White Oak Flooring: The Benefits for your Space

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Over the years, the many benefits of white oak flooring mean it has become a staple in many households across Brampton. You can hardly walk into a home or commercial space without sighting white oak flooring. 

No doubt, when it comes to choosing hardwood flooring, there are many options to choose from, but a lot of people prefer to pick white oak flooring. 

Selecting a particular kind of flooring is a matter of taste and what suits your goals. Some people still prefer red oak flooring to white oak flooring. However, even at that, it’s essential you know the advantages of the hardwood flooring you wish to install in your home. 

In the search for hardwood flooring, many people tend to look out for some specific features that’ll give their workspace and residence a classy look. Thankfully, white oak flooring does this and many more. If you’re contemplating installing it in your home, we will highlight some of the key benefits for your space.

What is White Oak Flooring?

Contrary to the name, white oak engineered hardwood is a mix of tans and brown varying from dark brown to beige. It’s widely grown in the US. Besides, it’s the most distinguished and readily available wood in the US. White oak wood is hard, and it’s most suitable for outdoor projects. 

Its cellular structure makes it impenetrable to liquids and resistant to decay. That being said, it’s the most practical hardwood flooring for your space. It offers an excellent choice for long-term durability in most houses and commercial areas. 

Benefits of White Oak Flooring 

When choosing hardwood floors in your Brampton home, you have to consider the cost, durability, and style, amongst other factors. Many homeowners want a floor that can fit their interior design and blend naturally into their home. 

With white oak flooring, you just might get all of these benefits. Here’s why it’s a popular pick for homeowners across Brampton:



Wonder why the white oak species is ideal for building boats and outdoor furniture? It’s because it’s closed-grain wood. This means the pores are clogged with tyloses, so it’s quite difficult for water to penetrate easily. Ultimately, it’s a good choice for rooms in your home that see a lot of water and moisture.

Although white oak flooring is moisture resistant, it’s not 100% waterproof by any means. If you leave any liquid to soak up on white oak flooring, it can affect its long term durability. So always ensure you clean up spills immediately. By doing so, you’ve taken preventive measures to keep your floor in pristine condition for a long time.


Durability is one benefit of white oak flooring that places it above other flooring options. As a result of its structural integrity, white oak flooring has been used to build wooden wagon wheels, truck beds, and wine barrels. 

According to the Janka hardness scale, the floor ranks with a score of 1360. This means the flooring is very dense compared to other flooring options. Hence, it can withstand daily use without having dents and gouges in it.

The hardness makes it a more stable flooring that can withstand seasonal movements. Even in a situation where the flooring is scratched, it’ll be hard to notice because the smooth grains in it will hide the scratches perfectly. The impressive durability of white oak flooring makes it an excellent fit for high traffic areas in your home and commercial space.  


European engineered white oak comes in many shade options. You don’t have to worry about your style matching with your floor. Unlike red oak flooring with pinkish undertones, white oak has a cooler undertone that offers the versatility to blend with any interior design in your home.

It pairs nicely with both cold and warm colours and complements earth tone finishes. It also gives your home an inviting and warm look. Plus, you can easily switch the decorative pieces in your space and jump on trends without having to redress your floor.

Easy to stain

White oak flooring gives you the option of choosing between a stained or natural oxidized look when it comes to colour. Reactive treatments are top-rated in Brampton, and white oak flooring provides a perfect canvas for them. 

Stained white oak creates a beautiful, unique look to complement existing decor designs. The tight pores also do a fantastic job of soaking stains. Hence, giving your floor a lovely rich hue. 

The flooring works well with all types of stains. Compared to other woods whose colours stand out, the stains penetrate evenly with it. If you’re thinking of staining your white oak flooring, it may interest you to know that the process is straightforward. To find the right colour for your space, you can employ the services of a hardwood company that installs white oak flooring in Brampton

Easy to stain


Undoubtedly white oak engineered hardwood will give your residence a modern and contemporary feel. This is why most restaurants and companies opt for using it in their space. This modern look can be attributed to the fewer swirls and the straight pattern on the wood. 

The design gives your flooring a uniform and smooth look that allows it to fit well with several modern decors. To cap it off, white oak flooring has more mineral streaks, making it an ideal fit for the 21st-century style. 


This benefit of white oak flooring is the primary factor behind its popularity. Despite its varied application, the price of white oak flooring is affordable. For one, white oak itself is readily available.

Therefore, the cost of acquiring it is cheap compared to scarce wood species. Although, due to the growing demand for it, the price tends to fluctuate. However, even with these price fluctuations, white oak remains an affordable flooring option. The cost of white oak flooring in Brampton falls between $3-$6 per square foot.

Rustic style

If you intend to give your space a distressed look, then you can jump on this trend with white oak flooring. White oak has a smooth and neutral palette that makes the eyes focus on the natural flaws of the flooring instead of the graining. 

Also, because white oak has fewer grains, it sits better with additions like distress and weathered finishes. These finishes will give your home a farmhouse feel when added to the white oak floor. Therefore, making your floor look more natural and prominent.  

More shade options 

Most trendy satin colours are dark. Many homeowners who want to give their spaces a stylish feel go for shades between black, grey, and white. These shades give you the option to change your upholstery and rugs without bothering about decor clashes. To that end, the white engineered hardwood blends better with these colours compared to its counterparts. 

Less toxic

The most significant benefit of white oak flooring is its environmental impact. The flooring is considered to be a “greener” use of natural resources. The wood is naturally forested in the US. 

Unlike other floorings that are processed with toxic chemicals, white oak’s carbon footprint is lower. Plus, due to the forestry protection programs in the US, the oak wood is grown continuously to prevent it from becoming artificial. 

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White Oak Flooring

Best White Oak Flooring Designs For Your Space

As mentioned earlier, white oak flooring offers you many shade options to pick from. Now that you’re aware of the benefits of white oak flooring, why not take a look at some of its designs that can serve as a perfect foundation for any formal, casual and contemporary design schemes?

Rustic design 

The rustic flooring design is trendy, and white oak’s personality makes it ideal for this aesthetic. For a rustic feel in your space, the floor can be brushed or antiqued to fit into the style of your residence. 

This design makes white oak hardwood more pronounced. Besides, with the rustic design, the warm tones in your space will blend in easily.

Natural colour 

Although many people opt to add a stain to it, you can leave European white oak engineered hardwood in its natural state. The unstained white oak flooring creates a natural airy feel that adds brightness to any room. 

For added flair, you may add gloss to the surface of the flooring to make it shiny. The natural colour design adds warmth to other furniture in your space.

Modern wide plank 

Most people use the narrow white oak flooring in their homes. But, you can also use wide oak flooring in your workspace. The large flooring is about 5 inches wide and can go up to around 12 inches, while the narrow flooring runs between 2 to 4 inches. 

Undoubtedly, the modern wide plank design makes small offices look more extensive, more open, and less busy. 

Accent tile 

Another benefit of white oak flooring is you can incorporate other designs on it. For instance, accent tiles are the simplest way to add to your flooring and further protect your bathroom and kitchen floors from dirt. 

It’s cohesive and can be fixed easily on white oak flooring. With this design, you can upgrade your space without overwhelming the white oak flooring with unnecessary patterns and designs.

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Why is White Oak a Popular Flooring Choice?

Aside from being in trend, the benefits of white oak flooring put it among the top-selling hardwood floors in Canada. 

Many homeowners are drawn to its beautiful natural colour and compelling character. Not to mention, it gives more value to your residence compared to other floorings like Tigerwood and Brazilian Cherry. 

If you’re a Gen Z, your memories of flooring will probably be around white oak. Its growing popularity also lies in its heavily showcased designs in many magazines and vignettes. There’s just so much to love about white oak flooring. Plus, it offers a reasonable budget for installation. 

Check Out Lovely White Oak Flooring Designs

Overall, white oak flooring has several benefits that’ll make it a great option in your home. Whether you want to redo your flooring or choose new flooring, only a few wood floorings are as durable and versatile as white oak. 

Now that you know all the advantages of installing white oak flooring in your home, what’s next? It’s time to choose a design. 


Don’t know the best white oak flooring designs to pick? We can help you with that. Check the LV Flooring online store for different white oak flooring design options. Or you can talk to an experienced flooring professional. Contact us today!

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