Why is Herringbone Flooring So Popular?

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Herringbone flooring, also known as fishbone, has been popular for decades. Herringbone flooring is a popular choice because of its distinctive beauty. This finesse makes it ideal for almost any room and satisfactory for nearly any fancy.

A home with a herringbone wood pattern can make a strong design statement. Also, the days of desperately needing professionals to install herringbone flooring are long gone. This notion stands because there’s a wide variety of easy-to-install herringbone options nowadays.

The popularity of Herringbone wooden flooring stems from its numerous benefits. Here, we’ll enlighten you about the advantages of herringbone flooring. Additionally, we’ll let you understand its costs and installation cost factors.

At the end of this article, you’ll not only be very clear regarding the popularity of the Herringbone. You’ll easily make your installation decision too.

Why Herringbone Flooring is Popular

Herringbone is a design that stems from a fish. Therefore, its inspiration may not be appealing to many. But the design itself is beautiful to the majority.

The above reason is why the pattern has intermittently become popular for centuries. Herringbone jewelry was popular in ancient Egypt, and the earliest specimens surface there.

Herringbone patterns were popular in ancient Rome. The parquet designs were embroideries on cut stone floors and even roadways. Later, wood flooring became more popular in wealthy residences during the Renaissance.

Carpenters saw that Herringbone’s appearance was just as good with wood planking as stone. As a result, herringbone wood flooring continues to be popular.

Herringbone flooring’s popularity stems from the deserving sentiments existing for wooden beauty. You can find a confluence to merge contemporary styles with an antique appearance with Herringbone flooring.

Regarding the significant reasons herringbone flooring is so popular, we’re here to expose you to them. So we’ll start by getting into full details of the advantages of herringbone flooring.


Despite their small sizes, Herringbone floors are easy to install.

Each board has a four-sided click system. You’ll need boards A and B to make the basic Herringbone design. Remember, you are slotting the shorter side of the board into the longer side.

Before laying the Herringbone on the floor, conduct a pre-installation inspection. Not all subfloors, for example, are ideal for new flooring. If you decide to keep it, make sure the subfloor is a dry, flat, and good structure.

The following is a list of tools to have before beginning the installation of your herringbone flooring:

  • Floating Floor Underlay
  • Straight Edge
  • Pencil
  • Knee Pads
  • Tape Measure
  • Jigsaw
  • PVA Adhesive
  • Fixed Heavy Duty Knife
  • Square Ruler
  • Laminate Flooring Cutter
  • Floating Floor Spacers


It Leaves No Gaps For Filling

Another benefit of herringbone flooring is its seams need no filling. Other wood flooring planks tend to be thin. So, there’ll be a lot of filling after the installation.

However, you get few or no gaps when you install herringbone flooring. This notion stands as long as you install the parquet flooring properly.

Small rooms Appear Larger by Installing Herringbone Floors

Another reason herringbone flooring is popular is the belief that it makes small spaces larger. This notion is true. Due to its pattern, a herringbone floor makes any area appear larger, especially smaller or narrower spaces like hallways.

This flooring is a terrific space enhancer you should consider for any room makeover, thanks to the illusion of movement it provides. In addition, darker interiors may appear brighter and more open using lighter coloured herringbone floors.

small rooms installing herringbone floors

The Value Of Your Home Increases

One of the primary advantages of using herringbone wooden flooring is its value to your home. The value of your home goes up immediately when you install this type of wood flooring.

Hardwood floors will sell faster than carpets unless there is a problem with the property. In fact, prospective homeowners will usually avoid homes with carpets due to their allergy triggers. A house with herringbone floorings will attract a larger number of potential buyers.

Also, you get a better price for your home when you sell it with herringbone flooring. In addition, you’ll be able to sell it more quickly because of the high demand for residences with herringbone floors in most areas in Canada.

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Solid and long-lasting – Wise Investment

Herringbone flooring also has the perks of strength and durability.

These floors may be vulnerable to scratches and damage. But you can prevent dents by treating them with caution.

Herringbone flooring can also withstand the heaviest foot traffic in your home or place of business. Its lasting quality is undeniable.

solid and long-lasting

Exhibit Your Personality Style

With herringbone flooring, you’ll be able to show off your impeccable taste in design. Herringbone flooring not only expands but also enlivens a room. As a bonus, herringbone floors give your home a more luxurious feel.

You’ll mesmerize your guests with the stunning beauty of herringbone boards.

The Ease of Maintaining and Cleaning

It couldn’t be any easier when it comes to cleaning herringbone flooring. This assurance is because you won’t have any difficulty keeping it tidy.

The floor won’t get stained or waterlogged no matter what you throw at it. With this attribute, cleaning your herringbone floor is as simple as a wipe or a brush. Your pets and children can play freely, and you’ll nurse no worries about them staining the floor.

Furthermore, fishbone flooring is far more hygienic, unlike carpet flooring. You’ll hardly have to worry about insects like fleas or mites with them.

Ultimately, you won’t have to worry about foul odours emanating from your pet dander or accidentally spilt drinks. This assurance stems from the cleaning simplicity of herringbone floorings.

ease of maintaining and cleaning

There is No Fading in the Colour

Floorings like carpets rapidly become unattractive. Dirt and dampness are the primary causes of this loss.

Herringbone flooring, on the other hand, has a swagger about it. The appearance of this wood flooring remains stable for a long time.

With good care, the floor’s colour becomes more beautiful with time.

Improvements In The Quality Of The Air

Dust and pet residues don’t gather on herringbone floors like other varieties. Your home’s atmosphere will be as clean as possible as a result. Another reason people choose herringbone floors is that it’s a good option for people with allergies.

Carpets are the only types of flooring widely known to be breeding grounds for allergies and dust mites. This statement is usually to exalt tile and laminate flooring. However, the engraving and grouting lines in these two types of flooring collect allergens and grime.

Therefore, herringbone floors are the best option for excellent air quality in your home.

herringbone floors quality

Heats From Underground Up

Another reason to install herringbone flooring is its natural features. Herringbone flooring retains and radiates heat more effectively. During the winter, you can see the difference between this flooring type and others like stone and tile.

If you live in a cold climate, this wooden flooring is the best option for you. With herringbone flooring, you can also add underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is a popular choice for many homeowners during the coldest months.

Refinishing is a Sure Possibility

Floors like tile and stone may prove tricky to recolour. As a result, they may require an overhaul or replacement of the whole floor.

Herringbone flooring, on the other hand, is a different ballgame. It gives you the liberty to change your flooring colour anytime.

Therefore, you save the money and time that’d have been for a new installation. As an illustration, imagine you just got a new home with herringbone flooring. It’s possible not to like the default colour.

You only need to remove the old stain finish of the herringbone floorings and reapply the new one in the situation above. That’s all there is to it.

herringbone flooring refinishing

It is Long-lasting

Herringbone flooring is also popular because of its sturdy nature and cleaning ease. However, due to these qualities, people consider them expensive.

On the other hand, we believe that the fishbone flooring is a smart investment. Taking this position is because we can vouch for the long-lasting prospects of the parquet flooring.

Herringbone flooring may be more expensive than other flooring types. However, the longevity and beauty it affords you over the years can never be subject to contest.

Installing herringbone flooring on a one-time basis will save you many things. One of such is the recurrent spending on floorings like carpets, which will cost you in the long run.

Herringbone floorings are the way to go if you want a floor that’ll last very long.

It’s Less Expensive to Install Herringbone Flooring

There are a variety of herringbone styles to choose from when you want to install herringbone floors. And these styles and designs are in numerous shades and grades.

You may pick the perfect finish for your home’s decor from these collections. As a result, you can select a floor that matches and enhances your home’s aesthetic. Also, if you’re on a tight budget, you can go with a lower grade.

install herringbone flooring

The Process of Installation is Pretty Simple

In the beginning, there was a brief mention of the idea of installing herringbone flooring on your own.

Many may find it surprising that a novice can install herringbone flooring. And this unbelief is due to the long history of sophistication of this flooring.

But, indeed, you can comfortably install herringbone floorings on your own. All you’ll need is a few common hand tools for a start. Also, you’ll need the ability to adhere to directions meticulously.

Its Indelible Characteristic

Most flooring wears out after a while, making them look old and shabby.

The opposite is true with herringbone flooring as it ages. It maintains a high level of quality while looking as new as possible. As a result, it appreciates over time tremendously.

When it comes to changing the look of your flooring, refurbishing is an excellent alternative.

It Can Be Sanded

The thickness of most wooden floors usually determines how many times you can sand them. Regardless, you can sand the popular herringbone flooring no matter what.

Re-sanding is like rejuvenating your floor after a long dormancy. You can also sand away any blemishes or stains you don’t like.

It is an Excellent Buy

Cost and budget are important factors to consider when making a flooring purchase. These factors influence a variety of decisions.

Fortunately, fishbone flooring is available at various pricing points to fit your needs. As a result, regardless of where the installation occurs, you’re making a smart decision.

Improves The Acoustics Of Your Home

Wood has been a popular choice for acoustic performance for millennia. Direct striking of wood produces sound, which it amplifies or absorbs. Wood is an excellent material for musical instruments and other acoustic applications, including architectural applications, for these reasons.

That’s why as a sound and vibration absorber, wood floors excel. That’s why professional studios and theatres choose wood flooring. It’s via the use of these floors that there’s top-notch sound production and amplification.

To put it another way, if you want your home or office to have a great sound, choose herringbone floorings.

Looks Amazing With Rustic Decor

Herringbone flooring is a fantastic choice for adding visual interest and a sense of elegance to your living space.

The Herringbone flooring design has a zigzag appearance, with each board connecting to the next at a straight angle. This connection gives the floor a lot of movement and an attractive geometric pattern.

As earlier said, for hundreds of years, the fishbone wood floor has been a popular parquet floor design. Herringbone flooring was a ready feature of castles, palaces, and aristocratic manors worldwide.

Herringbone flooring is continually gaining favour today, with installations in fashionable homes around Canada.

You’ll feel like you’re stepping into a movie set with herringbone designs as your flooring. This flooring provides a classic look that combines well with rustic decor.

Herringbone floorings reveal the natural texture and grain of the wood. As a result, your floor’s aesthetic appeal enhances greatly.

Herringbone floorings sometimes feature scratches and knots because they are sometimes from discarded wood. However, thanks to these ‘ flaws, your herringbone flooring has a lot of character.’

Herringbone flooring is a great option if you’re looking to create a rustic, stylish, or traditional look in your home.

rustic decor

Any Interior Design Will Work With it

Wood flooring has one significant advantage over other flooring options. This quality is known as adaptation. Thankfully, fishbone flooring has this feature too.

Installing herringbone flooring can go with any decor scheme you have going on in your home. If you carry out fishbone flooring in your space, you can change the look of your room at any time you like. You’ll never have a colour that doesn’t feel right in your home.

Additionally, fishbone flooring’s natural grain colours give you various colour choices. So, if you’re the kind of person who likes to experiment with different colour combinations, you’re in for a treat.

Cost of Herringbone Flooring

It costs between $3,502 to $4,000 to install herringbone flooring in Canada on average. Materials and other extraneous costs are inclusions in the average fee. As a result, herringbone flooring installation costs anywhere from $2,000 to $9,000 on average.

Even though laying Herringbone over an existing floor is not a common practice, certain homeowners insist on it. Herringbone flooring can cost anywhere from $4 to $7 per square foot to reinstall over an existing floor. The procedure is more expensive to guarantee that the existing floor is perfect.

But most times, experts don’t recommend the installation of herringbone flooring over an existing floor. Installing a herringbone floor is significantly cheaper per square foot if you remove the old flooring first.

You could expect to pay at least $8 per square foot on more complex projects. It may cost $10 per square foot for upgrades like altering the flooring or adding another hardwood alongside Herringbone.

Meanwhile, the following are factors that influence the cost of installing herringbone floors:

  • Installation location in your home
  • Finishing
  • Type of wood
  • Engineered and solid hardwood
  • Thickness of wood
  • Pattern and style

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cost of herringbone flooring

Final Thoughts

Should you now choose herringbone floors? You definitely have an answer by now if you read through this comprehensive article. Herringbone flooring boosts the value of your home and adds to its aesthetic appeal.

You can bank on the classic look of herringbone style for many years to come. Herringbone flooring is a beautiful choice for any home, regardless of the overall cost. Installing herringbone flooring in your house or business space is a great decision.

For a DIY newbie, herringbone installation may be challenging to achieve. As a result, enlisting a professional flooring installation service is preferable. Before the installation begins, professionals know things to inspect.

Are you considering a floor renovation? Then, check out our herringbone flooring installation services available at a low cost when you contact us.

At LV Flooring, we strive to provide the highest quality flooring services at the most affordable prices. Look through our online flooring catalogue or call us to speak to an in-house flooring specialist.

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