Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

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In Toronto, hardwood flooring is one of the building features that most buyers look out for when buying a home. However, if it doesn’t come with your home or commercial building, the next best thing is to have it installed. With proper installation, you too can enjoy the many benefits of hardwood flooring. 

However, despite the obvious aesthetic value of hardwood flooring, most people wonder whether the cost is really worth it. Of course, with the substantial upfront cost of hardwood flooring, this question is one that is very normal, instinctive even.

Furthermore, it’s a question that has a simple answer. There’s no question about it. Buying hardwood flooring for your home or residential building is a decision that is sure to be worth it. This type of flooring offers so many benefits that you won’t enjoy with other types of flooring. Keep reading to see what we mean.

Why You Should Buy Hardwood Flooring

Before we go into the pros of hardwood flooring, why don’t we start by examining the varieties? Typically, this flooring option is offered either as a strip, a plank or a parquet. Strips are considerably wider. On the other hand, parquet hardwood floors have individually squared designed to make up a geometric pattern.

Now that you know about the possible dimensions of hardwood flooring, here are the advantages of buying it.

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring


There are no two ways about it. Hardwood flooring is the very definition of durability. This type of flooring has a unique ability that allows it to stand the test of time. In fact, some homes in Canada have hardwood flooring that has remained impeccable for over 100 years. More importantly, they remain durable while requiring less maintenance. 

The durability of hardwood flooring is a function of its construction. For starters, they are mostly kiln-dried, manufactured, installed and finished to a high level. As a result, they can stand the effects of wear and tear brought on by foot traffic, stains, dents and tears. 

Whether they are engineered or solid, hardwood floors are mostly resistant and durable. Additionally, building owners can enjoy the natural comfort that hardwood flooring brings. Regardless of the design and size, hardwood flooring holds warmth far better compared to man-made laminate.

Adds Value To Homes 

If the goal is to add to the value of your home, hardwood flooring is the way to go. This advantage means that homes with hardwood flooring installed sell faster and at higher prices. This is in stark contrast to homes with carpeting installed. Wall-to-wall carpets are considered an upgrade since they may have to be changed with time. However, the durability and resilience offered by hardwood flooring is a plus. 

This makes the case for the fact that hardwood flooring is an excellent long-term investment. In fact, in the event of a resale, the value that hardwood flooring adds to homes far exceeds installation costs. To cap it off, it’s a novelty feature that ensures swift resale. Hardwood flooring is bound to entice prospective buyers.

Simple Installation 

Simple Installation 

Another benefit of hardwood flooring is a simple installation process. Even for those who have little to no experience, installing hardwood flooring is a simple straightforward process.

High-quality hardwood products are specially designed and milled to ensure a stable, uniform fit. Although the choice between finished or unfinished hardwood flooring will determine the ease of installation, the overall process is still simple.

Polished look

When you buy hardwood flooring, you’re offering your home an elegant, high-end look. More importantly, the aesthetics that hardwood flooring offers comes at affordable pricing. You can make your home look polished and posh, even on a budget.

Polished look

Extensive variety 

Another benefit of paying the cost of hardwood flooring is the wide variety of options available to you. You see, this flooring option comes in an extensive range of appearances, colours, styles and stain. In the same vein, there’s the opportunity to choose between unfinished and prefinished hardwood flooring. No matter your decor needs, hardwood flooring is always going to fit in.

From traditional decors styles to more modern, minimalist styles, hardwood flooring works. Also, there are different types of wood to choose from. Oak, cherry and walnut are just a few options that come to mind. Depending on your needs, each can be stained or sanded to fit taste.

Compared to other flooring options like carpets and rugs, this is a huge plus. Linoleum and carpet colours are more likely to clash with other design elements. Furthermore, if your taste changes over the years, you may have to overhaul the whole design. On the other hand, hardwood complements everything.

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Enhanced acoustics

When installed properly, hardwood flooring offers a lot in terms of ergonomics. With an authentic feel and grain texture, top-quality hardwood flooring never gives off vibrations or hollow sounds.

Healthy air quality

Hardwood flooring is supposed to be 100% natural. Based on this fact, homeowners can expect to enjoy eco-friendly features. For starters, it has no grout lines or fibres that can trap pollen, particles, dust and allergens. Therefore, if you’re worried about allergens and indoor air quality, hardwood flooring is the best option.


While other flooring options will start to look tired over the years, hardwood flooring will remain beautiful and elegant. In fact, it is possible to say that their value increases over time. Another benefit of hardwood flooring is that the design can be updated with refinishing. There’s no need to overhaul the whole system, a simple refinishing trick can do the job.


Low maintenance

Cleaning carpets and other forms of tapestry is hard. Firstly, crumbs and little specks of debris can accumulate within the fibres and are difficult to remove. If liquid spills on it, the chances are high that it will get stained. Dust buildup can be complicated to deal with, especially if you have respiratory issues. At best, you may have to try out different products to keep your carpets clean.

On the other hand, hardwood flooring is the very epitome of low maintenance. Just a simple sweep is enough to pick up any crumbs. For liquid spills, mopping it is enough. For the best results, you should vacuum it once a month. Hardwood always looks good and with minimal maintenance effort too!

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The benefits of hardwood flooring are well worth the cost. From durability to variety and low maintenance, there are many advantages to buying hardwood flooring for your Toronto home.

Here at LV Flooring, we offer the finest collection of both solid and engineered hardwood flooring options. Check our online store or contact us today for more details!

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