The Average Cost of Laminate Flooring: Is it Worth the Investment?

January 18, 2023by Harper0

Learning about the cost of laminate flooring — like any other floor is crucial to planning a new or renovated design. Laminate floors are attractive floor choices for homes or offices. But understanding if it has a cost-effective price is important.

According to a 2021 survey by Wood Working Network, the yearly demand for laminate floors will increase by 2.6% until 2024.

The aesthetics and durable features of laminate floors have made them popular in Canadian real estate. So, you’re on the right track if you choose laminate floors for your home or office.

This article analyzes laminate flooring installation costs and whether it’s a great investment.

How Much Does Laminate Flooring Cost?

You can divide the cost of laminate flooring into three parts:

  • Cost of supply
  • Cost of Laminate
  • Labour cost

Buying the laminate flooring plank is the first step and should cost between $2-$7 per square foot. Negotiate supply terms when you buy laminate floors. Supply should only add between $1- $3 to the installation costs for your laminate floor.

Labour costs are between $2-$4 per square meter. Or around $80-$120 if the labour company charges daily.

Many factors influence laminate flooring pricing. Let’s take a look at each one:

Laminate Type

Many designs of laminate floors are available. Laminate floors mimic other flooring designs like:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Marbles

A laminate floor can mimic and resemble any floor type as long as it has a printable design.

But the more complex the design and features of the floor you choose are, the higher the laminate flooring installation costs.

Say you’re trying to install a simple laminate floor, you may find it for less than $10 per square meter. But if you want laminate floors that mimic wood floors like oak and pine, you’ll be paying higher than $20 per square meter.

Always speak to an expert if you want a good price for laminate flooring.

laminate wood flooring

Laminate Features

Laminate floors usually have four sections with their respective functions:

  • The underlay: This section is the closest section to the floor. It’s usually water-resistant and gives room for underfloor heating.
  • The base layer: This section acts as the foundation for the floor and is usually the strongest.
  • The Image layer: The main design at the top of your laminate floor is usually a high-resolution image mimicking the floor you want.
  • Finishing or wear layer: Your laminate floor requires a protective barrier to retain its beauty. This layer is usually scratch resistant and transparent.

Each section of the laminate floor is available in diverse qualities. But buying low-quality laminates is never a great decision.

You have a right to add or remove some features when you buy laminate flooring. For instance, you don’t need the underlay if the installation space has an existing subfloor that’s smooth and water-resistant.

It’s also possible to add more features to the laminate floor. But this increases the final cost of installing a laminate floor.

Flooring Area

An apparent rule of thumb for all flooring installation is: more space requires more materials. And if the shape of the space you’re covering is complex, you’ll need more laminate flooring.

Flooring technicians usually charge labour costs per square meter or time. Listen to both offers and choose the cost-effective option.

Installation Technique

Installing a laminate floor is straightforward. The hard part is getting accurate measurements and enough laminate flooring.

But, don’t try to install a laminate floor without the right experience or tools. You’ll need more than a tutorial video to get it perfect.

Some laminate floor designs require specific installation techniques, which can increase overall costs.

For example, some laminate floors may require you to design the edges or hide them with skirting boards. This design will increase the time required to install the floor to perfection. This translates to increased labour costs and expenses.

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laminate floor installation

Should I Buy Laminate Flooring: Is the Cost Worth it?

Now that you know how much to buy laminate flooring, you’ll want to know if it’s a cost-effective choice.

Laminate floors have many advantages, making them worth every penny. The advantages include:

Mimics Flooring Choice Perfectly

Laminate floors are usually substituted floor options to save money. You’ll get a floor that looks like your dream floor at a lower price.

Laminate floors mimic solid hardwood floors perfectly. It’ll take experience and deep observations to notice the difference.

Easy Installation

Laminate flooring is one of the few floor options you can install yourself.

While hiring an expert offers better results, you can always go the DIY route by buying laminate floors with simple installation methods.

You won’t be doing a lot of hammering and glueing. Instead, you’ll lock the panels after installing the base layer and underlay.

Affordable and Long-Lasting

One of the features that makes laminate flooring worth it is its durability. Laminate floors last up to three decades with optimum use and maintenance.

The floor layers have the strength required to carry high traffic. And you’ll be saving money with laminate floors.

Reliable Quality and Easy Maintenance

You’ll think that paying less for laminate floors means lower quality. But laminate flooring is a standard flooring option in terms of maintenance, durability and aesthetics.

Maintaining a laminate floor is usually easier than the maintenance procedure for the floor you’re trying to mimic. For instance, the maintenance procedure for oak and pine hardwood flooring is complex compared to laminate flooring.

Remember, laminate floors have a protective surface — making cleaning easy when there’s a spill. But if the spill occurs on wood floors, it can damage the wood.

Different Aesthetic Choices

You have multiple design options when choosing laminate floors. You’ll always find multiple options for laminate floors, whether you like bold or light designs.

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different aesthetic choices

Buy Laminate Flooring in Ontario

The cost of laminate flooring is low compared to the advantages you’ll enjoy from choosing the floor. Laminate floors are aesthetically pleasing and durable, and you won’t go through stress maintaining them.

But you’ll only enjoy the advantages of laminate flooring when you buy from the right source. At LV Flooring, we have a variety of laminate floor designs at different prices. These options are affordable, unique, and durable.

Check out our online catalogue of laminate flooring planks today.

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