Which Wood Flooring is The Best Choice

November 11, 2022by Mark0

Wooden flooring is a popular option for homes due to several things. Its warmth and varying textures are just a few of them. Meanwhile, there are so many types of wooden floors up for selection.

So how do you determine the best wood flooring for your space? We’re saving you stress by compiling the best wood flooring types for you to make a top choice.

In this article, we’ll not only discuss the top wood flooring. But their costs, best installation location, and so on make the highlights too.

Red Oak

Red oak hardwood flooring is one of the best wood flooring types you can install.  As the name implies, it comes from an oak tree. And you can buy them as thin or wide planks.

Red oak hardwood flooring cuts from a single plank of wood. And such mills will depend on different thickness levels from which you can select. Solid hardwood flooring often measures in at a thickness of ¾”.

Top Perks

Red oak hardwood is water resistant. Also, the flooring has a visually appealing grain pattern, making it an excellent choice.


  • Red oak floors are sturdy, rugged, heavy, and dense with a tight grain.
  • Their high tannin content makes them highly resistant to insect and fungal infestation.

Price of Red Oak

$8 and $13 per square foot.

Best Places to Install Red Oak Floors

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom

Maple Hardwood

In the flooring industry, maple refers to a solid hardwood or an engineered wood floor. And, of course, the flooring comes from maple trees.

Maple is one of the best wood floorings because it’s a renewable and eco-friendly option. It grows quickly and is a domestic wood.

Hardwood flooring made from maple is easily recognizable due to its distinctive creamy white tint. Sometimes it can occasionally deepen to a light brown. Unlike other woods, maple’s clean grain is remarkably modest.

For homes that need long-lasting flooring, maple is an excellent option due to its high density and hardness.

Top Perks

  • Hard and dense,
  • Closely packed grain
  • Recyclable wood

Maple Wood Price

The cost per square foot for solid hardwood or engineered maple strips is $5 to $8. The price per square foot for prefinished maple flooring is $8 to $12.

Best Places to Install Maple Floors

  • Living room
  • Lobby
  • Office
  • Bedroom

maple wood price

Wire Brushed Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floor manufacturers get the “wire brushed hardwood” finish by scraping wood planks with a hard-bristled wire brush. This act reveals the “soft grains from the tree’s growth ring.

You can choose how dense or light your wired brushed hardwood flooring should be. And this flooring is one with the easiest maintenance culture?


They are less likely to become dirty and require less frequent cleaning because of their improved durability and slip resistance.

Top Perks

  • Durable

Best Places to Install Maple Floors

  • Living room
  • Bathroom
  • Office
  • Bedroom

Wire Brushed Wood Price

$5 – $25 per square foot.

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Engineered Wood Flooring

A typically engineered wood floorboard has three to four layers of wood. Manufacturers glue them all together to form a plank around 14 mm thick. The top cover is usually a natural wood veneer roughly 4mm thick.

Such overlay makes it possible to sand down the floor when it wears out. And this refinishing helps bring back its original look.


  • The click-lock installation method is sometimes available for engineered wood flooring.
  • Its tongue-and-groove styles will require adhesives.

Top Perks

  • More durable and resistant to temperature fluctuations than solid wood

Best Places to Install Engineered Floors

  • Living
  • Dining
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen

Engineered Hardwood Price

The least expensive of this hardwood costs around $19 per square foot. The most expensive can cost over $160.

engineered hardwood price

Laminate Planks

You may still be asking yourself, “which wood flooring is right for me?” at this point. And that’s fine. Let’s take a look at the laminate flooring.

Laminate is a beautiful floor with a compressed fibreboard plank and a protective coating depicting wood grain. Some laminate flooring planks’ edges are subtly beveled for a more natural look. As a bonus, this method aids in protecting laminate boards. And its protection from edge damage brought on by moisture expansion.

You need to be careful when buying wood flooring in Ontario. Laminate manufacturers are many and sell different quality products. It’s wise to invest in the highest quality you can reasonably afford.

Ensure you don’t buy planks seeming like they’ve been compromised. And stay off boards looking to be undergoing expansion due to moisture.


  • Laminate floors with a chipboard core tend to expand and contract excessively and should be avoided.
  • Good ones with moisture protection have a fibreboard foundation. And they have a basic color on the underside, such as green or brown.

How Much Does Laminate Flooring Cost?

Prices start at roughly $3 per square meter. But be warned because the lowest versions can appear smooth. They are usually less durable.

Check ones with a more authentic feel and effect. And you’ll notice from the beveled edges a wider variety of prints and embossed elements like knots. But you’ll need to spend a little extra on it.

The middle-class brands start from $13 to $32 per square foot. And the top brands are between $18 and $49 per square foot, respectively.

Top Perks

  • Laminate click-lock designs are simple to install.
  • They are affordable
  • They are available in a wide variety of styles.

Best Places to Install Laminate

  • Laminate is one of the best wood flooring choices for living rooms, studies, and playrooms. Their ability to withstand heavy foot traffic makes them a perfect fit here.
  • Manufacturers of laminates claim that bathrooms and kitchens can use them because of their waterproof construction.

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install laminate


You can decide to go for red oak, maple or laminate. But you can rest knowing you’ll be selecting from the best wood flooring available. You just need to ensure any you pick meets your needs.

It doesn’t end with buying a particular hardwood flooring type. You actually need to ensure you’re buying quality stuff. Therefore, you need a verified seller like us to help with your purchase decisions.

At LV Flooring, we have bridged the gap between variety and quality hardwood flooring. Take a look through our online catalogue containing different types of wood floors today!

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