation for spaces susceptible to a lot of water spills. Water will easily seep through the open joints.

This variant of laminate flooring costs between $3.50 to $5 per square foot. And it can determine the cost of laminate flooring installation.

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How To Estimate The Cost Of Installing Laminate Flooring

Calculating laminate flooring price per square foot is seamless. Here’s a guide to getting the exact price to install laminate flooring in your space completely;

  • First, measure the width and length of your floor.
  • Furthermore, add 10 to 15 percent for cuts, wastes, and likelihoods.
  • Next, multiply the width by the length. For instance, if the measurement of your space is 14 x 10, your square footage is 140 square feet.
  • Lastly, multiply the total square footage by labour and material costs per square foot.
  • Include the cost for extras and miscellaneous items like thresholds and nails.

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DIY Cost Of Installing Laminate Flooring

Laminate floorings usually sell as click-locks. Therefore, DIY enthusiasts can install them.

However, you need to be very precise regarding factors like measurements and cutting accuracy. It would help if you had the tools or equipment to install your laminate flooring. And you need to ensure you can handle them.

You can finish the project in a weekend if you have prior experience with floor installation as a DIYer. And this will save you a whole lot of money. It means you’ll be deducting the cost allocation for labour. Depending on your space, you’ll be saving between $1,500 and $3,500.

But there’s one thing with DIY laminate flooring installation. You’ll be missing the edge of class and perfection that professional installers can add to your space.

Installing laminates for places such as staircases can be tricky for you as a DIYer. This assumption is because those locations have very tight angles.

You can also end up wasting materials worth more than the services of professional installers. Therefore, contact professional laminate flooring installers If you doubt your DIY capacity.

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Laminate Flooring is Affordable

The cost of laminate flooring installation depends on different factors. These factors are subject to your financial capacity and installation expanse.

Laminate flooring is beautiful, easy to maintain, durable, and affordable to install. However, you don’t want to fall victim to inferior laminate flooring materials. Fortunately, our flooring store provides the best laminate flooring materials.

Are you looking for the best laminate flooring designs? Have you been asking how much laminate flooring costs? LV Flooring’s online store for laminate flooring planks has answers in different attractive designs. Additionally, we can answer your installation costs inquiries.

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