What Are the Advantages of Installing Red Oak Flooring?

December 13, 2022by Mark0

One of the many advantages red oak floors offer is diversity in design and color. Oak hardwood flooring is one of the most popular hardwood floors in Canada.

The most commonly used oak flooring in homes and offices today are red and white oak floors. These floors provide your home with strength, beauty, and sturdiness. Red oak floors mainly provide you with more varieties, as there are 200 types of red oak trees.

This article will explain the advantages of this floor, giving you reasons to choose red oak flooring for your home.

How Does Red Oak Flooring Look?

Before discussing the advantages of red oak flooring, it’s great to know how precisely these floors look. Some of the characteristics of red oak flooring include the following;

  • Red oak has a reddish-pink color shade
  • Red oak has a Janka rating of 1290.
  • Red oak floors have a pronounced grain pattern. This pattern enables it to hide scratches and other dents.

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Why Should You Install Red Oak Flooring?

Some of the advantages of red oak flooring include the following;

Color Variety and Appearance

A single oak tree can sometimes display multiple colors during its lifetime. Red oak trees come in numerous natural colors that offer you various choices.

The distinct natural color of red oak flooring will give your home a vintage and warm appearance. Likewise, the grain pattern of red oak floors gives it a strong appearance.

Some schools of thought say red oak flooring’s natural hue can make your space look too warm and natural.

If you’re not comfortable with the natural color of the red oak floor, you can stain it. One of the reasons to choose this floor option is its easy stain.

Therefore, a stained red oak floor is perfect if you want to follow an existing design.

color variety and appearance

Strong and Durable

The strength and durability are two primary reasons to buy red oak flooring. This floor type has the density to withstand pressure over a long period.

Some industries use red oak flooring’s hardness as a base point to rate wood hardness. Red oak scores 1290 on the hardness scale, which means it can withstand sustained pressure.

The 1290 hardness rating makes red oak wood floors one of the highest among many hardwood floors. White oak is a bit denser than its red counterpart, but when you consider its appearance, red oak is still ahead.

Easy Maintenance

One of the significant advantages red oak floors offer is easy maintenance. Already, the grain pattern of red oak floors hides scratches and dents. Therefore, the maintenance required is minimal.

The frequency of maintenance required for your red oak flooring depends on the installation and traffic. It requires minimal maintenance if you install the red oak as a solid hardwood floor.

Also, the sealing process during installation will affect how much you need to maintain it. A well-installed red oak floor will withstand pressure correctly and remain in good condition despite exposure to moisture.


We always try to save enough money and get our money’s worth when choosing a floor. Red oak flooring is the right option if you want to install the most cost-effective hardwood floor option.

Besides being affordable, red oak floors increase your home’s value. Think about it; some floor options require a replacement in less than a decade. You’ll save money, as you can use red oak floors for multiple decades.

Also, some floors, like tiles, require professional scrubbing at intervals to ensure it appears new. However, you won’t need professional cleaning or repair services for red oak floors.


Easy Installation

Easy installation is one of the red oak flooring advantages that you and the expert installing it will enjoy.

On the Janka hardness scale, red oak floors are medium hardwood. That means it’s easy to work on during installation.

Hardwood flooring installation involves a lot of cutting, sanding, and nailing. Red oak floors won’t resist nails piercing through them, and you can cut the planks to your desired shape.

Also, the ease of installation increases the potential for perfect results. If the process of cutting and sanding is smooth, the installation expert will do an ideal job in no time.

On the other hand, if the hardwood is too tough, the installation expert may need to skip specific steps or take more installation time.

Affordable Wood Option

Red oak trees are one of the fastest-growing trees on the globe. A red oak tree can grow up to eighty feet tall if well-maintained. This rapid growth feature works with every species of the red oak tree.

The availability of red oak floors reduces the cost you’ll spend on their installation. The floors are more affordable since they’re abundant.

Easy to Stain and Finish

Installing a floor is one thing, but turning that floor into what you want is another challenge. Easy finishing touches are among the advantages red oak floors offer you. Red oak floors are easy to refinish through sanding or coloring.

Stable Wood Floor Option

One of the main benefits of red oak flooring is its stability. A significant disadvantage of hardwood floors is their response to moisture and temperature. Some wood floors expand and shrink when moisture and temperature levels change.

The shrinking changes the property of the wood and can cause damage. Red oak floors offer excellent stability when water or temperature changes occur. It retains its properties even under harsh conditions.

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stable wood floor option

In Conclusion

The advantages of red oak flooring are numerous, and you’re not making a mistake by choosing red oak floors for your home or office.

At LV Flooring, we have different designs based on the diverse backgrounds and themes you want. Start by checking out our online catalogue of red oak floors in different designs.

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