2020 Wood Flooring Trends for Homes and Commercial Buildings

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In interior design, few things are as elegant and classy as a beautiful floor. It’s one reason why wood flooring trends for homes have been a major topic among people who have an eye for the aesthetic. After all, who doesn’t want to walk into a home where the ground looks like angels carved it?

As with most other things, people’s tastes have changed over the years. At some point, people were more interested in the ridiculously simple. We’re talking about oak trees cut down and filed to create a surface for gravity to pull you onto. As time went on, people started to get a little more creative with their hardwood flooring design ideas. 

To help you see some of those cool new creative designs, we’ll be checking out the top wood flooring trends for homes in 2020.

What Are The Best Wood Flooring Trends for Homes and Offices?

Many different styles constitute the wood flooring trends for homes this year. Some people may say that calling these styles the best is subjective. In a way, they’re right, and it’s largely dependent on users’ tastes. 

But, even you have to admit that these nine beauties are just about the best wood flooring trends for homes this year!

Patterned Wood Flooring Designs

Patterned designs are definitely among the top on our list of 2020 wood flooring trends. The interesting thing here is that there is almost no limit to what this hardwood flooring style has to offer. This is because patterns define the combination of different elements to create something. 

By implication, if the elements to be combined are finite, then you’ll have finite results. But, there are several kinds of wood with different colours, textures, and manufacturing processes. As such, there are so many different, almost limitless, wood flooring patterns you can create.

Perhaps the endless possibilities available with this flooring style is why it is one of the major wood flooring trends for homes. To be a bit more specific, herringbone and chevron patterns are really taking the spotlight in many homes this year. 

This may be because they offer a fresh breath of air as opposed to the regular side by side format. Regardless, this hardwood flooring trend is making its way to several homes in Canada, and it doesn’t look like it intends to slow down.

Bleached Wood Flooring Designs

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Some people like the natural look of wood. There is just something satisfying about that brown, shiny radiance it has. Regardless, one of the wood flooring trends for homes that is becoming quite popular is bleached wood.

If you’ve ever had to do any laundry in your life, then chances are you already have a basic idea of what bleach is. Thankfully, when it comes to hardwood flooring design and ideas, the term is used in the same manner. People apply bleach onto wood to take out the glossy brown surface in this design. The bleach then turns the hardwood into a greyish but gorgeous-looking piece. The process is called blanching, and it is actually quite common today. 

If you’re finding yourself already falling in love with it, you should know that you need to exercise caution before going for this look. This is especially so if you’re renovating.

You’ll want to consult your contractor to find out if you need new wood to bleach or just do it on your current hardwood floor. Nevertheless, if your house is a seaside home or something of that sort, this may just be the best hardwood design for your home.

Fumed Wood Flooring Designs

With almost every kind of wood flooring, you need some sort of staining to get the final result. It’s just how things are in the industry. Instead of staining the wood, to achieve the final product through fuming, people will enclose the wood in a special chamber of sorts. Inside that chamber, they’ll release ammonia in gas form onto the surface of the wood. This triggers a colour change on the wood that’s pretty good to look at, depending on your taste.

However, you should note that it doesn’t always come out the same way. In fact, for you to get a perfectly fumed hardwood for your flooring design ideas, everything needs to be just right. This includes the ammonia chamber, the environment outside the chamber, and the type of wood.

Regardless of all these, fuming generally makes wood turn out darker and look better. No wonder it’s one of the main 2020 wood flooring trends.

Distressed Wood Flooring Design

Of all the wood flooring trends for homes that we’ve mentioned so far, distressed wood is one of the oldest. The trend started out very long ago, with many people taking a specific interest in its aesthetics. Despite its age, however, it continues to be a “fan favourite.”

This type of hardwood flooring style essentially involves making the wood look older. Makers will put the wood through certain processes that will make the wood appear distressed and worn out. These processes may be anything from mild to intense, depending on how worn the wood needs to appear.

For example, sometimes, makers scrape the wood’s edges with their hands. Other times, they create markings to make the wood look more historic. Despite this seemingly “rough treatment,” the wood doesn’t really lose its quality. This may be one of the reasons it’s trending this year, besides its aesthetics, of course.

Distressed wood is particularly popular in industrial kinds of homes with contemporary styles. If your decor looks like this, distressed wood can be the best hardwood flooring design for your home.

Old-school Black and White Wood Flooring Design

In terms of age, this trend is right there alongside distressed wood. It is just as simple as it is classy. One of the reasons it is making a comeback in 2020 is that the design is pretty nostalgic.

Particularly in homes with older residents, this black and white design is bound to bring back a few memories of the former decades. The only twist with this old-school style is that it isn’t completely old-school.

In most homes where people buy hardwood floors, they go for something with a relatively more modern touch. Instead of the usual, repetitive black and white tiles, many go for better, bolder designs. This way, the colour scheme remains largely the same. But, the layout is much more luxurious and pleasing to the eyes.

Graphic Wood Flooring Design

How often have you stared at an image or a particular painting, and you were just taken away? Yes, that cute picture you took last week also counts. If you’re thinking of any image right now, that’s why this is on our list of wood flooring trends for homes in 2020.

Everyone, including you, loves a good image and, depending on how good the picture, the bigger it is, the better. This type of hardwood floor design involves printing pretty pictures onto the floor. At some point, pulling off this design would’ve been incredibly difficult. Your only choice will be to call an artist to help you paint directly on the floor. However, it’s a lot easier today.

With incredibly advanced technology, manufacturers can print any kind of design on wood for flooring. It won’t be one giant slab of wood that’ll be impossible to transport. Manufacturers usually print in such a way that different parts of the image fit onto different, smaller pieces of wood to achieve this style. When the wood gets to its destination, whoever is installing the floorboards can easily fit them together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Not everyone fancies this idea. To some, it might be a little too much. But, it is still making significant waves in 2020. So, if you like it, you might as well go for it. Who knows? It could top the rest to come out as the best wood flooring design for your home.

Satin and Matte Wood Flooring Design

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This wood flooring trend for your home is more about the wood finishing than the others. Today, satin and matte finishes are pretty popular, and they seem only to be increasing in popularity. This may be because of their characteristic low lustre.

You see, at a point, people used rather glossy finishes. They may have looked good at the time, but, in reality, they weren’t convenient. This is because they made even the tiniest dent in the wood obvious. Apart from that, with a really glossy wood finishing, you can hardly go three days without having to sweep and clean everywhere.

Unlike some other types of hardwood floors, matte and satin finishing provide you with just the right amount of gloss. That way, you’ll have a practical yet good-looking solution to your floor design needs. It isn’t world-famous, but it is one of the major trends people are following in 2020.

High Variation Wood Flooring Design

Outside your home, in the wilderness, no two pieces of wood look alike. This is so even for trees of the same species. In a way, you can say that’s where each tree’s uniqueness lies. To bring that bit of nature closer to you, manufacturers came up with high variation wood flooring. Now, it is one of the top wood flooring trends for homes in Canada.

This style basically involves balancing variations of wood side by side. The colours of the wood in this style are under the same family. However, they’re not quite the same. With high variation wood flooring, you can have different brown or black shades in the same room. But, none of those shades will be so different that it sticks out awkwardly from the rest.

Greige Wood Flooring Design

Greige is a combination of grey and beige. While it is coming in at the bottom of our list, this trend is all the rage now. Its unique combination of colours, which started in the ’90s, is where its appeal lies.

One of the reasons it’s so popular is that it works pretty much everywhere in your home. When light streams in through the windows and touches this colour of wood flooring, it has a way of giving off a relaxing atmosphere.

Besides, the colour is perfect for a minimalist who doesn’t want too much “chaos” of colours. No matter how you choose to look at it, this wood design is doing pretty well and may not be leaving anytime soon.

Will Any of These Wood Flooring Trends for Homes Last?

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The world we currently live in is incredibly fast-paced, with things changing by the minute. For that reason, it’s perfectly normal if you’re worried about any of these trends going out of fashion. After all, nobody wants to spend money on something that’ll get old soon. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t exactly be your only/primary point of concern, and we’ll explain why.

For starters, floor designs aren’t exactly twitter hashtags that come up and die out within a few days or weeks. So, even if your trend is going out of fashion, you should still enjoy it for another ten years or so.

Apart from this, a relatively more important thing to worry about regarding floor design is durability. You need to get something that’ll take quite some time before it wears out. So, even if a design is trendy, you want to make sure it won’t get worn before it stops being trendy.

In Conclusion

Considering all that we’ve mentioned, it’s obvious that the wood flooring industry has a lot going on. The best part is that some of these trends are still growing. So, these wood flooring trends for homes should be getting more popular over the coming years. 

You don’t have to stand on the sidelines and watch everything pass by, though. You can also jump on the train and grab your share of the good stuff. All you have to do is to check out our online store for wood flooring designs. Let’s get your home or commercial building looking beautiful again!

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