17 Chevron Flooring Design Trends For Your Home

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Any space has an instant feeling of refinement and elegance when you choose a pattern for your hardwood floor. And one of the finest selections you’ll make is to blend gorgeous ideas into your chevron flooring design.

A Chevron hardwood floor is created by slicing the ends of planks at an angle such that two adjacent planks make a perfect V shape, resulting in a design with a long string of arrows. Consequently, every space will have a surface with an exquisite zig-zag pattern that will offer movement and a more expansive atmosphere.

In recent years, Chevron has become increasingly popular in flooring. And trend experts predict that we’ll see more patronage of this parquet flooring alongside other stunning patterns in 2022 and beyond. It’s simple to understand why: the adaptable design allows it to function in classic and modern settings.

In subsequent parts of this article, we’ll highlight the best ideas to make the Chevron flooring in your home look amazing.

Different Chevron Flooring Design Ideas For Your Space

The exquisite zig-zag pattern of Chevron flooring usually surfaces in formal living rooms, entry halls, and dining rooms. And it never fails to lift a space from the ground up. The detailed design gives a room’s otherwise basic square a new depth.

This timeless design has a long history and has been in use for generations. During the Haussmann era in 19th-century Paris, the zig-zag pattern resurfaced when there was a massive urban planning endeavour.

Several of the new residences at the time had chevron-patterned parquet floors. And today, many prominent historic buildings worldwide, particularly in Europe, have this incredible architecture.

Chevron boards are created by connecting each “zig” and “zag” at a 45-degree angle, resulting in an inverted V shape. The simple lines of this unique design highlight natural-inspired wood grain designs and work well in both dark and light timber coatings.

This cutting-edge flooring option is ideal for people who want to make a statement and seek something unique. Consider if you want the flooring to cover the entire space or just a portion of it.

Chevron flooring may also make a space appear larger than it is. Engineered wood flooring is a versatile option that works well for chevron patterns.

Regardless, the following are fantastic ideas to boost your Chevron flooring design:

chevron flooring design ideas

1. Horizontal Stripes Pattern

Adding this idea to your Chevron flooring design will be exquisite. The layout is not only timeless. But it’s easy to achieve.

A horizontal wood plan is the most prevalent of all wood floor designs, and it’s fun to work with it. They can appear somewhat outdated, but they’re lovely and practical in aiding a great DIY flooring project. And this ease is because you may choose from a wide range of click-together flooring alternatives.

2. Diamond Parquet Pattern

One of the best buddies for a Chevron floored condo is a diamond parquet. Diamond wood flooring patterns are a classically stunning and elegant alternative that may appear unfamiliar to you.

But they always make a statement. Across Europe, early diamond hardwood floor patterns are often widely featured in manors and castles.

Anyone who visits you can immediately tell you have fantastic taste. For example, consider the beautiful diamond pattern for the chevron floor design in your living room.

3. Wood Mosaic Pattern

Another pattern that’ll blend well with Chevron flooring design is this one.

When most people think about mosaic flooring, they usually see a variety of tile varieties. Wood mosaic flooring is similar in that it’s from little wood pieces that have been custom-cut to form a mosaic pattern.

Are we implying herringbone and other parquet patterns are arguably “mosaic flooring”? Yes! But that’s only one of the almost infinite options.

There are countless alternatives with wood mosaic, from the square wood mosaic flooring of the 1960s to today’s 3D designs.

4. Painted Floors

With this timeless idea, you can instantly transform your Chevron flooring design.

Painting floors has been a thing for nearly as long as wood floors. And flavorful paint has been crucial for enhancing and polishing floors since the 16th century.

This idea also means you don’t have to change your flooring to remodel your room. Instead, hardwood flooring may be sanded and refinished in various ways. And if you choose this path, you’ll find that you have many more alternatives than you would believe.

You may change the colour of your Chevron floor or make a bespoke design using distinct paints or stains.

5. Bespoke Wood Patterns

This concept entails combining materials with your Chevron planks to achieve the desired effect.

When you hear the phrase “bespoke,” images of opulent affluent folks strolling along a Parisian sidewalk come to mind. Well, that’s our imagination.

But what does “bespoke” imply? First, it’s for a single individual. In other words, it’s a one-of-a-kind design created specifically for your preferences and requirements. Custom floors may be whatever you choose.

Have you discovered a great price on mahogany and only have a few planks? Rather than mahogany, you may choose walnut or oak and then utilize the mahogany as a border.

Have you read about the benefits of cork flooring? Combine the materials with your Chevron design flooring! Have you been reading up on the most fabulous bamboo flooring options? Then include some bamboo as well! That’s bespoke, and it comes pretty cheaply.

6. Mixing planks With Different Width

Did you know your Chevron wood plank flooring doesn’t have to be uniformly wide? In fact, there were no uniform planks on early wood flooring.

The width of the wood boards may be anything from 6 to 12 inches.

We advise that you mix your Chevron planks with different types of wood flooring. Using boards of various lengths adds depth and aesthetic character while remaining relatively simple to install. Here, you’ll have one of the most contemporary hardwood floor patterns.

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7. End-grain Wood Patterns

This pattern is one of the most eye-catching ideas to complement your Chevron flooring design.

What do we mean by end-grain? End-grain wooden flooring stems from cut timber ends. By slicing the wood into regular proportions, you may create a striking floor that everyone will love.

End-grain wood floors are also among the most long-lasting flooring solutions for your house. For years to come, they’ll be able to survive intense traffic and damage.

We can’t recommend end-grain flooring enough if you’re looking for unique flooring options to blend with your Chevron design.

8. 3-D Parquet Floors Patterns

Chevron is a form of parquet flooring, as you may know. Now consider applying this pattern to the traditional Chevron design. With the striking illusions you’ll create, you’ll fascinate visitors.

Although parquet flooring has been around for centuries, it’s making a solid resurgence these days. You may create an impression of depth by intelligently using high-contrast wood flooring pieces.

Your visitors will be astonished by your elevated and innovative floor. But then, you’ll just sit back, chill, and enjoy the accolades.

9. Create Blonde Chevron Wood Patterns

Bright wood floor hues are experiencing a significant revival as more homeowners seek a light, open vibe in their homes. Blonde wood, especially, may provide a light vibe while remaining ageless. And blending your Chevron flooring design into this pattern will be a fantastic idea.

When you install Chevron flooring, options for adorning it with blonde patterns are numerous. You can have a sleek, trendy look or an antique, domestic feel without altering your Chevron floors. In addition, lighter wood hues tend to lean toward warmer shades, making it ideal for decorating with azure and grays.

Also, implementing blonde blends with your Chevron design makes any space feel extra-bigger and more spacious.

Maple, bamboo, ash, and white oak are excellent in creating a blonde wood effect. While you can achieve deeper hues with a coating, a light tint is best feasible by purchasing a wood floor which is already blonde.

blonde chevron wood

10. Whitewashed Wood Patterns

Adopting the whitewashed style for Chevron flooring is mostly a west coast phenomenon spreading across the country. As the parquet style spreads, so are the flooring ideas that blend well with it. And one of them is this bleached wood style.

Whitewashed flooring designs are ideal for the currently-trending chic houses, particularly in kitchens, with the Canadian-style, simple vibe.

Depending on the backdrop of your design, you can create a “beachy” atmosphere or an elegant modern perception.

Please note that polished or finished white design isn’t the same as “whitewashed.” Whitewashed designs usually reveal indications of deterioration, with the darkish wood underlayment shining through.

When combining whitewash with your chevron flooring design, your house will appear larger, brighter, and more comfortable. This manifestation will be especially true when more brilliant wood hues go toward cooler tones.

11. Honey/Copper-Colored Patterns

Rich honey-warm designs are hitting 2022 with a strong wave. This pattern is just a little darker than the fashionable blonde wood.

Honey wood designs, also known as copper wood patterns, are bright enough to provide several of the perks of blonde wood. For example, they’ll allow your chevron flooring area to appear broader and more open. On the other hand, a somewhat deeper tone provides a beautiful, opulent warmth.

Due to medium wood frequently having warmer, earthy tones, it’s the ideal balance of darker and lighter wood. That’s why honey wood patches are becoming increasingly popular on the Chevron ideas design chart.

Honey wood floors are also available in a variety of prominent wood types. Honey is a natural tone, so it’ll be simple to discover and seem more authentic.

In the future, both warm and cool tones will be more prevalent in the wood flooring industry. And the honey wood design is one with such high prospects. Honey wood isn’t simply a fad; it’s a timeless hue.

12. Greige Patterns

Regarding wood flooring colour trends, greige (gray + beige) has recently emerged as the new grey. This year’s beige and brown trend with a hint of grey is soaring.

Adopted for Chevron flooring design, greige combines the simplicity of grey with the richness of beige. The colour greige fits nicely with practically any other hue in your home design, complimenting modern white themes or rustic browns while contrasting more dramatic colours.

Chevron flooring with a greige pattern will be lovely in almost any apartment. The unusual hue offers bedrooms and passageways luxurious air while also adding a new touch to bedrooms.

One fact is inevitable: Chevron greige wood floors are a terrific selection if you’re searching for the best flooring for resale.

13. Hand Scraped Wood Pattern

The hand-scraped look is one of the most unusual ideas that blend well with Chevron flooring design. This method is in use to give the flooring an aged appearance while yet being fashionable. In addition, scrapes and knots can give your floor the impression of being in your home for an extended period.

In essence, the wood grains show more, giving your flooring a rustic aesthetic that is pricey and unique.

Due to hand-scraped floors appearing fully polished, they are popular among current and older households. Therefore, the idea of a hand-scraped wood pattern with a Chevron flooring design is nearly sure to increase the value of your property.

14. Wire Brushed Wood Patterns

Wire Brushed wood flooring patterns are one of the great ideas for Chevron design. This pattern provides a worn effect similar to hand-scraped wood floors.

Wire Brushed wood designs have a different feel than smooth hardwood flooring. This Chevron flooring style gives your floor personality while maintaining a polished appearance.

The textures of Chevron wire brushed floors are more muted and refined than those of hand-scraped and distressed floors. Yet, they are still rustic and distinctive.

There’s no denying that Chevron wire brushed floors are appealing. But if the vogue toward defects and character remains, distressed and hand-scraped timber will probably offer more diversity and personality.

15. Fumed or Smoked-Finished Patterns

Fumed wood is new to the wood flooring design landscape. It’s a pattern that stems from fumed wood. The combination of ammonia with the wood’s natural tannins results in a deeper finish, generally with a gray undertone. And it’s a top idea in Chevron flooring design trends.

Usually, the ammonia brings out the colour in the wood’s grain. Therefore, the finishing technique is very popular with the white oak style. However, Chevron fumed wood design will provide a sleek, contemporary look by equally colouring each board.

Your Chevron floors will have a stylish retro look with a fumed or smoke finish. With its rich yet muted hue, it’s straightforward and traditional.

We believe the fume or smoke-finished wood trend will last for many years.

You can’t go wrong with this chic finish because of its uniformly coated application, classic look, and grey undertones.

16. Satin-Finished Patterns

The satin finish is the best compromise between matte and glossy finishes. It still has a little shine, but it’s muted enough to hide dust, debris, and imperfections rather than highlighting them as gloss would. And it’s one of the best Chevron flooring design ideas.

Generally, Satin finishes are 40% luminous, giving them a 4 on a 1 – 10 scale for lustrousness. This reason is more why Chevron designs with satin finishes have become very popular among minimalist homeowners over the past few years.

A satin finish will still make your floors shine, but it won’t be as gleaming as a high-gloss finish. Instead, it’s gentle and understated.

The beautiful thing about this in-between choice is that you can nearly guarantee that it’ll never go out of style.

We believe that fashions will shift more towards matte finishes as time passes. But this tendency will ultimately reverse, and we’ll return to glossier aesthetics.

On the other hand, Satin finishes will remain current throughout all of this, making them the safest option for extending the life of your Chevron floor.

17. Matte-Finished Patterns

Even though satin has been a highly preferred finish for the past few years, we believe matte will overtake satin in the next 6-7 years.

Matte patterns have a reputation for seeming drab and flat. However, that’s not true, especially when in combination with Chevron flooring design.

Chevron flooring with matte textures gives your home a modern, eye-catching appeal. Of course, a low-quality wood floor with a matte surface would appear drab, but a high-quality wood floor like the Chevron design will look stunning.

Several people won’t imagine matte patterns lasting till now. But here is the style, beaming as one of the best ideas to augment a top flooring design like Chevron. Ultimately, the design trend will likely outlive the lifetime of your floor.

How to Maintain Your Chevron Floor’s Beautiful Design

Your Chevron floors face new challenges with each passing season. Winter brings ice, snow, and salt, while spring triggers dirt and rain.

Meanwhile, summer delivers saltwater and chlorine, and fall brings leaves and dirt. A

You don’t want any of the above conditions affecting your beautiful Chevron floor designs. Therefore, the following tips will ensure they are clean and last long through decades of these seasons.

The cleaning and maintenance tips include:

  • Don’t let spills stay long on the floors. Clean them as soon as they happen.
  • Use felt pads when moving heavy stuff like furniture across the floors.
  • Ensure you dust or sweep it daily.
  • Vacuum the floor weekly.
  • Get wood floor cleaner for monthly use.
  • Refinish your Chevron floors at least once every 3-5 years.

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chevron floor's beautiful design

Final Thoughts

Chevron flooring designs are adaptable with several flooring ideas. And the list provided in this article buttresses this point.

How you install your Chevron flooring is up to you. You can go the DIY way or get a professional. But one thing you need to be careful of is getting top-quality Chevron planks. Having great Chevron flooring interior ideas will be a waste if you implement them with inferior flooring materials.

But you don’t have to go through such regrets. LV Flooring’s collection of Chevron flooring planks in different designs will please you.

Look through our online store or call (416) 665-5645 to discuss varied Chevron flooring design options.

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