14 Hardwood Floor Colour Trends You Should Consider

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With the knowledge of hardwood floor colour trends, you can get the insight necessary to design your home perfectly. Hardwood has long been a top flooring choice for homeowners, fighting off carpets on its way up. Thanks to its ever-trendy look and colourful options, more people now see it in this light. 


But if you’re a serious shopper that’s out to get the best, you care a lot about hardwood floor colour trends. In fact, the odds are you care too much to just pick the first option that you see. 

Continue reading to learn about the best hardwood colour styles and stains to consider in your refinishing plans or new home. We’ve grouped the stains and styles into categories to help you out.

Top Hardwood Colour Trends in 2020

Whether dark, light or painted, there are different hardwood floor colour trends you can get inspiration from. In this section, we’ll help you figure out which colour is best for your Toronto home.

Dark Trends

The following are dark hardwood floor colour trends that can really make your home or commercial building pop:

Dark Charcoal Hardwood

Top of our list of hardwood floor colour trends for 2020, dark charcoal is great for light-coloured walls and furniture. Like other dark colours, this option is stylish with dramatic effects. Depending on how you blend Minwax stains, you can get Ebony, Jacobean, Dark Walnut or a cool combination of all three.

Dark hardwood helps in detecting light and is often sleek and smooth. It’s such an appealing flooring colour that you can rarely do wrong with complementing pieces. 

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Graphite Hardwood

Another contemporary makeover you can give your floors is to use graphite hardwood on it. Here, red oak graphite is one of the most popular hardwood floor colour trends to consider. 

But no rule says you can’t touch the stains up and go darker. Indeed, the darker you go, the less grain and imperfection you’ll see. But lighter floors tend to be one of the easiest to clean.

Dark Wire-Brushed Hardwood

If you’ve got broad floors, then you should take a look at this colour idea for hardwood floors. Its elegant and matte look is aesthetically pleasing. Also, you can’t go wrong with its open grains that add character and texture. Like other dark hardwood floor colour trends, this style has a modern feel and adds a sharp contrast to spaces.

Dark wire-brushed hardwood is usually achieved with a main dark colour and a second lighter colour.

Light Colour Trends for Hardwood Floors 

Hardwood floor colour trends in 2020 show us that dark is not the only way to go. If you’re looking to stand out in a different way, going with lighter colours may be the best option.

Stained White Oak Hardwood

Light hardwood colours are warm flooring options for modern homes. Stained white oak hardwood comes in different plank specs, but the European species are some of the favourites for homeowners in Canada. In general, stained white oak blends well with furniture that’s close to its tone and light walls. This is all thanks to its eye-catching look.

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Unstained White Oak Hardwood

The other side of the coin for white oak hardwood is the unstained option. In this case, you get a foundation hardwood to build different layers of your choice. Anything from Minwax to Bona Drifast, Duraseal can work on unstained white oak. As long as you use the stain properly.

Rift-sawn white oak hardwood

Another in-vogue option is the rift-sawn white oak. With the growth rings at angles to the board face, this option has the flake effect. If you’ve got natural light to work with, then rift-sawn, like other light hardwood floor colour trends, can help open up your space.

Light unstained hardwood

Lastly, we have this nude colour for light trends that brings a casual and relaxed feel. Its best selling point is that it looks natural while retaining a modern appearance.

Light unstained hardwood goes well with almost every type of modern furniture and wall. Plus, you can decide to stain it whenever you feel like switching things up in your home, a luxury that stained hardwood doesn’t have. It’s definitely one of the trendy colours to try out if you’re looking to buy hardwood floors in Toronto.

Hardwood Floor Colour Trends in 2020: Painted Flooring

When looking for the best hardwood flooring colour ideas, it’s always a great idea to play around with paint. Here are some of the hardwood painting options you should try: 

Dark Painted Hardwood

Painted flooring is a new trend for many homeowners in Toronto. For hardwood, dark colours are the most common trend. With dark painted floors, you can easily experiment and bring out the features of any room. 

Moreover, when unstained or stained hardwood starts getting dark in some areas, painting them in a similar colour is usually one of the best decisions to make.

Bright Painted Hardwood

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The other option in this category of hardwood floor colour trends is to paint your floor with light colours. Brightly painted hardwood doesn’t have to be white or grey. 

Light colours like blue and indigo can really bring out the features of the room or soften the effect of dark walls. The best part is that you can repaint them as often as you want to spice things up. 

Mid-tone Styles

Wondering how to choose hardwood floor colours for your home or commercial building? Below are hardwood floor colour trends that are right in the middle of the spectrum:

Brown Stained Oak Hardwood

Light hardwood colour trends have grabbed the attention of most homeowners in recent times. However, brown stained oak is a classic look that has come to warm hearts again. The mid-toned stain looks great in traditional-styled homes. However, it works in modern homes too.  

Blonde Hardwood

Blonde is definitely one of the popular hardwood floor colours, but the new trend has less orange in it. If you can pull this colour off, then you’d be able to change the feel of any room in a snap.

As a versatile colour, you can use this creamy neutral option on almost every home style. It’ll create that jaw-dropping effect when it matches the colour of the walls and furniture. 

Provincial Hardwood

Here’s another mid-tone colour that will have visitors to your home with their eyes glued to the floors. Provincial hardwood has a brow stain without red mixes, which gives it a neutral look. It works in traditional homes but can also look great in contemporary apartments.

Washed Floors

That’s not all. Washed floors are a less drastic hardwood colour for your floors. With washed floors, you are less likely to miss. Here are some of the washed floor colour trends homeowners in Toronto are going with:

Grey Washed Hardwood

If you’re not big on going with a style from either end of the colour spectrum, then take a look at a grey washed floor. The mid-range option is trendier and less intense than Espresso. Instead, it’s a mix of Jacobean and Ebony styles.

Grey stained undertone complement different cabinetry colours. However, like a few other hardwood floor colour trends, it seems to work more for contemporary than traditional homes.

White-Washed Hardwood

White-washed hardwood has found its way back into the game in the same way as grey-washed hardwood. To nail this colour trend, you’ll need water-based poly, which helps make floors durable.

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How To Decide On a Hardwood Floor Colour Trend

Unless you want to buy hardwood flooring monthly, you’d likely have to go for one of the two in-vogue options we’ve provided. So, here’s how to choose hardwood floor colours for your needs:

Start From Scratch

We don’t mean tearing down your floor and building it back up! Starting from scratch implies working from bottom up. In simple terms, this means figuring out the colour range, grain, and finish. The grain refers to the species of wood used.

Your choice of finish and colour-range will both determine the final colour of your floor. Therefore, it’s a great idea to go with a range that’ll match your space while remaining attractive to you.

Keep Undertones In Mind

It’s easy to get carried away with the basic elements of hardwood floor colour trends and neglect the use of undertones. However, they are handy elements to get the perfect hue of orange and red. But, understanding and using undertones should only come after you’re proficient with the basic elements.

Keep Its Maintenance in Mind

We all like fancy and attractive floors. But few people care to know how it holds up, or who gets to do the cleaning. Therefore, you should always think about the cost of maintenance before you go for any hardwood colour.

There’s no hard and fast rule for this step. However, the rule of thumb is that darker floors tend to hide imperfections easier. However, if you’re sure you can regularly maintain your light-coloured floor, you’d enjoy the aesthetic value it provides.

In conclusion

A home’s flooring is one of its most defining features, and there’s no question that hardwood is a durable and attractive option. If you’re a newbie that’s swamped with ideas, the tricky aspect is picking out the right colour Afterall, no one wants an out-of-style hardwood floor!

From our article, you should have no problem identifying hardwood floor colour trends for 2020 or figuring out how to choose one. Check out our online store for hardwood floors. We offer different colour trends and styles guaranteed to get the interior decorator in your buzzing. Check it out today!

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