Oak Floors vs Chevon Flooring – What are the Differences?

December 5, 2022by Mark0

The oak vs chevron flooring debate isn’t famous, but it’s necessary with chevron floors getting popular. Usually, experts compare chevron floors with herringbone floors, another form of a parquet floor. On the other hand, oak is compared with other hardwood floors like maple.

Both oak and chevron floors make good flooring options with their respective features and advantages. Oak refers to the wood used to make the floor, while chevron refers to the flooring’s pattern. That means a chevron patterned floor made from oak is an oak chevron floor.

This article will explain the differences between oak and chevron floors. If you’re considering which option to choose between oak and chevron floors, keep reading this guide.

Chevron Vs Oak Flooring: History and Creation

The history of oak flooring dates back to the account of wood flooring itself. Oak is one of the pioneer trees used to construct wood flooring.

The creation of oak floors is simple. The wood floor results from different processes after felling the oak tree. Oak wood flooring’s appearance depends on the tree species cut down to create it.

On the other hand, chevron floors refer to a flooring design that forms a V-pattern. The chevron name and patterns originate from the military uniforms used during the rule of Napoleon, the French emperor.

As mentioned earlier, chevron floors refer to the pattern and design of the floors. Therefore, there is always a specific “V” pattern for every floor type. The shape and direction of the “V” pattern depend on the design.

Chevron Vs Oak Flooring: Appearance

To choose between oak and chevron flooring, you need to understand how they look.

Oak comes in wide varieties, as over 500 oak trees exist. Therefore, it’s hard to tell which floor is oak or not. However, the most popular oak wood floors are white and red oak.

Another factor that affects how an oak wood floor looks is its form. There are two general forms of wood floors: engineered and solid. But with oak, there are other options, including:

  • Laminate oak floors: This floor isn’t oak; instead, it’s a 3D photo adhered to a composite floor. It looks like the oak floor, and you’ll need the experience to tell one from the other.
  • Fumed oak floors: This type of oak floor has undergone fuming with ammonia gas to give it a different color.

Chevron floors have the same appearance because of the “V” pattern. However, the wood used to design the chevron floor may differ.

oak flooring varieties

Chevron Vs Oak Flooring: Installation

The processes of installing oak flooring and chevron are very different.

Oak floors are mainly installed as solid floors, so the expert can hit them directly into the subfloor. However, if the oak is an engineered floor, you can float it. It’s important to note that engineered wood floors aren’t as strong as solid hardwood floors.

You can buy an already finished oak hardwood floor. However, you may purchase it unfinished to allow for more customization with the finish.

On the other hand, chevron floors follow a specific installation process. The actual laying of the floor is the easiest part of the job. The real task is the planning process.

Here’s how to install chevron floors;

  • Measure the room accurately. This step is vital when installing a chevron floor because you need it to determine how many floor planks you need. Also, the dimension will determine your ability to create the “V” pattern across the room.
  • Calculate and procure chevron floors: Based on the way you want to design your chevron floor; you need to calculate the number of corresponding planks to complete the floor. After calculating, make sure you buy more planks than needed (corresponding planks).
  • Lay the floor. This process is the most straightforward procedure if your calculations are correct. However, you need an expert touch.

Like with oak floors, you can buy finished or unfinished planks for your chevron floors.

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Chevron Vs Oak Flooring: Types

There are no types of chevron floors because the design is the same thing. So you can’t compare chevron vs oak flooring in terms of styles.

However, oak has different varieties, with red and white oak floors being the most common. The significant difference between these oak options is their features in their natural state.

White oak doesn’t have a white color, as the name implies. Instead, it wears a yellow color with a light grain pattern. The red oak has a more sophisticated grain pattern, but its color is pinker.

For chevron floors, it assumes the color of the wood used for the individual planks.

red oak

Chevron Vs Oak Flooring: Pros and Cons

Comparing the pros and cons of chevron vs oak floors is daunting. However, some pros of oak floors include the following;

  • Strong and sturdy
  • Hygenic wood choice
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Diverse forms
  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable flooring
  • Refinishing possibility

Some disadvantages of oak flooring include;

  • It can be a little noisy.
  • It is too common.
  • A solid oak floor may absorb moisture if installed in a humid area.

A chevron floor made with oak flooring will have these advantages. However, some specific benefits of chevron flooring;

  • It has a beautiful appearance.
  • It usually has high durability.

Chevron vs Oak Flooring: Cost

The cost of oak vs chevron flooring depends on several factors. Usually, you’ll spend more money installing an oak floor.

The installation process requires less time if the calculations are accurate for the chevron floor. On the other hand, the pricing of oak hardwood floors depends on the type of oak flooring and its installation form.

Generally, solid oak hardwood floors cost more than engineered oak floors.

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installation process

Final Thoughts

Comparing oak vs chevron floors is tough because both options have advantages. The good news is you don’t really have to choose.

You can use oak hardwood planks to construct a chevron floor. This floor design will combine the aesthetic advantages of chevron flooring and oak’s natural durability.

At LV Flooring, we curate the finest oak flooring planks with designs to remain unique in every home. Go through our collection of flooring designs for inspiration on which to choose between oak and chevron flooring.

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