What’s the Difference Between Chevron and Herringbone Floors?

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Many people don’t know much about the difference between chevron and herringbone floors. It is understandable why this is so. Looking at both flooring types at first glance, you may not be able to tell differences. However, these differences exist, and you may need to look more closely to spot them.

If you have always wondered what differentiates a chevron floor from a herringbone floor, it is time for you to get the answers you need. Here, you will find the key differences between the flooring types.

You will also discover more about their unique features. But first, you need to know about each floor type.

Chevron vs Herringbone Floors

Many people get confused over the difference between chevron and herringbone floors. It is not their fault that they are confused as these floor types are similar parquet styles. However, you will note their pattern and shape differences when you observe carefully.

Both chevron and herringbone flooring can add a significant difference to your home’s interior design. Whether it is in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom, the flooring types have a unique way of bringing out the beauty of any space.

The key difference between both floor types is in their patterns. A chevron floor has its planks forming an exact point. On the other hand, herringbone flooring has a broken zig-zag design. You will get more information about this difference as you go on with this blog.

Features of Chevron Flooring Pattern

History shows that the chevron hardwood flooring pattern originated in France between the 14th and 17th centuries. Following its emergence, kings and noblemen loved it, and it soon became the most preferred flooring type.

With chevron flooring, the rectangular blocks in the pattern run with one point touching another in a chevron flooring pattern. The blocks’ ends are cut at an angle of 45°, creating a zigzag design that is continuous. The chevron flooring pattern is similar to an inverted “V” design.

It is beautiful to look at and features individual planks of equal sizes. These equally-sized planks are narrower and shorter than others. Also, the unique and beautiful pattern represents a modern option for your home’s parquet floor or backsplash. Its geometric design leaves high-end and contemporary homes looking great.

Besides the beauty the flooring pattern adds to your home, it allows you to create various effects. These effects range from stripes to arrows. You can also complement your chevron flooring design with cushions, artworks, or lampshades with similar patterns. It leaves your home looking like an interior decor’s delight when you do this.

To achieve the best look for chevron floors, it is best to install it with subtle decor elements. The flooring design’s natural pattern is best highlighted when set against traditional vertical and horizontal lines.

You can also use chevron flooring patterns in spaces that are transitional, like hallways. You can also use it to draw attention to your home’s special places like your fireplace.

However, you decide to use your chevron flooring, ensure proper placement. Without doing so, it may make your room look too busy.

Advantages of Chevron Floors

A key to understanding the difference between chevron and herringbone floors is knowing their advantages and disadvantages. Here are the benefits of using chevron floors in your home.

  • The flooring type’s lines fall out, creating an exotic European view.
  • Its diagonal lines enhance your home’s beauty and appearance.
  • The arrows meeting where the plank boards meet induces a movement feeling.
  • The result of using chevron floors is always gorgeous, even when you use less expensive wood planks.
  • It leaves your space looking fashionable, classic, and modern.
  • It is not as costly as the herringbone flooring pattern.
  • It is easier to install than herringbone flooring.

Disadvantages of Chevron Floors

Here are the cons of using chevron floors:

  • It is typically a custom-made floor type.
  • You must design and scale the floor type according to your room’s size. If you don’t do that, it may impair the design’s visual effect.

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Features of Herringbone Flooring Pattern

This article is dedicated to knowing the difference between herringbone and chevron flooring patterns. You now know the key features of chevron flooring. In this section, you will learn more about herringbone flooring patterns.

The herringbone hardwood floor designs consist of rectangular patterns which resemble the herring fish’s bone structure. The flooring’s installation involves arranging parquet blocks to lead to the creation of a staggered zigzag pattern.

The reason for this installation mode is that the planks’ ends make an angle of 90 degrees. Hence, they are arranged perpendicular to each other.

Herringbone flooring pattern is recommended for those who want their homes to look traditional and classic. The design has long been used in historic times for many things aside from flooring. In fact, the design’s application has been observed in ancient Egyptian history. It was not until much later that the pattern started being used for hardwood floors.

You can choose from a selection of wood species for the herringbone flooring pattern. Each of these wood species has its unique shading and colour giving you a broad range of options. Some hardwood floors for your herringbone floors are:

  • White Oak
  • Red Oak
  • Walnut
  • Hickory/Pecan
  • Maple

These hardwood materials have high durabilities and stabilities. More importantly, they only need minimal maintenance efforts. To maximize your herringbone floor’s aesthetic value, you can combine various types of hardwood. When you use a contrasting pattern or colour, your floor becomes more distinctive. It also retains a personal touch to it.

If you prefer to stay traditional with your flooring, you are better off using a herringbone floor with a single material. There are other ways to modernize your herringbone floors. For instance, you can cover its whole surface or stain it to highlight the wood grains.

If you prefer the second option, brightening the surface with a tinted stain may be the way to go. Another option is using a darker stain to make wood grain invisible. The effect of this is that the woodgrain resembles hard-to-maintain materials like stone.

When designing and implementing herringbone floors, you can let your imagination go wild. You can design and implement the floor type in different shapes, patterns, and styles. This is one reason why you should install herringbone flooring in your home. There are various arrangements for the hardwood floor type, including diagonal, single, and double patterns.

Advantages of Herringbone Floors

  • Herringbone floors leave your home looking more sophisticated than chevron floors.
  • It enhances your home’s visual effects without causing distractions.
  • It is more classic or traditional than chevron flooring.

Disadvantages of Herringbone Flooring

  • Its installation process is complicated because of mitering.
  • It doesn’t include the length illusion.
  • It is typically a custom-made floor type.

Difference Between Chevron and Herringbone Floors

Here is a table pointing out the difference between herringbone and chevron flooring patterns:

Chevron Flooring Pattern Herringbone Flooring Pattern
1. Its plank ends are cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Its plank ends are cut at an angle of 90 degrees.
2. It has a zigzag pattern, which is continuous and comes to a point at each zigzag’s top. Its zigzag pattern has a more staggered effect.
3. It is easier to install. Its installation process is more complicated.
4. It leaves your space looking modern and fashionable. It gives a more sophisticated and traditional look than the chevron pattern.
5. It is not as expensive as the herringbone flooring pattern. It is more expensive than the chevron flooring pattern.
6. It has its origins from the French in the 14th to 17th century. It has been observed in ancient Egyptian history.

Similarities Between Chevron Floors and Herringbone Floors

Now that you know the difference between chevron and herringbone floors, you should also know their similarities. A clear and obvious similarity the flooring patterns share is that they both are hardwood floor types. They also represent the best alternatives for traditional straight hardwood flooring designs.

When you use these flooring patterns, you can choose from a wide variety of options depending on your taste. Chevron and herringbone floors are compatible with most colours and wood materials.

You are guaranteed your floors will look beautiful and stand out with them. These flooring patterns are magnificent and are useful in creating amazing floor designs. It is best to use them in large spaces rather than in small spaces for great results.

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Which is Best Between Chevron and Herringbone Floors?

Having reached this point in the article, you should know so much about chevron and herringbone flooring patterns. You should also know the key difference between chevron and herringbone floors. With everything you now know, you may be wondering which of these floor patterns you should choose for your home.

There is no prescribed way of knowing how to choose between chevron and herringbone floors. The choice you make should be dependent on your taste. These floor styles are popular in the interior design industry. Nowadays, these flooring patterns are no longer restricted to wood flooring alone. You can also find herringbone and chevron patterns in bathroom tiling, backsplashes, wooden walls, and many more.

Most people with either of the floor designs in their homes chose them because of their preferences. If you need help choosing either of them, you just need to understand their difference. That way, you can know which of them suits your home’s interior design the most.

Both flooring patterns will give your space a classic and timeless look. However, if you want to buy hardwood flooring and need motivation for the herringbone and chevron flooring patterns to choose, you should check the next section.

Different Flooring Styles Using Herringbone and Chevron Patterns

Rather than worrying over which of the floor types you should choose, you can appreciate the different styles you can create with them. Herringbone and chevron floors can be used in various sizes and colours. When used that way, they can create the perfect zigzag effect for your wooden floor.

If you want a modern look, the Scandinavian-style chevron pattern using larger planks and light wood is a great way to create such an effect. If you prefer a very traditional wooden floor design, a perfect match will be the herringbone pattern used in rich dark wood.

You can create a tighter pattern by using chevron or herringbone wooden floor from thin, long planks. You can create a similar effect with smaller planks. You can also choose a wide variety of colours and finishes for both floors. Depending on your room’s size or space, you can create your desired effect.

You can create chevron wood hardwood flooring patterns with different wood shades or coloured planks varying in colour. Such a design is not only bold but is also perfect for your room. You can search for uncommon chevron floors and note how the patterns can create varied effects.

If you want your hardwood flooring in a herringbone pattern, a unique style you can try is a stylish gray herringbone design. It provides a traditional twist to the usually classic herringbone pattern.

Whatever your choice is, always ensure you buy hardwood floors of the highest quality. Hardwood flooring is a great investment and will last you for a long time. They also require little maintenance. With their aesthetic appeal, it’s a win-win all around.

How to Install Herringbone and Chevron Floors

So far, you have learned the difference between chevron and herringbone floors. You also know their similarities and how they can be used to create astonishing designs. Now, it is time to understand how to install them. These floors are parquet floor designs and should be installed carefully.

  • You install the floors by gluing the pieces to a concrete or wooden subfloor
  • It’s best to install each wooden plank separately. You must also install each plank at an angle.
  • The installation process can be time-consuming and challenging. It is one reason why both flooring designs are expensive.

The installer also needs to keep the planks’ constant alignment in mind. If these conditions are not adhered to, it leads to a poorly designed floor.

However, thanks to technology, both floors’ installation processes are easier. You can now find pre-made planks possessing chevron and herringbone patterns in the market. These patterns are easy to install and can be done by regular floor contractors.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chevron and Herringbone Floors

Here are the answers you’ve been seeking:

Between herringbone and chevron floor patterns, which is cheaper to install?

The herringbone floor pattern is more expensive than the chevron floor. However, the difference in price between herringbone and chevron floors is not so much.

Is chevron flooring best for my home?

This is dependent on your preferences. If you see fancy chevron floor designs that you like and want for your home, you can install the wooden floor design. Besides chevron and herringbone floors, there are other types of hardwood floors you can choose from. It all depends on what you want.

Hence, you must note that there is no hard and fast rule about why you should pick chevron over herringbone floors.  To help you a bit, If you are more inclined to traditional settings, then you may prefer herringbone floors. If you like fashionable and modern, you may want to stick to chevron floors.

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You now know the difference between chevron and herringbone floors. You also know their similarities and how to install them. Therefore, you should have no problems with differentiating these floor types moving forward.

If you want to buy either of the herringbone or chevron flooring designs or any other wooden floor for your space, ensure you buy only the right quality. Do well to check out our online collection of hardwood flooring designs.

Here at LV Flooring, we offer the best quality flooring designs at cost-saving prices. Hence, you save money and still get the most astonishing floor designs — all at the best quality. Now, that is a deal you can’t say no to!

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