What is the Cost of Installing White Oak Flooring in Vaughan?

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White oak flooring is a popular type of hardwood here in Vaughan, Canada. However, due to its versatility and durability, “what’s the cost of white oak flooring?” has become a real question for most homeowners. Undoubtedly, many people see it as the best choice for their homes.

There’s nothing like the look white oak flooring gives to your home. Whether you choose a rare decor or a sharp tone in your home, it’s sure to have a positive result on your interior design. Because it’s durable, you may never have to bother about its cost in a long time. But, that doesn’t mean you should overspend while installing it.

To that end, we bring the cost of installing white oak flooring to you. Here, we’ll look at the factors that determine its cost. Plus, the benefits and best places to install it in your home. 

Cost of Installing White Oak Flooring 

The cost of installing white oak flooring in Vaughan ranges between $3.69 to $5.09 per square foot. Now, it’s unlikely you will only buy white oak flooring per square foot. There are other factors to consider like the material price and installation cost. All these will add up to the final cost you can purchase it for.

Hence, no two individuals may purchase it at the same price. But rest assured, we’ll give you a total cost to work with. For starters, the price of installation materials falls between $430 and $650 depending on the quality. Besides, you can expect to install it for about $135 to $190. Roughly, the total cost of installing white oak flooring is about $1500 or more.

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Factors that Determine the Cost of Installing White Oak Flooring

These factors will determine if the pricing for white oak flooring in Vaughan will be cheap or not. 

Type of house

Well, a city house will accrue more costs than a townhouse. If you stay alone in a single-family house there are no rules in terms of materials needed during the renovation. Moreover, the cost of installation will be lighter on your pocket. 

However, if you live in a condo with neighbours you may have to consider other things aside from a large floor space. There are rules quoted in the co-ownership declaration that define soundproofing purposes during remodelling. Thus, you may have to pay more for a soundproofing membrane to not disturb your neighbours.

Size of flooring area

Size of flooring area

The price of white oak flooring also depends on how many floors you’ll be renovating. If you’re changing the floors in specific areas of your house, of course, the cost will be less. But if it’s all the floor surfaces in your house, the cost will tilt towards the high side.

Type of sub-flooring

Your subflooring matters when installing white oak flooring. There are two major kinds of sub-flooring, wood products, and concrete. Now, wood offers the best subfloor for installing white oak floors. A concrete floor isn’t susceptible to humidity and can lead to cracks in your floor. 

So if your sub-flooring is concrete, you may either have to change it or buy adhesives that’ll be used in installing the white oak floor. No doubt, this will affect the price of installation.

Flooring materials 

This is where 60% of your budget will go. This process determines the main cost of white oak flooring. There are various flooring materials whose prices vary according to the manufacturers and place of origin. At this point, the choice to buy quality flooring materials depends on you.

Moreover, some materials may also need extra treatments which will affect the price. For example, the European white oak engineered hardwood will have to be polished and varnished after installation. Hence, this will incur more expenses for you.

Amount of work during installation 

If you’re carrying out a simple installation on your old flooring surface that has no worn outs. You’ll not have to buy new materials to renovate it. Besides, this process can be done by anyone with minimal manual skills.

But, if your old flooring shows certain signs of damage like broken tiles and water leaks. You’ll have to change the flooring as these damages can’t be covered by mere renovations. Furthermore, you’ll have to employ the services of a hardwood company in Vaughan to install your white oak flooring.

Removing the old floor

The old floor has to go for you to install a new one. The white oak flooring may cost more or less depending on the kind of old floor. Not to worry, your budget can’t take a hit with this process. On average, it can cost you $2 per square foot of the removed flooring. 

Unforeseen circumstances 

You don’t want to be caught off guard when installing the white oak flooring. Always keep some money aside for unexpected expenses. Like any remodelling project, installing a new floor can become more complex than what’s expected.

For example in a situation where there’s a fault in evaluation during the planning time, you may have to buy extra floorboards to cover for it. This is a factor that must be considered if you’re replacing your floor without professional help.



Undoubtedly, white oak flooring cost per square foot is affected by its popularity among residents. When the demand for white oak is high, companies take advantage of it and increase the prices. 

Thus, it’s important to know that quality and style don’t complement each other. We’re aware you may prefer to buy flooring that’s in vogue. However, do not sacrifice good white oak to fit with trends. With time, those sleek epoxy floors may fade and your home will be out of fashion. 

Red Oak vs White Oak: Which is Best?

The question of “which is better?” has been put up for debate many times. Yes, oak flooring is easily accessible and durable compared to other types of wood. So what’s the difference between white oak and red oak flooring? Which is a better pick? 

Well, the major difference is its colour. White oak flooring is a blend of tans and browns varying from dark brown to beige. While red oak flooring is made from a lighter wood that has red hues and pinkish tones. Now, let’s talk about their less obvious differences.


White oak flooring is slightly harder than red oak. According to the Janka hardness scale, the white oak rating is 1360, while that of red oak is 1290. Hence, white oak flooring is more durable for outdoor furniture. 

Some people believe that the density of the white oak can withstand seasonal changes more than the red oak. However, both flooring options offer great seasonal movements and are great picks for long term stability in homes.

Grain pattern

The red oak pattern tends to be more varied than the white oak. It has many swirls and deviations. Plus, its wider grain pattern runs in zigzag patterns or subtle waves. On the other hand, the white oak pattern has smaller and tighter grains. Thus, giving it a straighter and more uniform look. 

The red oak pattern is more prominent because it’s a lighter wood. Besides, the dark grains of the white oak are less visible against the dark wood. Due to its uniform grain, the white oak may look more durable. But don’t let it trick you, the red oak is just as sturdy.

Moisture resistance 

Aside from the cost of white oak flooring, the potential for liquid defects must also be regarded. Well, since white oak wood has a close grain, it has more resistance to water. Thus, it’s ideal to use it in areas of your home that are exposed to water.


Ultimately, this is a major factor in choosing hardwood flooring. There is no big difference in their cost as their prices range according to the width and grade. In Vaughan, some claim that the pricing of white oak flooring is more expensive. Though the costs range, the red oak flooring can be more affordable.

Best Places to Install White Oak Flooring 

Homeowners use the white oak flooring to give their homes an attractive and crisp look. No doubt, this makes the cost of white oak flooring worth it. Also, its water-resistant benefits mean it’s installable in many places inside and outside the home. Here are the best places to install white oak flooring.

Living room

Living room

Due to its versatility, the white oak engineered hardwood gives your living room a modern and contemporary appearance. Plus, there’s the ease that comes with changing your living room design because it accentuates with any colour. 


The white oak flooring is a great choice for your kitchen. The floor gives your kitchen a cozy vibe. Not to mention, it offers resistance to the many liquid dangers in your kitchen.


Here, it’s beauty will be highlighted in your bedroom. Besides, you can walk barefoot on it. It also makes the cleaning of the bedroom easier since it’s resistant to moisture.


Like the kitchen, it’s also suitable for the bathroom. It’s clogged pores prevent water from penetrating easily. However, it’s best to clean up the spills immediately to prevent any defects.

Dining room

It gives your dining area a formal setting. Secondly, it gives it a calm ambiance and can serve as a nice talking point when visitors arrive.


Many foyers are the entryway to the home. The white oak flooring will give your visitors a nice welcome. Also, due to its density, it’s unlikely that your foyer will crack or wear out under harsh weather conditions.

Benefits of White Oak Flooring 

You may wonder why people will choose to overlook the price of white oak flooring. Well, it’s because of the benefits it offers them. 


When it comes to dents and marks, it’s more resilient. It will last longer and withstand daily use well without digging..


White oak flooring fits well with modern commercial settings. It can be used in several places like conference rooms, restaurants and of course, your home. The smooth and uniform look gives off a modern look with a classy feel which fits well with many contemporary decors.

Water resistance 

It can’t be stressed enough that it’s the best water resistance hardwood flooring. While no flooring is truly waterproof, white oak engineered flooring holds up well in places exposed to water. Thus, you shouldn’t leave liquids to dry out on it.

Easy to stain

White oak goes well with reactive treatments and stains. Reactive treatments are more popular and this flooring serves as a good canvas for them. Its neutral colours suit many under shade tones. Besides, it does a nice job by absorbing stains and giving your floor a rich hue.



White oak’s grey-brown undertone makes it versatile enough to fit most interior designs and styles. It pairs well with both cool and warm colours. Because it has no pink undertone like red oak flooring, it stains well and compliments many earth tone finishes. 

The Final Verdict on White Oak Flooring 

White oak flooring will never go out of trend, so the cost is a topic that’ll always be relevant. Yes, installation can be quite expensive because it requires more labour. But if you’re confident in your skill to evaluate, select, and install new flooring, then you can cut back expenses by fixing it yourself.

However, there’s no substitute for the skill of a trained expert when installing a white oak floor. If you’re considering the services of a trained expert, our online store for hardwood flooring offers the best prices and quality you can get anywhere. Contact us today and let your pocket thank you.

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