How Much Does Maple Hardwood Flooring Cost In Toronto?

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The cost of maple hardwood flooring is a major determinant of whether to install this flooring or not. What we can tell you is that it’s an investment that’s worth it 100% of the time.

Homeowners don’t just choose this flooring for their homes without reason. Asides from being easy to maintain, maple hardwood flooring has exciting decor features that will definitely and improve your home’s appeal.

You may be considering installing hardwood floors for all its benefits. However, your research isn’t complete until you consider the cost and the factors influencing it. This is how you can make smart financial decisions in relation to your flooring.

More importantly, you should learn how you can save money while making this purchase. This article discusses the cost of maple hardwood flooring and all relevant details. Is maple hardwood expensive? Continue reading to learn more.

What Is Maple Hardwood Flooring?

If you speak with any flooring expert, they will likely suggest hardwood flooring for your house. Maple flooring is a form of hardwood. It is a favourite among many homeowners due to its durability.

Maple hardwood planks come with a creamy-blonde colour and grain tones. The floor optimizes light and has a distinct style to it. So, if you are looking to brighten your home and keep it stylish, this is an impressive option you can go for.

There are two ways to describe maple. These are hard maple and soft maple. Hard maple comes from two trees namely Black Maple and Sugar Maple. These two maple trees are excellent for furniture products and flooring.

On the other hand, Soft Maple refers to 4 different maple tree types. These are Red Maple, Silver Maple, Boxelder, and Bigleaf Maple. These maple trees aren’t as strong as hard maple trees. As such, they are not used for flooring or hard furniture. These trees are mostly ideal for decor items.

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Furthermore, in like manner with other flooring methods, there are various buying options for maple floors.

Solid Maple Flooring

Solid maple can come either in an unfinished, prefinished state. It’s usually ¾” thick and comes in a variety of width and length.

Engineered Maple Flooring

This is not as thick as solid maple. The thickness is about 1/4″. Also, the length and width depend on the brand you are getting. However, it often comes in a wide range of colours, just like engineered hardwood flooring.

Laminate Maple Flooring

If you’re working on a slim budget, this may be an option for you to consider. The planks that come with this flooring have a standard 5” measurement. They also come in a wide colour range.

Maple hardwood flooring: pros and cons

One important advantage of maple hardwood floor is that it’s widely available. This means you have a wide range of choices. Additionally, the fact that it’s widely available means the pricing is highly negotiable and can fit various budgets.

The durability is also a key part. Maple is hard, a feature that makes it able to withstand stains and dirt, thereby strengthening the floor’s lifespan. More importantly, maple is easy to clean.

However, on the flip side, there are some cons to note about this flooring method. When a stain gets on it, it may get a little patchy if you do not clean it carefully. But aside from this, it is generally a great flooring option. So, how much does maple hardwood flooring cost?

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Cost Of Maple Hardwood Flooring

If you’re looking to buy maple hardwood flooring, you have different choices. Furthermore, your choices will inform the eventual cost to install maple hardwood flooring.

You can narrow down your choice based on texture finish, construction type and colour finish. This makes it easier to reduce costs and choose quality options.

  • For starters, the cost of solid maple hardwood flooring is often higher than engineered or laminate. The range will likely be between $3 and $10 per square foot. So, you will need to consider the entire area to know the overall cost of your maple hardwood flooring.
  • For engineered maple flooring, the prices are much lower than the solid type. You should expect your cost here to be somewhere around $3 and $9 per square foot. A major factor that will influence the cost of engineered maple hardwood flooring is the flooring finish.
  • If you are considering laminate maple flooring, prepare to incur between $1 and $5 per square foot.

The information in the bullet points above is the average cost to install maple hardwood flooring based on the type. But, the type isn’t the only factor that determines the pricing model for installing maple hardwood flooring.

Below, we will discuss the other elements that combine to determine the overall pricing for maple hardwood installation projects. Here are the things you should know when preparing to install your new floor.

Your house’s square footage

The impact of your house’s square footage on the cost of maple hardwood flooring is sizable. Your house’s size determines the amount of maple hardwood planks you need to cover your floor. The clear implication of this is that the larger the house, the higher the price. So, if you are using maple hardwood on only a small portion of your house, you can save some money from that end.

However, if it’s otherwise, you should prepare your budget to cover that accordingly. Also, the size has implications on the installation costs.

Your maple hardwood contractor will have to work for a longer period if they’re operating on a large home. This equally means you have to pay more. Although, you can also save money through negotiations with your maple hardwood installation contractor.

In fact, a discount should be one of your major considerations before hiring a contractor. A large-sized project means you have the leverage to get discount pricing.

Furthermore, if the big size of your house discourages you from using maple hardwood flooring all through, you can do some modifications. What you can do is install maple hardwood flooring in the most visible rooms in your home. This way, you’ll still be able to make your house look more appealing.

This will save you some money while delivering the results you desire. Since visitors likely won’t go beyond the visible parts of your house, such as the sitting room, you’re good to go.


To determine maple hardwood flooring costs, you will need to understand the right techniques for maintaining your floor. To know this, you have to know the finish of your maple floor.

There are different types of finishes, each type with its maintenance requirements. As such, you can influence the kind of finish used on your floor. Before your contractor begins working, consult with them and ask for the possible finishes they can use. Choose the one that falls within your budget range and won’t be too expensive to maintain.

The best kinds of finishes for a budget approach won’t need special cleaning methods. You’ll be able to clean the floor without compromising the finish or the texture. This will save you money in the long run while you enjoy your floor’s attractiveness.

Furthermore, you will need to consider the vacuuming cost of your maple floor. The need for vacuuming will be based on the texture of your hardwood floor. All of this will influence your overall cost. If you choose an expensive finish, you will likely end up needing expensive cleaning routines.

Window treatment is another way to maintain hardwood floors. When your floor is constantly exposed to sunlight, it will begin to fade and change shades. To prevent this, you may have to invest in window treatments to protect your floor from early fade. With this, you’re going to incur additional costs for your maple hardwood floor installation.

The cost of expert installation

Installing your maple flooring can be a technical thing to do. While you may want to try it out yourself, it’s advisable to hire the services of an expert. Getting an expert for the process helps you navigate the entire purchase and installation procedure rather easily.

Attempting to do it yourself or using cheap labour can lead to more expenses. Since the procedure is a technical one, you can end up causing more complications with poor expertise.

However, expert installation services will come at a cost. In many cases, labour costs will range between $3-$10 per square foot.

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Hiring a contractor for maple hardwood installation

When hiring a contractor, there are few things to note to ensure you are making a smart financial choice. The first step is to consult with the contractor and understand the work process. You don’t want to hire a contractor to find out they can’t deliver. As such, it’s advisable you get insights into how the contractor will deliver the work. This goes a long way in making the contract a fulfilling one.

Secondly, ensure the contractor is insured. This is to save you from unprecedented expenses. When you hire an insured contractor, any accident or expense that arises during the installation will be covered by insurance. This makes it important you work based on referrals and reviews. Before you choose who to work with, consider the opinions of friends and other homeowners who have installed maple flooring.

The pricing for maple hardwood flooring installation can be a bit high, but you will get value with due diligence. So, work based on friends’ referrals when choosing your insured contractor.

You can visit the company’s website to read reviews about their services. Alternatively, you can search on Google to read reviews on the company. People will always talk about the quality of services, especially when it’s bad.

How to Save Money on Maple Flooring Installation Costs

Below are two tips to help you install maple flooring and still get maximum value for your money:

Get up to 5 estimates before hiring

Unless you are a flooring expert, you cannot be certain about maple hardwood flooring’s cost estimates. This is because the price ranges are based on various factors known to experts. As such, the best way to test price ranges is by getting estimates from various contractors.

To this, create a list of likely contractors you can work with, visit their website, or contact them. Get the estimates of each contractor based on your square footage. Compare the estimates you get and go for the best. However, don’t forget that some contractors may be more expensive because of the quality of service they offer.

For instance, if a contractor is insured, the maple hardwood flooring installation cost will likely be a bit high. Yet, it is advisable to go for such contractors because they are more secure and safe for you.

Add up to 15% to your calculator’s result

Maple hardwood flooring prices depend on the location. Yet, the peculiarity of each home differs when measuring the cost of your maple hardwood flooring installation.

Often, when you use a calculator, the calculator works based on your square footage and relevant average costs within your location. However, this may not be entirely accurate when you consider your home flooring and walls’ peculiarity.

If you’re using a website’s maple hardwood calculator, you should add between 7% and 15% more to the results. This makes for safe planning and ensures you are not leaving out any part.

Remove the old flooring

The cost to install maple hardwood flooring is quick to add up based on the services your contractor renders. You can streamline the scope of these services by taking on some yourself. One of such is the removal of your old flooring.

When you remove your old flooring and dispose of it, the work your installation contractor will do reduces. This means you get to save money on the cost of your maple hardwood flooring.

However, this requires some level of diligence and care. Take care not to compromise the floor and mess it up even more.

Sometimes, refinish

Installing new maple flooring can be expensive. If you’re trying to save money, you should consider whether you really need a new one or you can sand and refinish the existing flooring.

Efficient sanding can restore the attractiveness of your maple floor and extend the lifespan. If you’re certain that sanding can do the job, you should go for it. This will save you some money.

All you need to do is get the right contractor for the service. Although many companies offer refinishing services, not all can serve your needs. So, you will need to consider a list of companies. You can also get referrals and recommendations from other homeowners who may have refinished their floors.

Maintaining Your Maple Hardwood Floor

Beyond its cost implication, it’s essential to maintain your maple hardwood floor adequately. Remember, you are going for this flooring option because of its great aesthetic appeal.

However, you need to maintain this appeal to enjoy it for a long period. The best thing to do is to get adequate cleaning tools for your floor finish. You can ask your contractor for suggestions after the installation is complete.

Once you know this, you should consider creating a maintenance schedule. Cleaning randomly won’t offer you the long-lasting effects you need. When you have a schedule, dirt cannot build up on your floor, extending the floor’s lifespan. Therefore, create a maintenance schedule and ensure you abide by it. This way, you get to enjoy the maximal benefits of using this flooring.

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Final Thoughts

Getting maple hardwood flooring is one of the best decisions you can make for your floor. The style and glamour it adds to your home make it fulfilling to use. However, like every other flooring option, the cost of maple hardwood flooring is essential to the discourse.

With this article, we have been able to explain how the square footage and labour costs determine the cost of installing maple hardwood flooring. Perhaps more importantly, we have been able to provide tips to help you save money on installation costs.

Here at LV Flooring, we offer different collections of maple hardwood designs for different decor needs. We also offer affordable installation and refinishing services. Let’s give your floor a new glow — at competitive prices!

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