Hardwood Flooring in Toronto, ON

LV Hardwood Flooring installers make the process as easy as possible.

LV Hardwood Flooring specialists treat each of our GTA customers like family, and we make sure that every installation runs smoothly.   Our staff is standing by to take your calls and answer all of your questions about floor installation.

Our craftsmen are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. It’s important to know what to expect when having a new hardwood floor installed in your home.

Our craftsmen are always dedicated to bringing your vision to life.


Most installations will involve at least some dust and debris; therefore, all furniture, paintings and other items should be removed at least 24 hours before we sand and refinish an old floor, and a couple of days prior to a new hardwood floor installation.

The other reason that a room needs to be emptied before installation is that the wood has to spend at least 24 hours in the environment that will be its permanent home before it is installed. This gives the organic material time to adjust to the temperature and humidity conditions before it’s installed in the floor. Hardwood should always be laid flat, never standing or leaning on anything.


Our flooring specialists will have consulted with you beforehand to determine what kind of sub flooring is in the room, so our installers know what to expect. There must be at least a plywood subfloor for solid wood flooring; otherwise the hardwood will not be anchored properly.

Solid hardwood has to be nailed and screwed down, so you should expect a certain amount of noise. With some of the other flooring, like engineered hardwood and laminate, special adhesives are used and the makeup of the subfloor is not as important. However, even if the new floor only needs adhesive, ripping up the old floor and removing materials such as moldings is still messy. So prepare for some dust and dirt.


Engineered and solid hardwood floors need time to breathe and settle. Additionally, if the wood is not pre-finished, but rather the finishing is applied during installation – it needs time to dry. Felt pads should be put on the bottom of all furniture to prevent scratching the floor.

It is also a good idea to avoid wearing shoes in the room that may mark up the floor, such as high heels. Over time, the wood may have slight variations in color, which is normal. Taking care of your new floor with our maintenance instructions, and protecting it from the elements will keep it in excellent condition for decades.

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... and the finishing around the radiator legs was seamless. We are very happy with the work and do recommend this company without hesitation.

Vincent Galperin

We love the laminate we bought at LV Hardwood Flooring. Customer service is exceptional, both Galina and Kristina are very knowledgeable and professional.

Praskovia Calpac