Where is the Best Place to Buy Hardwood Flooring?

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After choosing hardwood flooring, the best place to buy them is the next question that needs answers. That is because it goes beyond picking colours and designs. There are many factors to consider when choosing where to buy hardwood flooring. 

It all starts with picking the right design. Some factors you may need to consider include; your lifestyle, colour versatility, strength amidst others. However, many people pick hardwood floors based on the ease of installation and cleaning. Now that you already know what you want, where to buy hardwood flooring can be a challenge. That is because both the online and offline markets have their peculiarities. 

Honestly, both markets have different advantages over each other. Some of which include prices, comfort, accessibility, and varieties. In this article, we’ll compare both markets and discuss where to shop for hardwood flooring.

How to Buy Hardwood Flooring

How to Buy Hardwood Flooring

“I like this design,” “it’s too expensive,” ” I want brown,” “this doesn’t look strong.” These are thoughts that come when you brainstorm how to buy hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring, when you pick well, can transform the appearance of your home. Likewise, it’s a cost-effective innovation as you’ll be living with it for very long.

However, picking hardwood flooring may be daunting -mostly when you’ve not done adequate research. The first thing to know is there are two types of hardwood flooring. They are:

Engineered hardwood flooring

There are two layers of wood that make up the engineered hardwood flooring. They are plywood and hardwood. Mostly, the planks of wood are in the opposite direction. That arrangement gives engineered hardwood floors extra stability. 

One advantage of engineered hardwood flooring is that you can install them anywhere. Likewise, with the beauty of solid hardwood, engineered hardwood avails you easy maintenance and cleaning. People prefer engineered hardwood because of its easy installation, versatility, and price. 

Solid Hardwood Flooring.

As the name implies, solid flooring has solid wood all through its length and breadth. As against engineered flooring, you can refinish and renovate the solid hardwood multiple times. However, your floor will have more risk of scratches, seepage, and impact issues. Furthermore, solid hardwood isn’t versatile in terms of usage.

You cannot use solid woods in places that are wet and well lit. Mostly, you do this to avoid damages and changes due to moisture and light, respectively. Also, solid hardwood is more expensive than engineered — but it lasts longer. 

Before considering the best place to buy hardwood flooring, you must know the different types. Likewise, some other factors you must regard are:

Floor purpose

Establishing the purpose and location of the floor is essential to any buying guide for hardwood flooring. For example, if you plan to floor your basement or restroom, engineered hardwood flooring is your best option. That is because it’s more resistant to moisture damages.

Comparatively, when you know the floor may entertain the crowd, solid hardwood is preferred. Moreso, you need to be sure of the floor below the hardwood floor. The type and height of the sub-floor determine the type and dimensions of wood, respectively.

Home aesthetics

You don’t want your wood design and colour to contrast with your home design. For this reason, you need to pick a style that matches the decor. Because, as much as it’s your home, you want visitors to love and commend your design. 

While considering aesthetics, it’ll be dangerous to forget other essentials. Don’t make your choices based on only the trends. When thinking of the best place to buy your hardwood flooring, consider the following;

  • Design
  • Colour agreement 
  • Texture
  • Size
  • Durability
  • Traffic

Prefabricated or site finished

Do you want your hardwood flooring completed in the factory or at home? You need to brainstorm and make your decision. Both of them have their peculiarities, advantages, and disadvantages over the other. That’s a necessary factor to consider before going to where you shop for hardwood flooring.

Here are some advantages of pre-fabricated flooring:

  • You spend less time on installation.
  • Installation doesn’t involve foul smells and dirt.
  • Pre-finish is stronger; because of aluminum oxide coatings present.

The disadvantages are:

  • Insufficiency of wood
  • Edges may not be smooth.
  • Colour alterations

Some advantages of site-finished flooring include:

  • Smooth edges 
  • You can accurately calculate the amount of hardwood needed.
  • Customization of flooring to suit existing designs.

The disadvantages are:

  • There will be dirt because of the sanding and finishing process.
  • Installation may take your time.


We all want and desire beautiful floorings. However, you should know when to draw the line between your admiration and your pocket. Knowing your budget helps you pick the best option in terms of quality and beauty.

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 Hardwood Flooring

Factors that Affect the Prices of Hardwood Flooring

Many people believe that hardwood flooring is expensive. Of course, that’s a relative school of thought – because if you consider longevity, it’s cost-effective. However, some factors influence these prices. 

Wood type and quality

Wood type and quality is the first factor that affects prices. Woods come in different styles and qualities, which in turn affects the cost.


The nature of the floor directly below the hardwood flooring is essential. This because it determines the type of hardwood you’ll use and resulting cost implications.

Engineered or solid hardwood

Mostly, solid hardwood costs more than engineered. However, in the long run, it can be refinished multiple times (it lasts longer).

Home and floor location

In remote areas where there are no hardwood or proper transportation, cost implications skyrocket. Likewise, the location of the floor influences the cost.

Professional fees

If you do it yourself, you save money (which you may still spend) on experts. However, if you employ pros, you’ll need to pay for the services. 

Where to Buy Hardwood Flooring

Purchasing hardwood flooring may look easy, but when you get at it, you’ll see the challenges. The best place to buy hardwood flooring depends solely on you. However, if we were to pick, we would choose the online store. Essentially, your three options to get hardwood are:

Domestic stores

Domestic stores are suitable when they’re close to you. Likewise, seeing what you want to buy is essential. However, they have limited designs and colours.


With supermarkets, you can expect some level of price reduction. That is because they get all items in bulk.

Online stores

When you’re looking for where to buy hardwood flooring, check online. That avails you the opportunity to pick from a host of designs and calculate the cost. 

Buy Hardwood Flooring

Online Vs. Offline: Which Market is Best to Buy Hardwood Flooring in Canada

When you intend to buy hardwood flooring in Canada, you have two options; offline and online. The argument of the best place to buy hardwood flooring between online and offline has been long-lasting. The offline purchase involves you physically going to a store to make purchases. The advantages are:

  • You see what you buy clearly.
  • You have the opportunity to speak to a sales personnel (may not be an expert).

Some disadvantages are:

  • Inconvenience
  • Sales pressure
  • Limited option
  • Shipping or transportation issues
  • Unavailability of experts

Online purchase, on the contrary,  involves you picking suitable hardwood flooring from your comfort zone. 

  • You are in your comfort zone
  • There is no sales pressure of any kind
  • You need not bother about transporting the goods. 
  • You save a lot of time.
  • There are several stores you can pick from
  • When you consider total costs, buying online is cheaper.
  • You get a precise customer and expert support.
  • You may be lucky enough to get discounts

The sole disadvantage of buying hardwood floors online is not seeing what you’re purchasing. And that can be solved by first ordering a sample quantity. With all these advantages, you should agree that online is the best place to buy hardwood flooring. 


Hardwood flooring can transform and beautify your house. This buying guide for hardwood flooring discusses factors to consider before you purchase hardwood. Additionally, we highlighted the cost influences and peculiarities of the offline and online markets. 

Are you looking to buy hardwood flooring? Do you need design options for your hardwood flooring? Or do you need a reliable store that guarantees high-quality hardwood flooring? Then you should contact us.

Here at LV Flooring, we understand the technicalities that come with hardwood flooring. That is why we provide beautiful, affordable, and quality hardwood flooring options. Stay in your comfort zone and get your hardwood flooring. Check out our online store for hardwood flooring.

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