The Benefits of Refinishing Hardwood Floors: Is it Time to Revive Your Old Wood?

January 26, 2023by Mark0

Hardwood floors are a common choice amongst Canadian homeowners because of their beauty and durability. But these floors lose their beauty over an extended period and require your attention.

An easy solution to restore the aesthetics is refinishing the hardwood floors.

More homeowners are picking up interest in hardwood floors, increasing the demand for it. Already, a 2022 Statista report predicts user penetration to be at 3.9% by 2023.

The increased demand will only cause the price of hardwood floors to go up. Refinishing your hardwood floors instead of replacing them will help you escape this price increase.

This guide will discuss other benefits of refinishing hardwood floors and the best time to do it.

Is it Time to Revive Your Old Hardwood Floors?

It’s hard to know when to refinish hardwood floors because of their durability and strength. These floors remain functional for many years without showing weakness. And you already get used to the floor and ignore most signs.

It’s only through the dimming aesthetics that you can predict when to revive your floors. The colour may start fading, or scratches become apparent. Both factors make the floor look ugly.

Some of the reasons to refinish hardwood floors include:

  • Diminishing aesthetics
  • Presence of pests
  • Water damage
  • Stains become more stubborn
  • Wood losing colour and beauty
  • Scratches on the floor’s surface

Is Refinishing Hardwood Floors Worth It?

Refinishing hardwood floors is always worth it thanks to the following benefits:

Restoring Beauty

The most apparent reason to refinish hardwood flooring is beauty restoration. Every homeowner is looking to make an impression with their home’s interior and design taste. And hardwood floors provide you with diverse options to make your home look great.

But when the floor needs refinishing, it loses that beauty. You’ll start to notice dents, scratches, and other things that make the floor ugly.

The refinishing process for hardwood floors restores the colour and aesthetics of the floor. You’ll not see any dents or scratches after refinishing hardwood floors.

This revamp will make you happy, and every visitor to your property will admire your taste.

restoring beauty

Saving Money

You need to either refinish or replace hardwood floors when you notice they go bad. The average hardwood floor installation will cost you between $4000 to $10,000. This figure may increase depending on the type of hardwood floor and the professional involved.

But all your refinishing costs will be between $3 and $9 per square meter. You’ll save thousands of dollars when you refinish your floors instead of replacement.

Let’s assume you have a room space of 3600 square meters, and replacing the floors will cost around $10,000. If you choose to refinish it, you may not spend more than $5000.

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Saving Time

Refinishing hardwood floors involves working on the surface finish and fixing minor repairs.

Replacement will require you to pull out the old floors and lay an underlayment before installing the floor.  You’ll most likely need to vacate the space for about a week. And sometimes, it may be more than that.

The wood must first acclimate to the environment for about four days before preliminary installation work can start.

Refinishing hardwood floors only requires around two days to get complete. You can always return to your regular activities quickly.

Pest Reduction

One disadvantage of wood floors is pest attacks. Wood absorbs moisture easily, and most household pests thrive where there’s water. Over time, a wood floor can come under pest attacks.

According to a University of Hawaii Journal, termites are the insects that attack wood the most. And beetles are the next on the list.

You may not have seen termites or beetles in your home. But if you have old hardwood floors, the crevices are great accommodation for insects.

Reducing these pests is one reason that makes refinishing hardwood floors worth it. The pests may spread into your home if you don’t take care of them.

pest reduction


Another important reason to refinish your hardwood flooring is for your and your family’s safety. Hardwood floors that need refinishing and replacement are usually dangerous.

It’s either there’s a splinter somewhere on the floor, or some nails are popping out. Any mistakes can cause a serious injury you may have to pay dearly for.

You may escape these mistakes as an adult. But if you have kids and pets in the home, refinishing is the best option.

Repairs Become Noticeable

Your hardwood floors are always attractive when you install them. You’ll notice any changes at that stage.

But you get used to the floor over time, and it takes a while before you can find any fault.

One of the benefits of refinishing hardwood floors is it allows you to find and repair any faults that need fixing.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Whether you want to sell your home or not, preserving or increasing the home’s value is important. You may need the house as collateral later.

Your floors are important to your home’s value. That’s one of the many reasons to refinish hardwood floors.

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increase your home's value

Time to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

You have many reasons to refinish hardwood floors. Saving money and increasing your home’s value are very important reasons.

But you must neglect the DIY possibility of refinishing hardwood floors. It always seems like something you can handle with a few tools and tutorials.

But hardwood floor refinishing requires professionals to get a perfect job. There’s no need to refinish the floors if you don’t get it perfect.

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