What Flooring Is In Style 2021?

May 31, 2021by LV Flooring0

There’s no better way to begin 2021 than with a trendy flooring style. Floors are an essential part of your home. Therefore, it only makes sense that you get it right.

A few years ago, the modern grey floor was the trending flooring option. Today, advances in flooring tech and design mean that is no longer the case. In 2021, most people want the real deal — hardwood. Thankfully, there are different hardwood flooring designs to suit different tastes.

The best 2021 flooring style for you is one that’s both stylish and durable. Perhaps you want to upgrade your floor? Or maybe you’re looking to invest in a popular hardwood floor? Here, we’ll discuss flooring trends making waves across Toronto this year.

Top Trending Flooring Styles

These flooring options below will make your home or commercial space beautiful.

1. Waterproof laminate and tile

waterproof laminate

This flooring style offers you a blend of traditional and modern design. It’s a unique combination that’ll make a massive statement in your home. It’s oak flooring, but it also comes in laminate plank style.

Waterproof laminate and tile also feature matte finishes with a dark-grained look. It’s also highly resilient with features including high resistance to staining and fading. Thanks to its resilience, waterproof laminate and tile are a good option for commercial areas and home offices.

It also gives your space a stone look which makes it a perfect alternative if you love stone floors. Besides that, you’ll find it easy to maintain. As for the installation, it has a click-together layout. Hence, if you’re installing it in your home, it’ll only take a few hours.

2. Burnt wood flooring – Deeper grain & colour

Burnt wood flooring has an exquisite look that makes it one of the best flooring trends in 2021. Almost every flooring type has to undergo staining to ensure a final finish. But this flooring has a deep rich grain and colour even without staining. Instead, it goes through a procedure called fuming.

During the processing, the expert will place the wood in a compartment that releases airborne ammonia. Fuming lends the floor rich dark hues that improve its natural grain. The final appearance of this flooring is more luxurious and eye-catching than when you use a block of regular stained wood.

3. Patterned carpet floor

A patented carpet flooring style is suitable for every part of your home. Although wall-to-wall carpets are basic, you have the advantage of variety.

From natural fibre and tiles to synthetic and nylon, there’s a wide range to use in your home. Several outdoor carpets can change your backyard, pergola and patio into a beautiful space.

Neutral tone carpets are the most common selection for living room spaces. They improve the colour and style of the decor in your space. At the same time, if you love bedrooms with deep shades, you can easily find the right tone with carpeting.

The 2021 patterned carpet trend has more to it than variety. You can also get creative with it.

It allows you to combine planks with carpet tiles.

For instance, you can match or mix carpet colours and plank patterns in certain areas of your home. You can also create a comfy spot by installing high pile carpets at the center of the room. Patterned carpet floors work perfectly in large dining areas and kitchens.

However, carpets are tough to maintain. Considering the style you choose, you may require the services of a carpet washer. But with a decorative rug, you can easily maintain your carpet while enjoying the feel and comfort of it.

4. Vintage white and black

Vintage is a popular flooring style that dates back to the nineteenth century. It often brings a nostalgic feeling of the Roman times and adds a sense of history to your home.

But unlike those times, the white and black tiles are graphic, bold and more luxurious. It gives your space a sophisticated feel. The best part is that it’s one of the more affordable flooring styles of 2021. Vintage white and black flooring can include larger tiles with intricate patterns and bolder designs with smaller tiles.

5. Concrete tiles & distressed wood

Searching for flooring trends with durability? Then, concrete tiles and distressed wood should be your go-to. Distressed design isn’t a new flooring style, but it recently became popular.

In 2021, anticipate seeing many homeowners pick this luxurious wood/concrete flooring for their space. Concrete tiles & distressed wood undergo artificial processing and ageing that lends an almost worn finish.

Distressed concrete flooring makes sense in places where you want to achieve an elegant rustic look. If hardwood flooring is not your preferred flooring option, you can opt for this trendy concrete floor.

The most significant benefit of distressed flooring is you can integrate it with every kind of decor. But for the best outcome, install this 2021 flooring style in a contemporary or industrial setting.

6. Grained hardwood

Grained hardwood flooring style is making a big comeback in 2021. The bold texture of grained hardwood flooring will raise the value of any space in your home or commercial office. It’s an excellent hardwood design that you’ll find easy to maintain. It also adds character to your existing decor.

7. Bleached & whitewashed flooring

Bleached wood flooring style is back and even better. If you remember this flooring style from the eighties, then you’ll be delighted to know bleached flooring now has a modern touch.

Presently, the wood for bleached flooring is more matte and subtle. Compared to glossy floors, it has mineral streaks that give it a linear look perfect for contemporary decor styles.

The name of this flooring comes from its primary constituent — bleached wood. The process for making bleached wood entails applying chemical treatment onto the hardwood to remove its colour. Keep in mind that this process doesn’t remove the durability, beauty and charm of the wood.

Bleached flooring gives your home a more natural look. Many homeowners in Toronto prefer its lighter and whiter tones to dark hardwood floors. Remodelling your existing hardwood to a bleached floor can be a tad expensive. But there’s no better way to give your home a clean look than with bleached & whitewashed flooring.

Expect to see this bleached trend in seaside restaurants and countryside homes. Considering this style is breathtaking, we anticipate it’ll go beyond these settings.

whitewashed flooring

8. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring will be trendy for a long time. Unlike most flooring options, it’s affordable, easy to maintain and durable.

You’ll love this flooring because it’s waterproof. So, it’ll last long before it rots or swells. Its waterproof quality also means you can install engineered hardwood flooring in your kitchen, bathrooms and patios.

Like carpet flooring, it comes in different light tones that’ll add warm and soft honey shades to your space. Since more homeowners want their space to appear brighter and larger, lighter-shade wooden floors are ideal. Engineered hardwood flooring also offers you two finishes to choose from: hand-scraped or wire-brushed.

The hand-scraped finish makes the planks look handcrafted. On the other hand, the wire-brushed surface finish has subtle, deliberate scrapes on the plank for a rustic look. As for the durability, it can last for over a decade with regular maintenance.

9. Oiled Flooring

The oiled flooring style is not just trendy but also environmentally friendly. Although it’s expensive to install, it’s high grade and durable. It’s the best option for high traffic areas in your home.

Unlike other floorings, it smells nice, dries quickly and looks elegant. Oiled floors have a natural-looking rich patina which makes them strong. They enhance the natural character of any space in your home.

Of all the best flooring trends, oiled flooring allows homeowners to customize the scratches on the surface by applying more oil. However, they have a few downsides.

Aside from the high upfront cost, they’re difficult to maintain. Oiled flooring also requires periodic maintenance efforts. Since they have no protective layer, they’re not water-resistant and will require a degree of care.

10. Vinyl flooring

Vinyl best suits every area of the home because it enhances bright colours. It’s super soft underfoot, so you’ll find it satisfying to stand on it for a long time. Compared to cold surfaces like tile, vinyl flooring is warmer to feel. Hence, you may not need a rug for it.

Vinyl is available in several kinds of gloss and comes in planks, tiles and sheets. The sheets are often accessible in six or twelve-foot large rolls. You can also buy vinyl flooring in several colours and designs, including styles that mimic tile and wood.

Plus, you can grout some vinyl tiles for a striking look in your space. Considering it’s gotten from limestone, it’s cheap to afford and install. Vinyl flooring also offers plenty of functionality and adds to the resale value of your home.

Vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for spaces that accommodate many visitors. For example, the hallway and living room will benefit from the resilience of vinyl flooring.

Finally, vinyl floors are water and stain-resistant. They don’t fade or dent easily. Above all, they are quiet underfoot and simple to install.

11. Huge porcelain tiles: Trickling & Hexagon flooring

Who said a flooring style must be plain? Porcelain flooring allows you to mix materials and patterns. The porcelain flooring pattern is fast overtaking the herringbone and chevron flooring patterns. The patterns leave a stunning effect in any room.

A few years ago, you would use porcelain tiles as backdrops in bathrooms and kitchens. Now, these hexagon-designed tiles enjoy use in the dining area, living room and hallways. They also come in various colours that blend with any decor.

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What to Consider Before Choosing a Flooring Style

No doubt, the flooring trends above will give you the best aesthetics and decor features. However, you still have to ensure you’re picking the right flooring for your home.

Below, we’ll highlight the features that’ll inform your choice of flooring:

Eco Friendly/Sustainable Flooring

The ideal flooring for your space should be sustainable and eco-friendly. The consciousness of climate change and how certain substances may expel harmful CO2 emissions is at an all-time high. It would help if you chose a flooring style that’s harmless to the environment.

Many floor manufacturers take extra measures to ensure their hardwood floor is recyclable. Therefore, before you purchase carpet, tiles or vinyl, ensure the product doesn’t negatively affect the environment.


In a bid to buy trendy flooring, you must install flooring that’s both within your budget and of high quality. As far as cost-effectiveness goes, engineered hardwood flooring is your best pick. Thanks to its durability and low upfront price, engineered flooring gives you more than your money’s worth.

Stain-resistant and waterproof

Your flooring having a waterproof quality is very important. The chances of you spilling liquid on your floor are 9 out of 10. Therefore, it’ll make sense to pick a floor that’s 100% stain and water-resistant.

Luckily, most engineered hardwood and vinyl floors are waterproof. So, it’s unlikely they’ll crack, stain or swell for an extended period. Also, to avoid water damage, we advise you choose flooring with a tight locking system.

A tight locking system will prevent liquid from building up under the planks. Also, ensure you buy treated flooring. With treated flooring, you won’t have to worry about dark smears on the floor’s finish.

You can also treat carpets to improve their resistance to stains. There are flooring options that come with a natural resistance to stains. For instance, vinyl floors offer impressive stain resistance despite the degree of spillage. All vinyl flooring will require is detergent and water to wipe off spills and avoid staining.


The ideal flooring style should last for a long time without scratching or fading. Fortunately, durable materials are the primary constituents of flooring like vinyl, tiles, carpets and engineered hardwood.

Before purchasing any flooring, always check the expected lifespan. Vinyl flooring can last for over 20 years. On the other hand, engineered hardwood flooring can last for about 25 years.

Tiles have the highest durability and can stay in shape for over 75 years without wear or tear. Finally, natural pebble tiles can retain quality for as long as 100 years.

FAQs About Hardwood Flooring

faqs about hardwood flooring

Below are answers to common questions:

Which flooring is common in contemporary homes?

Most new homes have engineered hardwood or porcelain flooring. Since it’s possible to design tiles to resemble slate, marble and natural floors, it’s a popular choice among new homeowners. As a bonus, they’re simple to clean. Plus, you won’t have to bother about liquid damaging your floor.

What flooring has the highest resale value in the home?

According to the National Wood Flooring Association(NWFA), natural hardwood floors add the highest value to your space. During a survey by real estate dealers, houses with hardwood floors sold faster and at a greater value (15% more than their counterparts).

Aside from this, the average ROI for using hardwood flooring is between 75% and 80%. Since hardwood flooring is pricier than vinyl and carpets, it’s not surprising it has the most resale value.

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The Final Verdict

With the list of flooring styles above, it’s evident you have the advantage of choice. Every homeowner wants their flooring to stand out.

Whether you’re looking for whitewashed wood, vinyl flooring, porcelain tile or hardwood flooring, this article offers you new options to try. The best part is every popular flooring in 2021 delivers durability, style and beauty.

If you’re unsure what flooring option to pick, our collection of hardwood products at LV Flooring will make your search easier.

Upgrade and remodel your floor to make a statement this year and beyond! You can also call us via if you have any questions!

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