What is Chevron Hardwood Flooring?

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Are you a homeowner in search of a parquet floor? Chevron hardwood flooring may be what you need. This flooring shares similar parquet patterns with herringbone. However, it has a unique layout and cut.

Chevron flooring has recently become more popular and the reason is quite clear. It offers all the benefits of most hardwood floorings along with an outstanding design.

This flooring is both stylish and timeless. It fits beautifully in new apartments as well as old traditional homes. The pattern also creates a distinguished appearance that highlights any space.

As a result of its rich history, most people associate Chevron flooring with sophistication. This flooring not only makes a bold statement in your home but gives it a luxurious look.

Aside from that, many homeowners use chevron hardwood flooring in Toronto because it offers them an excellent budget to customize their space. This wood floor is available in various finishes and colours that’ll match your home interior.

If you’re looking to improve your space with chevron flooring, this article covers everything to know about this exquisite flooring. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits, features, history, and origin of chevron flooring.

History and Origin of Chevron Parquet Flooring

Chevron hardwood flooring dates back to the 14th century. Its history began in the medieval heraldry of Ancient Greek. The V pattern of Chevron flooring was first used to denote rank in the police and military force. For this reason, it’s not surprising that today, police and military uniforms still have “V” insignias on them.

The word “chevron” was coined from the Latin word Caprio which means “rafters”. Rafters were referred to as the pattern similarity of two roof panels. During the 19th century when there was large-scale urban development, the French nobility turned chevron parquet flooring into an exquisite design for affluent Europeans.

Many of the new buildings like churches, homes, and sidewalks began to feature this wood flooring. Today, you’ll find several historical buildings in Europe and France with this parquet design. Chevron flooring originated in France with many Parisian homes still boasting original classic designs.

Chevron Hardwood Flooring Pattern

What is chevron hardwood flooring? To most people, hardwood floors are flat, long wooden planks with lean lines. However, chevron flooring has zigzag patterns with a sharp point. It’s also known as Hungarian Point.

The planks are installed diagonally or parallel to the wall to form a “V” shape on repeat. The regularity and simplicity of this design give it a neater appearance.

For chevron flooring, the wood pieces are cut at a 45° angle and laid together to create a true point. This angle is what clearly distinguishes chevron from other parquet floors.

Thanks to the deliberate installation, the final shape of Chevron flooring provides an optical illusion that’ll make any small room look long and wide. Imagine the effect this flooring will have on a narrow hallway.

The unique patterns of the floor catch the eye and will give your floor an impressive look. The best part is this type of flooring design offers flexibility of choice.

You can achieve chevron parquet flooring in Toronto with any species of wood and surface finish. Not to mention, it’s simple to install. This ingenious flooring is a great option for people who want something unique and affordable. It’s also perfect for any room in the home.

Benefits of Chevron Flooring

Chevron hardwood flooring offers you various benefits at an affordable price. To begin with, it doesn’t restrict you to one flooring material. On top of that, it accommodates any colour shade.

The floor individual’s grain also gives your space character. These benefits are only a tip of the value chevron flooring provides. Here are the reasons to install Chevron flooring in your home.

Aesthetically appealing to the eye

The features of chevron hardwood flooring make it a beautiful sight. While some think chevron flooring is a modern version of the classic herringbone, that’s not true. This flooring offers equal levels of classic appeal, if not more.

The patterns create an orderly and clean look in your apartment. Chevron flooring also lends your space elegance. No matter the type of wood or material used, it gives off a dramatic effect. Therefore, it’s not surprising that several interior designs incorporate this flooring even in commercial settings.



Chevron hardwood flooring gives you a wide range of options. The flooring fits perfectly with any interior design. Plus it complements any colour including earth tone finishes. It’s possible to assume this flooring option is best used in small places with dull interiors. However, Chevron wood floors are universal and can be fitted anywhere.

Chevron flooring allows you to quickly revamp the decorative pieces in your home and keep up with trends without re-flooring. Unlike other hardwood floorings that have specific colours and materials to match, chevron offers you the versatility to personalize your space. So if you’re bothered about when to use chevron flooring, it’ll delight you to know that it’s timeless.

It’s unlikely this flooring will be out of vogue anytime. This is one significant reason you should choose chevron hardwood floors above others.

You may be renovating your traditional home or moving to a city flat where the price is high. With chevron, you’ll be able to create a unique atmosphere even with the existing interior design. At the same time, you’ll be adding charm and style to your place.

Easy to maintain

Chevron hardwood flooring is super easy to maintain. Typically, the more complex a flooring design, the harder it is to maintain. With chevron, the reverse is the case. Whether your flooring pattern is a dark shade, a simple or elaborate chevron design, it remains easy to maintain.

Quality materials are easier to preserve compared to their cheap counterparts. We advise you to select hardwood that can withstand heavy use. For instance, you’ll find oak wood floors easier to keep in excellent condition because they have a tough surface.

Professional flooring installation is also a factor. Well-cut and laid chevron parquet flooring is easier to maintain.


No matter the species of wood used, chevron hardwood flooring is highly durable. Its installation process increases its ability to last for a long time. Considering the planks are tightly fitted to create the chevron pattern, the chances of your floor wearing out fast are low.

Now, the structural integrity of the wood also matters. For Chevron flooring, most people use Hickory and oak wood. Hickory is the most durable wood species with a Janka rating of 1820. This means the flooring is very dense and can withstand daily use without having scratches and dents in it.

At the same time, oak wood is timeless, hard, stylish, and has elegant organic drawings. While cheap quality woods like vinyl and balsa may not last long, chevron parquet’s intricate design will extend their lifespan.

Of all the features of chevron hardwood, its durability makes it a very stable flooring that can withstand seasonal movements in Toronto. Not to mention, it’s a great fit for high traffic areas in your home and commercial space. If you’re looking to install Chevron flooring, here are the best hardwood options:

  • Maple
  • Red oak
  • Walnut
  • Balsa
  • Sapele
  • White oak
  • Hickory/ Pecan
  • Walnut
  • Wenge
  • Iroko
  • Doussie
  • Teak

Simple to restore

Aside from being affordable, chevron hardwood flooring is also a great investment. Every hardwood floor needs touch-ups. Now, some hardwood floors are difficult and expensive to restore. On the other hand, chevron flooring hardly requires touch-ups because its intricate design allows it to successfully hide small dents and scratches.

However, in a situation where you need to restore this flooring, it won’t be a challenge. You may not even need a professional for this process. All you need to do is, change the materials of the top surface. In truth, replacing your flooring materials can be more stressful than the installation. But with Chevron flooring, there’s little or no hassle. Besides, the restoration will increase the resilience and durability of the flooring.

Easy to clean

Just like herringbone flooring, it doesn’t require harsh cleaning products to shine. They’re greased with full-natural oil that protects them from elements like coffee and water. This floor can be cleaned every day, although this regularity is not a necessity

To clean, gently sweep and wipe the surface to remove any dirt. For extra shine, you can use special cleaning agents and a mop to clean it regularly.  But keep in mind that like any other floor, it can’t hold water.

So while washing, ensure you wipe standing water immediately. This’ll undoubtedly help to maintain the excellent quality of your chevron flooring.

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Engineered and Solid Hardwood Flooring: Which Should I Use for Chevron Flooring?

Homeowners who want to use chevron hardwood flooring have two options to pick from. They can either install engineered wood flooring with a chevron design. Or they can opt for solid hardwood flooring. While engineered wood is universal and can be installed in every part of the home, solid hardwood is more water-resistant and can be refinished indefinitely.

If you’re searching for sturdiness, choose engineered hardwood. It’s more durable and can withstand changes in temperature, humidity, and moisture. Compared to solid hardwood that swells and warps with these changes, it stays intact.

This option is your best pick for chevron hardwood flooring in Toronto. Engineered hardwood’s only shortcoming is it doesn’t last long. It can only be refinished at most 3-4 times.

This is a result of the veneer’s thinness.

Refinishing reduces its durability and longevity. In terms of affordability, engineered hardwood is cheaper to install since it often comes as click-together flooring. That said, whatever option you choose, the chevron design will certainly impress your guests.

Installing Chevron Wood Floor

Learning how to install chevron flooring can be a difficult task. Every plank must be laid out and fitted carefully at a 45° or sometimes 60° angle depending on the style. Not to mention, the design must be lined diagonally or parallel to the wall. Most often the woods are glued or nailed to a concrete subfloor.

Then, they are laid to fit together, one sharp end touching the other. If you can afford a professional, then don’t hesitate to hire a professional.

At the same time, you can also install chevron flooring yourself (DIY). We recommend you use a pre-cut or prefinished plank to make installation faster and easier.

Since installation requires a lot of detail and constant alignment while installing the planks, it can be very difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, today, there are chevron pattern pre-made planks available in the market. With this, you may only require the services of a regular contractor.

These pre-cut blocks will save you the stress of cutting and trimming woods in a chevron pattern. The best thing about installing a chevron floor is it can be fitted in both rectangular and square areas without wasting products.

Cost of Chevron Pattern Flooring

To cover the overall cost of installing chevron hardwood flooring, you may have to spend about $2000 to $2500. This parquet flooring is not as cheap as herringbone but neither is it expensive. The price depends on the type of subfloor, size of space, kind of wood, and of course, installation fee.

Also, the degree of knots in the wood and the type of finish may affect the price. Generally, luxurious woods like sandalwood and ebony will increase the cost by thousands of dollars. At the same time, if your subfloor is in terrible condition, you’ll need to replace it. No doubt, this may increase your cost by $1000. For installation, most experts charge between $2 to $5 per square foot.

Luckily, you can always work around a tight budget to install chevron flooring. Since this parquet pattern doesn’t require you to use a particular type of wood, finish, or materials, this gives you the monopoly to use products you can afford. Whether you opt for more affordable or resilient products, this wood flooring will enrich your home.

Is Chevron Wood Flooring A Good Investment in 2021?

Chevron hardwood flooring is an excellent investment in any space. Every year, it increases in popularity and value.

Unlike other floorings that’ll cost you thousands of dollars for installation and leave you with a liability, chevron flooring adds to the resale value of homes. Most homes with chevron floors are resold at a higher price compared to other floorings. Homeowners can get up to 80% on the initial installation costs.

Types of Chevron Parquet Design

types of chevron parquet design

Chevron hardwood has several designs and styles. This flooring offers you a wealth of choices to choose from aside from the regular 45° pattern design. Keep in mind that this flooring plate rn is also available in custom-made and bespoke sizes. Below are some chevron hardwood flooring designs:

Cashmere oak design

This design comprises matte lacquered and brushed planks that often have angles of about 45°, 60°, and sometimes, 30° angle.

These planks have soft white hues and are enriched with natural beauty. With the crafted chevron pattern, it’ll give your space a contemporary and clean look. The cashmere oak design adds elegance to any chevron parquet pattern.

This design can be styled with:

  • Greenery
  • Taupes, greys, and whites
  • Scandinavian decor
  • Tactile textures
  • Natural materials

Manor oak design

Chevron hardwood flooring manor oak design offers more harmony to your space. It’s made with perfectly pointed dark planks that are carefully brushed and matte lacquered to enhance the detail of the flooring.

The best way to achieve this design is with natural wood and traditional artistry. Manor Oak is fashioned to suit both contemporary and ancient decors. Not to mention, it brings new life and style to any space.

You can style the manor oak design with:

  • Velvet
  • Dark paint shades
  • Brass accessories
  • Medieval furniture
  • Bold, jewel tones

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Chevron Hardwood Flooring is In!

No matter what pattern you pick, keep in mind that chevron hardwood flooring designs are limitless. Because the wood colour, dimensions, and type are chosen individually, you can create unique flooring that suits your taste for every part of the home. Whether you’re reflooring or picking a new flooring, it’s unlikely you’ll find one that offers you as much affordability and luxury as chevron flooring.

Besides, only a few wood floorings are stylish, timeless and can create a bold statement like chevron. Yes, there are other parquet floorings. But if you’re searching for flooring that’ll offer you a perfect dimensional resistance, optical impression, and of course, a robust historical approach, chevron parquet is your best pick.

If, after this detailed explanation, you have concerns about various wood types or the application of finishes, we’ll be delighted to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any help concerning chevron hardwood flooring. Here at LV Flooring we also sell quality chevron hardwood designs to fit your commercial and residential projects. Get in touch!

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