Herringbone Flooring Ideas 2022

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In home decor, wooden floors are a long-term investment. Installing them is a decision you’ll live with for many years. So you don’t want to make mistakes or regret them later. Herringbone is one of the top wooden flooring ideas worth such investment.

We perceive your home’s overall look as a priority for you to be here reading on herringbone flooring ideas. You want to ensure that your design choices affect and enthrall you and your visitors. You don’t want to settle for drab, conventional flooring from the home improvement store.

Fortunately, herringbone flooring is attractive. It has a distinct style and immediately grabs your attention. And that’s likely what you desire!

However, you won’t see something like it every day because it’s custom and high-end.

The character and warmth herringbone adds to your home are unbeatable. Here, we’ll not only provide you with ideas to spice things up with your herringbone flooring. We’ll also take you through ways to always keep your flooring looking pristine.

But first, let’s take you through the perks you’ll be enjoying for choosing Herringbone flooring.

Why You Should Be More Excited About your Herringbone Flooring

Many homeowners who eventually choose herringbone wood flooring initially hesitate a lot. And this hesitation is usually due to initial ignorance of how valuable and beautiful the flooring is and its promises.

Honestly, herringbone floors are pricey at first glance. But the thing is, most wood floorings are expensive. But blending herringbone with wood flooring may come at an extra bit because of its sophisticated installation requirements.

Herringbone flooring designs require more labour and time to install. This reason is why you may expect to pay a little more than for regular wood floors.

Sanding, staining, and sealing unfinished wood plank floors can cost $1.40 and $4.00 per square foot. Herringbone flooring comes with an extra astonishing effect, but it’s an investment you have to be willing to make.

If you want to see the remarkable pattern of herringbone floors, install them in a room with a lot of square footage.

Herringbone wood floors don’t have to cover your entire house. Importantly, they most especially look finest when restricted to a few locations. This way, you avoid overwhelming the sense of exclusivity they naturally exude.

Installing herringbone flooring in a kitchen or an office is sometimes enough to make an impact on the space. The bottom line is you don’t necessarily need to keep them going throughout every room of your house. That way, you and your visitors notice and appreciate them better.

The following are major highlights of the numerous perks of Herringbone flooring:

Wear and Tear Resistant

Since the flooring is in a herringbone pattern, it feels more stable than a solid wood floor. Back-to-back plywood is an excellent material for creating herringbone designs too. This makeup prevents the wood from changing form even in severely hot or cold temperatures.

With this type of flooring, you can expect a long-lasting finish. In addition, the use of hardwood in this flooring makes it exceptionally long-lasting and scratch-resistant.

As a result of the parquet flooring’s thickness, it’s possible to sand. Additionally, you can resurface it multiple times without destroying the flooring.


It’s possible to get the look of a solid wood floor with this flooring. This possibility is because of the plywood clasping in-between the layers.


The smooth surface of herringbone parquet flooring ensures no trappings of grime and dust. This advantage means allergies are mostly impossible with Herringbone flooring.

Its durability makes it ideal for high-traffic areas, including hallways, dining rooms, and kitchens.

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about your herringbone flooring

Different Herringbone Flooring Ideas For You

It’s challenging to keep up with interior design trends. However, there are a few crucial steps to take if you want to make design improvements to your home.

For example, you may want to go for a more classic look or a more modern one. Fortunately, herringbone flooring owns the entire gamut of stunning interiors.

When it comes to house remodelling, your style should shine through. After all, you’ll be the one who lives there. For others to adore your home, you first have to be in love with it.

Herringbone flooring is available in a variety of colours and patterns. While some work well in modern settings, others look just as good in older sets. Herringbone wood flooring has always been at the cynosure of flooring since it became popular in the late 16th century.

Herringbone is a type of parquet flooring that uses a zig-zag design to create stunning effects. Using wooden pieces to form geometric patterns is the core definition of parquet flooring.

Here, we’re presenting you with a list of the best ways to improve your home flooring and boost your interior decor. Therefore, if you’re considering herringbone flooring for your home, we have some great ideas!

The Design of Parquet Floors

From the onset, parquet flooring has been one of the strongest and most elegant herringbone flooring ideas around. Some sources predict this trend to escalate more by the end of 2022. Since the 16th century, this has been a popular flooring choice for high-end interiors.

The orange and red tones of the parquet have found replacements in more fabulous grey shades in recent trends. In addition, the colour greige, a blend of beige and grey, is another exciting new addition to the parquet’s colour palette.

Functional and adaptable, the parquet pattern works well with cool and warm tones. And it’ll remain fashionable for many years.

Herringbone Grey Flooring

Grey wood flooring in a herringbone pattern is a great way to combine two of the most popular interior design trends. Grey herringbone checks all the boxes: it’s beautiful, appealing, durable, and flexible.

Also, it has a natural look and feel because it’s engineered wood. It’s also a floor design that you can heat using underfloor heating.

Herringbone on Herringbone

Why not double up on the herringbone pattern if you can’t get enough of it? You’ll adore the use of herringbone parquet on both the ground and the table in a dining room.

You can try out other double-up patterns too. Maybe a herringbone shoe rack on your herringbone corridor.

You’ll never get enough of this herringbone flooring idea because there are several ways you can double up the patterns in your home.

Wood with a Decorative Pattern

One of the currently trending herringbone flooring ideas is patterned wood flooring. Using this design is one of the easiest ways to add flair to a room.

In 2022, herringbone patterns are more prevalent in wood flooring. And their visual appeal can further increase by including prints in the design.

decorative pattern

Repurposed Barn Board patterns

Another herringbone flooring idea is adapting recycled barn board design. The use of imitation wood floors became a hot trend in 2016.

Reclaimed barn plank wood is the source of bringing this style to date for flooring trends in 2022. In addition, natural wood looks are achievable artificially with this technique.

These sorts of floors can retain their woody flavour thanks to modern technologies. Additionally, this style is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t necessitate the usage of natural wood to create a cozy and receptive feel in your home.

Brown Tone Color

Floor manufacturers argue that mid- to dark-brown wood floors are increasing in relevance. Since the epidemic, darker brown floors have grown more fashionable than ever before because of their capacity to make a room appear larger and airier.

Manufacturers have highlighted a return to cozier and more nostalgic environments in design trends since the pandemic.

The visual warmth that brown flooring provides is soothing. As a result, it encourages you to “take your time,” And it will always be a favourite. It may seem like the happening style at the moment. But that doesn’t indicate its possibility of going out of vogue.

Using Planks Of A Larger Size

A fantastic herringbone flooring idea is using extra-long and wide planks for your wooden floor. They’re not just durable but are also presently fashionable.

With this design, your herringbone floor has lesser seams. And this trait means a cleaner and compactor look.

The Influence of Nature on Design

One of the top herringbone flooring ideas is nature-inspired wood styles. And that’s the most trendy design right now.

Using patterns with fanciful florals and natural shapes can help anchor a herringbone flooring design. Meanwhile, coastal blues and greens quickly infuse a space with a fresh ambiance inspired by plants and water.

Oiled Finishes.

If you look to install herringbone floors, you may also try out oiled finishes. Unlike previous years, homeowners are now tilting to the beauty of oiled floors.

Until now, the flooring industry’s primary focus has been on creating products impervious to damage. Alongside, flooring makeups have been with coverings in several protective layers, giving the final product an unnatural appearance.

But oiled floors don’t pass as “faux” at all. On the contrary, they age nicely and appear and feel very natural.

Recently, homeowners have increasingly preferred natural materials over synthetic ones. And we believe the trend toward oiled flooring is a spin-off of the natural material bias.

White Oak

Your herringbone flooring ideas would be on a great path to execution with this hardwood. Of course, there’s always a substantial market for hardwood flooring, but white oak is prevalent right now.

There is no better canvas for applying all forms of stains and hues than hardwood from versatile tree species like white oak. It absorbs colour so nicely and is also attractive in its natural condition.

Finishes with an Ultra-matte Appearance

An ultra-matte finishing is an excellent herringbone flooring idea. Increasing numbers of homeowners are choosing low-sheen wood protection treatments. So it’s no surprise that ultra-matte flooring is rising in popularity because it feels more natural and looks stunning.

Patterns Play

Pattern play is also one of the numerous design ideas for herringbone floor planks. This style is typically for high-traffic areas, such as corridors and foyers, to add visual appeal.

However, pattern plays have recently been gaining control in more formal settings. Spaces such as dining and living rooms have proven to be great installation areas for this design.

When it comes to tiles, custom patterns are a major trend at the moment. Therefore, blending this pattern with herringbone would be amazing. It’ll be like combining penny-round tiles with checkerboard patterns and various colours.

patterns play

Carpet Tile

This style is an external material blend with your herringbone floor. And it’s like adding a rug or carpet to your floor area.

Here, you don’t have to commit to an entire carpet floor. But you can still add a dash of style.

Combine The Old With The New

This herringbone flooring idea consists of a medium-brown herringbone pattern floor contrasting with colours like white. It’s like the floor contrasting yet blending with white tables.

It keeps up well with the overall modern theme. And it’ll provide a touch of tradition to an otherwise ultra-modern kitchen.

Pattern Extension

Allowing patterned floors to extend from one room to the next creates a more coherent visual effect throughout the house.

Imagine your kitchen, living room, and corridor with herringbone flooring features. It’ll be graceful for a seamless aesthetic transition.

But you should avoid overusing this pattern possibility. As previously explained, it’s not the best idea to have your whole house in herringbone flooring.

The Combination Of Woods

Imagine a dark brown herringbone pattern floor adorning a reading table. You’ll especially love how well the diverse wood tones work together. And this feature can replicate across different nude furniture in the home in relation to the floor.

Don’t Use Knotted Wood

Let your imagination go wild when it comes to ideas for your herringbone floor. A bright herringbone pattern floor will combine well with darker brown. Just imagine that combo in a modern dresser. It’ll be a smooth and clean result.

Let in the Sun’s Rays

Light and nature add to the beauty of any place. As an external factor, allow natural lighting to bathe your traditional or contemporary interior with herringbone installation.

A clean tan herringbone pattern floor gives your home an antique, scenic, and welcoming appearance. Imagine sipping coffee in a rocking chair on your herringbone floor with the sun bathing you. Fantasy!

Keep Things Subtle

Usually, complementary nude tones in a living area will obscure modest herringbone pattern floors. However, this modesty will allow an external material like a rug to shine through the muted but stylish design.

Decorate Using A Mixture Of Styles

Herringbone floors in another room can coexist peacefully with other, more modern aesthetics. Traditional, transitional, and modern settings can benefit from herringbone floor patterns.

You may be deciding to remodel an ancient house with traditional architectural characteristics. One of the most fantastic ideas is to pair your herringbone flooring with eclectic decor. This pairing is a great way to bring the old and the new together.

Disrupt the Status Quo

Floor tiles in a herringbone pattern will create dynamic designs in a contemporary kitchen. It’ll almost look like the floors are sloshing about the room fluidly.

You can experiment with this style in your own home or keep to a more classic aesthetic. It’s safe to assume that herringbone floors are a traditional design element that will look great in any setting. But you should try out a few different samples to see how they look in your own space.

Caring For Your Herringbone Flooring

No matter how great your herringbone flooring ideas or execution, they’ll not last if you don’t treat them well. Therefore, you need a good maintenance culture.

The following are some tips to clean and maintain your herringbone wooden flooring:

  • First, clean up any water that spills on the floor as soon as possible.
  • Try to always remove your shoes before walking on the floor.
  • Never pull heavy goods over the floor. You can use protection pads.
  • Sweep the floor every day to keep it clean.
  • A microfiber mop and a cleaning spray would be essential to cleaning your herringbone floor.
  • In no case should you use any abrasive cleaners such as a steam mop, wet mop, or furniture polish.

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Flooring with a herringbone pattern has a classic aesthetic. It works amazingly with a wide variety of interior design styles. And you’d confirm that, having read through the herringbone floor ideas in this article.

To start your interior decoration, you are likely now thinking about which shade of herringbone to get. Maybe you’re sceptical of the prices you see around.

We’re one of the best stores for homeowners to get herringbone floors from in Ontario. Look through our online catalogue at LV Flooring for the most beautiful designs.

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