How Much Is Vinyl Flooring in Toronto?

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If vinyl is your go-to option when replacing your floor, it’s likely the question of the cost of vinyl flooring will pop up. Vinyl flooring is available in a range of patterns, styles and colours. Besides, it’s water-resistant and can be fixed in every area of your home. It is also among the moderately priced flooring you can find in the market.

But like any other wood flooring, the overall cost depends on several factors. How much labour are you employing? Are you searching for a low-cost type? Perhaps you want a popular style. How large is the area you’re renovating? These and many more are elements that fluctuate the price of installing vinyl flooring.

Whatever your budget is, there’s always a price you can work with. In this post, we’ll walk you through the average cost of installing vinyl. From labour and accessories costs to the type and style estimates, we’ll show you how they work to determine your budget. This way, you can arrive at the overall pricing for vinyl flooring installation for your space.

Average Cost of Installing Vinyl

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of vinyl flooring is around $2,000. Now, this price may range between $900 and $5,000 considering other factors. For a 200 sq. ft area, most people pay around $1,400 on average. The typical cost for labour ranges between $2 and $6 per sq. ft.

On the other hand, the average price for materials usually ranges between $1.50 and $11 per square foot. This fee depends on the quality and brand of materials you’ll purchase. We’re aware you may conclude that the pricing for vinyl flooring is expensive.

But this isn’t always the case. You can also install vinyl without breaking the bank. Below, we’ll provide you with the total cost estimate of a 500 sq. ft space.

Items Unit Price
New vinyl flooring (500 sq. ft) $450
Removal (stripping of the former floor, removal of underpayment and carpet) $250
Upgrade (extra fee when installing high-quality materials) $500
Disposal (non-hazardous dump fee and transport) $450
Material Cost $1.50
Labour cost $2
Total price $1,653.5

So how much does vinyl flooring cost with other floor sizes? Not to worry, we’ll highlight a breakdown of the estimated costs by floor size, labour cost and installation process. With this, you can determine the expenses you’ll incur on your overall project. Rest assured, you’ll find the best bargain for your space. Let’s get right into it.

flooring types

Vinyl Flooring Fee Per Square Foot

The cost of vinyl flooring per square foot falls between $3 and $15. The cheapest price you may find per sq. ft is $1. While the most expensive vinyl flooring is about $20. The reason is, vinyl varies in thickness, styles, shapes, finishes and installation process.

For luxury vinyl planks expect to pay about $18 per square foot. If the floor you’re remodelling is 1,000 sq. ft or more, this will cost you over $12,000 in total.

For a 100 sq. ft space, you may pay nothing less than $1,200 overall. Keep in mind that these fees only cover the vinyl material itself. With workmanship, the price list will add up.

Size of floor Low Cost ($) Average Cost High Cost
100 sq.ft $150 $1,300 $3,100
200 sq.ft $250 $2,500 $4,600
500 sq.ft $450 $3,700 $6,100
800 sq.ft $800 $5,600 $10,050
1000 sq.ft $1150 $11,100 $19,150

Vinyl Flooring Price Per Style

The cost of vinyl flooring according to the style ranges between $3 and $15. Vinyl is a very popular flooring. Therefore, it’s not surprising that it has various styles to suit your taste. These several styles include plain, stripped, marble, wood etc. In fact, there’s every aesthetic tone to blend in with your home.

Style Low cost per square foot High cost per square foot
Stone Effect $2 $8
Plank Pattern $5 $8
Marble Effect $2 $4
Slate Effect $3 $5
Wood Look $3 $12
Geometric Pattern $5 $8
Metallic Look $3 $9
Herringbone Pattern $4 $7

Vinyl Flooring Cost by Type

For the cost of vinyl flooring by type, expect to pay between $1 and $12 per square foot. The fee for these floorings is determined by their installation and appearance. No doubt, this will impact the price you’ll spend on the total project and materials.

Some vinyl flooring requires extra finishes while others need little or no finishes. Not to mention, the variations in their thickness, style and quality will also affect their pricing. With that being said here are the vinyl flooring types alongside their cost per square foot.

Vinyl flooring plank costs

Wondering about the cost to install vinyl flooring? Well, the plank type ranges between $4 and $8 per square foot. Its thickness and durability are the main factors that make it an expensive option. Aside from that, it’s very easy to install.

Vinyl plank is water-resistant and it’s an excellent choice for floating over a substrate. It’ll delight you to know that it’s cheaper to install. Unlike flat planks that increase your project’s installation costs.

Vinyl flooring price for sheets

The price list for this falls between $1 and $3 per square foot. Surprisingly, it can go up to about $50 per square foot with the inclusion of labour, materials and miscellaneous. Sheet vinyl is produced in pre-cut layers and rolls that are 7’ or 13’ wide.

If you’re renovating your bathroom or kitchen floor, then this is an excellent option to pick. It’s seamless and can be completely glued down. Its average cost for labour runs from about $2 to $5 a square foot. Using these data, the cost to install vinyl flooring of a 150 square foot area may amount to $200 or $500.

Vinyl composition tile (VCT) price

For the cost of vinyl flooring with tiles, expect to spend between $4 and $6/sq. ft. Vinyl tile is specifically designed for high-traffic areas. With this flooring, you’ll spend less on materials.

The reason is, it mostly needs adhesive backs for it to be click-locked to the floor. This tile flooring is cheaper to install compared to sheet flooring. For a 200 square foot room, it may cost you from $220 to $250 to install.

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Luxury vinyl plank price

This is a refined quality compared to the normal plank flooring material. It estimates between $6 and $13/sq. ft. This, however, depends on the style, colour and size of the plank. Luxury vinyl is five times thicker than its plain counterpart.

It offers you about 8 to 15 years of durability. Plus, it has a long-wearing surface layer. If you want to give your house a contemporary look, then buy vinyl flooring. It’s the best pick for busy homes and commercial settings.

Linoleum floor

Luxury tile price

Depending on the pattern and size of it, it’ll cost you around $6 to $12. It comes with a thicker surface layer that’s made of urethane. Luxury vinyl tile has embossed patterns with a more striking stone appearance. This floor will outlast ordinary vinyl floors by 15-20 years with light traffic.

Vinyl flooring type Average cost
A luxury vinyl tile (VCT) $4.19
Plank $3.50
Luxury plank $5.29
Vinyl tile $7
Sheet $1.50

Vinyl Flooring Fee According To The Backing

There are mainly two kinds of vinyl backing —  fibreglass and felt. This cost can’t be avoided because every sheet of vinyl has a backing. They make your floor attractive and durable.

Besides, it’ll delight you to know that they’re easy to install as well as remove. Therefore, you won’t be spending much on labour as part of the pricing for vinyl flooring installation.

Fibreglass vinyl backing

Luckily for you, this backing is quite cheap. It’ll cost you about $1 to $3 a square foot. Unlike felt, it’s faster to fix and readily available. It can be installed in every part of your house including basements. You’ll likely pay less for materials with this backing.

Felt-Backed flooring

The cost of vinyl flooring with felt backing ranges between $$0.50 and $2. Felt is a more traditional and archaic style of vinyl backing. This backing is time-consuming, difficult to install and costly to remove.

Besides, it’s not suitable for some areas in your home that are prone to humidity. Nevertheless, it’s durable and can last for several years without wear.

Vinyl Flooring Installation Cost

Vinyl flooring can be installed in three ways. They include:

  • Glue-down floor installation
  • Peel-and-stick flooring
  • Click-together flooring

The price estimates for these installation methods are according to the average industry estimates. However, DIYers can still work with it. That being said, here are the costs to install vinyl flooring.

Glue-down floor installation

It’s not surprising that the cost of vinyl flooring with this installation is the most expensive. The price runs from $1.50 to $7/sq.ft. Of course, this method is a bit on the high end because you have to glue down every single plank to its edges.

In fact, it requires the most labour. When you start to include the cost of materials, location amongst other things, you may have to pay up to $5,000 for the total project.

Peel-and-stick flooring

As the name implies, this flooring plank comes with a gluey backing that can just stick onto the subfloor. This method falls somewhere in between expensive and cheap. So, you should expect to spend from $1 to $5/sq.ft. Many people think this installation method is quite easy since all you need to do is stick it to the subfloor.

However, this isn’t so. The prepping takes so much time. Not to mention, you’ll need to have an excellent subfloor before installing it. Or else, it won’t adhere properly. Now, if your subfloor isn’t in perfect condition, you’ll incur more costs fixing it than the price of the Two-story installation itself.

Click-together vinyl flooring

If you want to buy vinyl flooring with a small budget, opt for this kind of plank. For this, you may pay about $1.50 to $4/sq.ft. It’s very easy to install. Besides, it’s the cheapest option when considering labour and material costs. Plus, it doesn’t require glueing the planks to the subfloor.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Vinyl Flooring

As mentioned earlier, the cost of vinyl flooring depends on several factors. No matter how much you search for a definite price, it’s unlikely you’ll find one. To that end, let’s take a look at the most important factors that affect the overall price.

Labour costs

How much to install vinyl flooring with professional labour? Well, expect to pay between $2 and $7/sq.ft for most tasks. This cost is very wide since you’ll be employing several hands on the project. Moreover, there’ll be various activities like fixing, removing, nailing and cleaning up. Here are the fees most professional installers charge for installation.

Removal of old flooring

For this, you’ll spend about 40 to 70 cents per square foot if your old flooring is hardwood, carpet or floating floors. At the same time, the removal of a stone tile or ceramic floor will cost nothing less than $4 per square foot.


If you’re remodelling a small space with a lot of nooks, it’ll cost you more. The reason is, installation in tight spaces is time-consuming. However, for big spaces, you’ll be charged less.


The cost to install vinyl flooring on stairs is expensive. Per stair, it may cost you $60 to $100. The cutting, glueing abs measuring that’ll be done to the stairs will require extensive labour. Therefore, it’s only normal they’ll charge you higher for it.

Flooring features

In determining the cost of vinyl flooring, you have to put its extra features into consideration. Aside from the standard vinyl flooring, the luxury flooring characteristics include:

  • The WPC ( wood plastic composite) vinyl
  • The SPC (stone plastic composite) Rigid vinyl.

Both are equally waterproof and durable. However, WPC is more resilient while SPC is sturdier. For this reason, SPC is more expensive than the other.


Your location also affects the pricing for vinyl flooring. If you live in a busy city, no doubt you may pay twice the average cost. The reason is the cost of living differs. Not to mention, factors like transportation and availability of material will also affect the price.

Price of supplies and materials

As expected, your project will need other accessories aside from the main materials. Below is the cost of materials you may need to install vinyl flooring.

  • Transition strips: This costs between $1.75 and $3 a linear foot. Most times, it’s sold in 7’ to 11’ strips. It’s usually used to hide the seam in the wood.
  • Underlayment: The price list for this falls between $0.50 and $1 per square foot. It’s used to soften your vinyl flooring.
  • Stair nose: For a linear foot, you’ll pay around $2 to $3.50. It’s generally used to give stairs a finished appearance.
  • Adhesive: A gallon of adhesive costs between $35 and $50. A keg of glue coats 150 to 170 square feet of space.
  • Vapour barrier: You’ll spend from $0.40 to $1 per square foot. It gives your flooring extra water-resistance.

Luckily for you, if you get a contractor for this project, you may not need to worry about the individual prices of each material. Your contractor will save you this stress by drawing up a vinyl flooring buying guide for you.

Vinyl Flooring Sample Price List

Below, we’ll show you a typical vinyl flooring buying guide based on the various factors mentioned in this article.

Project Vinyl Plank Price Materials Labour fees Square foot Overall Cost
Condo/apartment $6/sq. ft. $50 $1.50/sq.ft. 1000 $9,050
Two story house $4.79/sq.ft. $120 $2/sq.ft. 2000 $13,700
Basement $1.49/sq. ft. $80 $2.25/sq.ft. 1000 $3,820
Ranch home $2.50/sq. ft. $70 $1.80/sq.ft 2000 $8,170
Waiting area/Lobby $3/sq. ft. $300 $1.90/sq.ft. 1000 $4,490
Conference room $5.59/sq. ft. $200 $2.50/sq.ft. 1000 $8,290
Gym $3/sq. ft. $850 $1.85/sq.ft. 5000 $24,750
Multi-office suite $5/sq. ft. $500 $3/sq.ft. 5000 $40,500
Bedroom/Bathroom $3.79/sq. ft $30 $2.35/sq.ft. 400 $2,486
Kitchen $2/sq. ft. $60 $2.75/sq.ft. 400 $1,960

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Final Verdict

If there’s anything you should remember, it’s that the cost of vinyl flooring is affordable — and worth every penny. When arriving at the total cost of your project, don’t forget to include a 5% extra fee for waste and damages.

For instance, if you’re replacing a 2,100 square foot space, buy the materials for a 2,200 area. This will save you from overspending when faced with a shortage. Hopefully, this article will help you understand the price estimate you’ll pay for your vinyl flooring installation.

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