The Best Laminate Flooring Design Patterns

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Laminate flooring has become an absolute powerhouse when it regards flooring options. Also, the influence of modernisation is very evident in the innovation trends of laminate flooring designs. Nowadays, the best laminate flooring design patterns perfectly simulate solid wood appearances.

Laminate flooring isn’t only increasing in use for mere interior aesthetics. But it’s also in high demand due to the value it adds to a residential building.

In fact, only natural hardwood, tiles, and stone precede it in value addition. Additionally, laminate flooring is the most affordable gateway to achieving your dream hardwood outlook as a homeowner.

To install laminate, we understand you may need design patterns from which to select. And we’re keen on helping you in that regard. Therefore, we’ve made a trendy list of fabulous laminate flooring patterns from which you can draw inspiration.

Sit back as we pilot you through 11 of the best laminate flooring design patterns.

11 of The Best Laminate Flooring Design Patterns

Before, laminate flooring was a mere flooring option known for two things. First, it was known as a hardwood copycat. It was also seen as a low-budget alternative to wood flooring.

However, there’s been a positive change to the above perception due to contemporary perspectives and technological advancements. As a result, manufacturers now have a series of approaches to the production of laminate flooring. And the best part is that the affordability feature still remains despite the value increase.

Reading further, you’ll see laminate flooring design patterns that contend with vinyl and hardwood. And the contentions are both in features and beauty.

1. Water-Resistant Laminate

Solid hardwood has a lot of perks. Unfortunately, waterproof isn’t one of them. On the other hand, laminate flooring comfortably provides you with the waterproof feature. Incredible, right?

The above laminate feature means your flooring can have a wooden outlook, handle moisture, and be low-cost.

The flooring market is particularly bustling with waterproof flooring trends. And it is evident with the influx of waterproof vinyl floorings. But laminate still has its A-game against waterproof vinyl flooring.

Unlike vinyl’s waterproof top-bottom, waterproof laminate designs handle water from the surface. This feature means laminate will manage water spillage even if you don’t clean it immediately.

Although, unlike vinyl waterproof, laminate may not be able to control water spilling from beneath. But water from below is usually a rare occurrence.

Another perk of waterproof laminate flooring is the DIY possibilities. You can easily install most laminate flooring designs, unlike hardwood and vinyl.

The highlights of this laminate flooring design include the following:

  • Water-resistant
  • Perfect duplication of all possible hardwood outlook
  • Glossy beauty
  • Affordability

Water-resistant laminate flooring is one of the best laminate flooring design patterns. But you may doubt if the trend will transcend current times.  We’re glad to inform you that it most likely will.

Waterproof flooring is currently highly sought-after across various flooring options. Therefore, it is only reasonable that the demand for waterproof laminate can only rise. The constant innovation around it will ensure the continuous need too.


2. Reclaimed Wood-Look Laminate

Reclaimed wood’s durability, uniqueness, and greenness make it super hot in the wooden flooring market. Its planks seem to tell distinct stories somehow.

Reclaimed wood is the simple recycling of old building materials for new flooring purposes.  That’s why reclaimed wood usually comes from timbers, decking, and barns. Nowadays, its popularity makes it possible to derive reclaimed wood from peculiar roots like wine barrels.

In truth, laminate flooring won’t precisely duplicate the core of reclaimed wood. But laminate plank manufacturers have been able to simulate the look of reclaimed wood perfectly.

Usually, you’ll find reclaimed wood with distressed finishes. As such, reclaimed wood laminate perfectly duplicates distressed outlooks with scrapes, burns, and knots designs.

Reclaimed wood flooring provides one of the hottest modern laminate flooring ideas. Yet, the laminate version may outlive the actual wood version.

The above possibility is because reclaimed wood itself is subject to environmental responsibility factors. But laminate floors have no such attachments. Instead, they only simulate the distressed looks with laminate planks.

3. Embossed in Register Laminate Floors


If you want the most realistic-looking laminate flooring, you’re right on course with embossed in register laminate floors. This floor ranks as one of the best laminate flooring design patterns in contemporary trends.

Embossed in Register is a recommendable and attractive laminate flooring style for some reasons. These reasons include:

  • Its comely wood texture is a perfect replica of natural wood grains. And this flawless replication is a result of indentations in the laminate planks to match the image laid on the laminate planks.
  • It adds warmth and natural texture to your space.
  • This registered embossing gives you a nearly wooden floor feeling at a low-cost price, unlike actual solid wood.

This pattern is one of the hottest laminate hardwood designs due to its natural look. And it can only get better.

Embossing in register laminate may currently be one of the best patterns for laminate flooring. But you may be in doubt if it has what it takes to stand the test of time.

We’re glad to inform you that this laminate hardwood flooring simulant has the potential to outlive current trends. And this assertion is due to its affordability and aesthetics.

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4. Stain-Resistant Laminate Flooring

Several people who think waterproof laminate is fantastic may be in a dilemma when they learn of stain-resistant laminate. This dilemma is a result of how great the latter also is.

Accidental spillages are almost inevitable in homes. Kids, pets, and even adults can cause spills that have staining potential. The thought of this issue led to the creation of laminate planks resistant to stains.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about stains when such spillages happen. All you need to do is clean them up.

Apart from being stain-resistant, this laminate design is one of the most stylish laminate flooring trends.

However, you may be wondering if this fabulous laminate flooring pattern will stand the test of time. And you’re not wrong to nurse such worries.

Fortunately, the stain-resistant laminate is here to outlast current trends. So, you can go for this design if you look to install laminate flooring.

5. Rustic and Handscraped Wood-Look Laminate

The handmade perception that hand scraping gives each plank makes them very unique. Before now, embossment was the only way to afford laminate floorings and the hand scraping look.

But laminate manufacturers now perfectly simulate realistic wood texture and appearance. This simulation is done so well that laminates can easily compete with hardwoods on those two bases.

The floors look high-end and distinct, especially with the long-ingrained scrapes flaunting in the finishing. You’ll have to pay through your nose to achieve this exotic look in hardwood. But it’s way cheaper to achieve the same look in laminate planks.

This laminate trend may be one of the best laminate flooring design patterns. But whether it’ll linger long enough may be bothering you.

Our thought to the above worry is that the hand-scraped laminate will last beyond now. It has a luxurious look despite being very affordable. And who doesn’t want to pay less for an expensive look?

Notably, you need to be careful when purchasing this flooring type. Some manufacturers will claim their floors are hand-scraped. But in reality, the scrapes are by machines.

Therefore, be sure of the manufacturer’s reputation before making a purchase.

6. Wide Plank Laminate Floors

This laminate trend is one of the best laminate flooring design patterns you’ll find. Moreover, it’s a trend you shouldn’t write off after each year because it’ll resurface in new styles.

Short and thin planks give a distinctive hardwood look to your space. But they start looking out of vogue because of their lean and short features.

On the other hand, longer and wider planks give your room a larger, more open, less busy, and more cohesive look.

You should get on this design trend if you’re looking to install laminate flooring. And make sure you use large or extra-large laminate planks.

Are you wondering if this fabulous laminate flooring pattern will stand the test of time? Worry no more because it’ll last.

The above assertion is because manufacturers are majorly moving towards using even longer and wider planks. As such, this design can only become a classic.

7. Whitewashed Laminate Flooring

Whitewashed laminate is another top design trend in laminate hardwood flooring. This laminate hardwood design is a trend that has its roots on the west coast. But it’s now spreading tentacles across some parts of the nation.

Whitewashed floors aren’t just beautiful for their coastal look. They’re one of the floors topping the best laminate flooring design patterns for kitchens.

Don’t get it wrong, “whitewashed” doesn’t mean an even or finished white laminate plank. Instead, whitewashed laminate uses signs of wear with some dark colours to portray beauty.

Those colours abstractly peek beneath the primary layer of the plank. And they perfectly fit the style of contemporary “worn trends.”

With this beautiful flooring, your home will feel bigger, brighter, and even more conducive. In fact, if you happen to live by a lake, you’d be giving your home a permanent vacation look with whitewashed laminate flooring.

Whitewashed floors aren’t readily available in prefinished engineered hardwood. As a result, homeowners may have to resort to whitewashing their unfinished planks to achieve the comely design.

Fortunately, laminate manufacturers have been producing pre-whitewashed floors en masse. Therefore, the demands of this trendy design are well met by supply.

This trend may last long. But its use will be regional as time goes on.

8. Weathered and Distressed Wood-Look Laminate

You’ll likely be wondering if you came across the word “distressed” in an earlier laminate design. You’re right. The distressed look shares a relationship with the reclaimed laminate design.

But here, this laminate combines weathered and distressed traits in the same design.

Weathered looks often feature a subtler wire-brushed texture. While distressed looks flamboyantly flaunt the burns, scrapes, and knots. A blend of both gives you the weathered and distressed wood-look laminate.

This laminate type is not only one of the best patterns for laminate flooring. But it’s one of the most attractive laminate flooring styles.

Its durability and beauty mean it’ll likely continuously be in demand in the flooring market. Of course, not every homeowner may fancy it. But its relevance will remain intact for decades to come.

9. Gray Laminate

A few years back, it’d be possible to term gray laminate a baby trend. But now, it’ll be an understatement even to call it a trend.

The above disposition is because the gray laminate design hasn’t only become one of the best laminate flooring design patterns. But it has become a design that transcends the need to “trend”.

Gray laminate has the status of a phenomenon in the laminate flooring market. The growth of gray wood-look flooring has been exponential in the last 8 years.

Its introduction had laminate manufacturers playing it safe by producing only a few gray laminate wood looks. But the test blew up upon contact with the market. It soon became the best pattern for laminate flooring for many homeowners.

The popularity of gray laminate was not something fickle. On the contrary, it was born from a genuine affinity for the lush wood-look laminate. After that, it simply just kept its own space in the direction of things.

Also, gray laminate floors give your home a calm and sophisticated look. This perception means it’s one of the modern laminate flooring ideas that specifically gives your home a modern look.

It’ll fit into any interior decor colour you have in mind. Bright, green, bold, black, and even white colours smoothly blend with gray laminate flooring.

Considering the preceding explanation about gray laminates, you likely already know gray laminate is here to stay. The design will most likely be in vogue until you’re ready to change your floors.

10. High Variation Laminate


Technology has made it easier to achieve the natural wood look with your floors.

Now, technology hasn’t only made it possible to replicate a natural wood look. But it has also made it possible for manufacturers to replicate every natural wood look. And also to create unique blends.

Homeowners also now embrace this possibility. And this warmth is leading to the rise in high variation wood-look colorblends.

You’ll notice that some laminate floors now combine bright colours with their neutrals. The colour incorporation sparks up extra lively aesthetics conversations in corners of laminate stores where high variation laminate planks are on display.

This laminate plank will likely be a trend for the next couple of years. Or maybe even for the next decade.

However, this flooring type is most advisable if you’re not looking to sell your home later. This suggestion is because not every homeowner will be keen on your choice of high variation laminate.

11. Light Wood Laminate

Many years ago, people thought light floors were mundane and too cheap. Homeowners almost gave it no regard.

But contemporary trends are hoisting the flag of simplicity as the new sophistication. Now, that derogatory perception barely exists.

Nowadays, more homeowners regard the light wood laminate as one of the best laminate flooring design patterns. The need for a subtle and airy feeling in their homes has given rise to the reputation of light laminate wood floors.

Regarding interior decor, light laminate wood provides you with endless possibilities. You can switch-up your decor from contemporary to rustic, homely, chic, and more. And you’ll do all of these without a single need to alter your flooring.

Also, you’ll love the way light laminate enlarges any room. The enlargement makes the room feel more open and suitable for relaxation. If you use large and long planks, you’re up for the premium enlargement feeling.

Now there’s a difference between white and light wood laminates. White will easily show dirt. But light laminate will conceal dirt way better and longer and still not look dull. In other words, it gives you the sheen and still covers up a level of filth.

Meanwhile, the acceptance of the light wood laminate into the spectrum of trends still doesn’t mean it’s in rampant use. So this revelation means you’ll be a trendsetter or pacesetter if you jump on this laminate flooring design.

Are you pondering if this flooring type will stand the test of time? Well, it most likely will.

The light wood look is on course to transcending into a classic from a trend.  So you may not need to change it for a long time. Therefore, go for it if you love it.

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Every laminate design has the potential to be your best pattern for laminate flooring. But each design is still subject to your choice. One thing the list above guarantees is you’ll be selecting from the best laminate flooring design patterns regardless of which you pick.

The decision to install laminate flooring is the right one. But you can unknowingly subject it to jeopardy if you mistakenly buy inferior quality laminate planks. That’s why we at LV Flooring go the extra mile to provide a collection of top-quality laminate flooring designs.

In addition, we can consult with you regarding which design is best for you. And we can help you with the best way to install laminate flooring. Get in touch with us today!

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