What are the Benefits of Laminate Flooring?

November 6, 2022by Harper0

We’d likely not be writing about the benefits of laminate flooring if Perstorp, a Swedish business, didn’t invent it in 1977.

Before happening on the floor, the plan was to recycle scrap wood by putting it through intense heating and pressing it together using chemicals. But, the end product was attractive and practical enough to become a flooring option.

Laminate flooring installation has risen significantly, with its market surpassing 26 billion USD in 2020. So, you’ll be joining a host of certified users of the beautiful flooring when you install yours.

Laminate flooring consists of a particle board, an image layer, a wood substrate, and a clear wear layer. Its unique features mean its best for areas of your property less susceptible to moisture.

Laminate flooring is ideal for the living room, bedroom, hallways and lobbies in your office building. And the rest of this article will cover why the decision to buy laminate flooring is a smart one.

Benefits of Installing Laminate Flooring in Your Home or Office Space

Here are several ways laminate flooring proves to be a fantastic option.

Low Installation Cost

Laminate flooring’s low cost is the reason its popular in the first place. Laminate flooring is less expensive than other options because of its recycling manufacturing process.

And considering the lasting durability it promises, the cost of laminate flooring is worth it. Laminate flooring is an excellent option to give your home a look similar to expensive hardwood flooring without breaking the bank.

Long-lasting and Durable

Does laminate flooring scratch or stain? You’ll be excited to know durability is one of laminate flooring’s most notable benefits.

The flooring’s aluminum oxide top layer makes it highly resistant to dings, scratches, fading, and stains. This advanced upper layer technology means laminate flooring will do well in high-traffic areas, rooms with pets and the kid’s playroom.

long-lasting and durable

Aesthetic Appearance

Laminate flooring is also a great choice because of its many beautiful design options. The high-definition printer manufacturers use to create laminate designs allow for the replication of virtually any photorealistic image.

You can buy laminate flooring in various colors and styles, including realistic wood, tile patterns, and even textures. Its aesthetic quality is sensational.

Please note that laminate materials can also be manufactured to look like wood. However, they’re just not actual solid wood. Therefore, they’ll make a unique noise and feel slightly different underfoot.

Hardwood-like acoustics under bare feet can only be achieved by choosing a thicker, more expensive board, such as a 12mm or 15mm laminate.

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Easy Setup

One of the benefits of laminate flooring that makes it popular among homeowners is its money-saving feature regarding installation. Laminate flooring’s tongue-and-groove locking methods make it suitable for a simple floating installation.

In other words, you can easily install laminate flooring as a DIYer. This way, you avoid spending time and money to hire an expert to set everything up for you.

Environment Friendly

Laminate originates from wood, so it may be reused or repurposed after being recycled. So it’s safe to say one of the advantages of laminate flooring is that it’s a multipurpose material too.

Laminate flooring is easy to remove, transport, and reinstall entirely in a different area of your home or another location. Due to their simple installation, DIY click-lock planks are a reusable and recyclable option.

Using recycled wood resources in the planks is just one example of the ecologically friendly methods adopted by laminate flooring manufacturers.

So if you’re asking yourself “, why should I buy laminate flooring?” Know that laminate flooring is more environmentally friendly than other options since it produces less waste.

environment friendly

Easy Care and Maintenance

Maintenance and cleaning are the last things on the minds of anyone running a busy household or enterprise. This notion brings one of the benefits of laminate flooring to the fore: maintaining its beautiful appearance is a breeze.

  • Your floors will always look fantastic if you just sweep or vacuum regularly.
  • A damp mop is your best bet for a thorough cleaning and a sparkling finish.
  • You can use a mop dampened with a solution of water and vinegar.
  • Alternatively, use a cleaning chemical recommended by the manufacturer to clean your laminate.

Laminate flooring isn’t waterproof. However, it’s designed to withstand some dampness.

Mopping and cleaning won’t damage the laminate’s well-sealed wear layer. But water seeping around the borders, under the top layer, or into the locking system will cause the flooring to flex and expand.

Lifetime Guarantees on Floors

Almost every laminate flooring company will provide some sort of warranty. And such warranties will cover your purchase for at least a year.

One of the benefits of laminate floorings regarding security is that you’ll find manufacturers offering lifetime warranties.


Laminate’s versatility is one of the flooring’s benefits. It’ll function well in rooms with low moisture rates.

It’s important to remember that laminate flooring being a good choice doesn’t mean it has no limitations. A known fact is that laminates are not very compatible with rooms susceptible to high moisture.

However, it doesn’t mean these areas, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms, can’t have laminate floorings. You only need to be more deliberate about cleaning any water spills in the area.

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The benefits of laminate flooring are boundless. But the major ones include its beauty, durability, installation ease, and versatility.

As earlier implied, getting your laminate flooring from a good manufacturer influences your warranty possibilities. Also, you want to ensure you get the best laminate flooring type to avoid untimely repair or reinstallation. Therefore, you need a trustworthy wholesaler like us to help your purchase.

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