What Is The Most Durable Type of Hardwood Flooring?

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Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular flooring options if you live in Canada. Apart from hardwood flooring being a durable type of flooring, the floors come off as beautiful. Also, there are various types of hardwood you can use for flooring your home. Each one of these floors has its respective features, which make them exhibit some behaviour.

Some of the features you may want for your hardwood flooring are beauty, colour, strength, and of course, durability. While you want to beautify your home with hardwood floors, you need your floor to have the strength to withstand the load.

Also, you’ll want to choose a durable type of hardwood flooring. You wouldn’t want to change your floors frequently within a short period.

Installing a new floor in your home is a huge investment that may take a lot from the bank. Hence, when choosing your new hardwood floor option, you should consider one that will stand the test of time. As a result, strength and durability should be more important than beauty and colours when you’re choosing.

In this article, we’ll discuss the most durable hardwood flooring options. Each one of the following hardwood floors on this list can withstand the test of time.

Types of Durable Hardwood Flooring

We can’t discuss the different types of durable hardwood flooring without understanding the Janka scale. The Janka scale is one of the factors that you can use to tell a durable hardwood from a weak one.

The Janka scale is the measure of the toughness of the hardwood before it gets damaged. In some cases, experts prefer to call the Janka scale a Janka hardness test.

When a hardwood undergoes the Janka hardness test, the result is in figures. The higher the value of the Janka test, the higher the strength of the hardwood. What that means is the hardwood will take some effort before notable scratches and dents can affect it.  So the moment you can say a hardwood flooring is durable, it will most likely have a high Janka test value.

Oak Hardwood Flooring

All over the world, Oak is the most common hardwood used for flooring. In most cases, you will find oak trees growing in abundance on North American soil. There are two primary types of Oak hardwood; red Oak and white oak. Red oak and white oak may be from the same oak family, but they have different Janka test ratings.

The Janka test rating of white oak is around 1360, while red Oak is about 1290. That means white oak is usually stronger than red Oak. The Janka test rating may not be so high, but oak is an extremely durable hardwood flooring. In most cases, oak hardwood is the standard level of most Janka ratings for all hardwood.

Apart from the durable property of the oak redwood, it also has other excellent features which make it popular. First, oak hardwood is a relatively affordable option when it comes to hardwood floors. Also, the design of oak wood has a grain-like pattern, so while you have durable hardwood, it remains beautiful.

Hickory Hardwood Flooring

If you know the hickory tree, you probably will understand the strength of the tree. Hickory hardwood floor is one with one of the highest durability and strength in the globe. The Janka rating of hickory is 1820, so this floor is stronger than the oak hardwood floor. The increased strength of hickory hardwood flooring doesn’t exactly affect the price.

Hickory hardwood is more expensive than oak wood, but not by far. Furthermore, because of the strength of hickory hardwood, you can use it in a room that’ll see heavy foot traffic.

Also, hickory comes with a busy design, which you may not like at the initial sight. But the different colours of the grain-like design have their advantages.

You don’t have to add any new colours to a hickory hardwood floor because it has many colours. More so, you’ll hardly see a single scratch on any hickory floor installed by experts. There will be scratches, but you won’t see them because the design is already busy.

Hickory may be a durable flooring option, but to install the hardwood flooring, you need to have the right technical ability. It’s always best for you to hire an expert to help you install your hickory floor.

Engineered Wood Flooring

engineered wood flooring

Engineered hardwood is essentially hardwood with many layers of fiber boards or plywood under the hardwood. This type of hardwood has intentional designs, and as such, you get to choose the type of hardwood you can use at the top.

The Janka test rating for the engineered hardwood flooring depends heavily on the solid wood at the top of the wood. So, for example, if the hardwood at the top is hickory, you will have durable engineered hardwood flooring. Aside from the durability of engineered hardwood flooring, it is a very stable form of hardwood flooring.

In terms of price, engineered hardwood doesn’t cost too much. The price of engineered hardwood depends heavily on the type of hardwood at the top.

However, the plywood and fiberboards below the solid wood add to the price just a little. As you’ll expect, the most affordable engineered hardwood should be the engineered oak hardwood.

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Mahogany Hardwood Flooring

Mahogany is a tree that usually grows all around the central and southern parts of South America. You’ll love the colour of mahogany the moment you see it. Away from the rich colour, the grain design that comes with mahogany is also attractive. When you install your mahogany hardwood floor, it adds spice to the design of your home.

Aside from being one of the most beautiful hardwood flooring options, it’s also one of the most durable options. So while your house is getting beautiful, you’ll still get a durable floor.

There are many types and variations of mahogany hardwood flooring, each with its respective features and looks.  The Janka rating of most types of the mahogany floor is over 2000.

For example, a type of mahogany floor – Santos mahogany hardwood flooring has a Janka rating of 2200. As you can see, it has a higher Janka rating than the hickory hardwood flooring.

This type of mahogany comes with a regular grain design and a red colour. Mostly, experts use mahogany wood for furniture primarily, except the mahogany is the Santos mahogany wood.

Ebony Wood Flooring

You may have a hard time finding authentic ebony hardwood flooring if you prefer this option. What you’ll see in the market is normal hardwood coloured with the colour of ebony wood. However, if you manage to get the original ebony wood, you have durable hardwood flooring. When you test real ebony on the Janka scale, the hardness recorded is 3220.

The figure above shows that ebony hardwood flooring is an extremely strong and durable flooring option. The strength of the ebony hardwood is enough reason for the wood to be scarce. But the simple colour and design of ebony wood have made the hardwood threatened. The colour of ebony is jet-black, and you know, black never goes wrong.

The features of the ebony hardwood are amazing, which causes some disadvantages. These features mean many people will want the ebony hardwood to floor their home, which increases its demand. As a result, the ebony hardwood becomes very scarce, and when you buy it, it’s extremely costly.

Teak Hardwood Flooring

If you ever heard of teak hardwood, it was probably not for the hardness of the wood. The major news about teak hardwood is the ability of the wood to resist water. However, teak also has amazing strength and durability features. The Janka rating of teak hardwood flooring is a whopping 2330.

If you plan to floor your bathroom or other wet areas in your home, teak is a great option. Because of its water resistance, teak hardwood flooring maintains its beauty even with water. Speaking of beauty, teak hardwood is an extremely beautiful hardwood option. The beautiful golden brown colour on teak floors makes it stand out.

While teak wood is a durable hardwood flooring, it also has shiny features. During the manufacturing process, peak wood has gone through different oils and resins to its shining beauty. As a result, the shiny nature adds flavour to the already beautiful colour of the teak hardwood floor.

Ipe Hardwood Flooring

If you’re in search of the most durable hardwood to use for flooring, ipe hardwood may be what you’re looking for. All across the world, ipe hardwood flooring is one of the strongest options. The ipe hardwood, also known as Brazilian walnut, has a Janka rating of 3680. So you see, in terms of strength, the ipe hardwood stands tall amongst its counterparts.

While Brazilian walnut is a great hardwood flooring option, it’s not a very common wood. Asides from the strength and durability, the ipe hardwood comes with a deep colour. The design on the ipe hardwood takes a beautiful grain-like shape. So, with ipe hardwood, you’re not only getting strong wood, you’re getting beautiful wood.

Ash Hardwood Flooring

ash hardwood flooring

Ash hardwood flooring is a not-so-common option amongst many hardwood flooring. When you use Ash hardwood for your floors, you may not exactly get the strongest wood. The Janka rating of Ash hardwood is only about 1320. That means that Ash hardwood is only a little stronger than oak hardwood.

Irrespective of the fiar Janka rating of Ash hardwood, it has a beautiful design. However, the Ash hardwood may be increasing in cost in recent times. The increased prices are because of an environmental challenge posed by the manufacturing of this hardwood.

American Walnut Hardwood Flooring

Sometimes, you may need your floors to have more beauty than strength. Other times, you may want to find a floor that strikes the right balance between beauty and strength.

If you’re looking for that durable hardwood flooring with the right dose of beauty, American walnut is an attractive option. But before you get confused, American walnut differ from Brazilian walnut in every way.

The Janka rating of the American walnut hardwood is only 1010. Of course, with the Janka rating, you don’t expect American walnut to carry an excessive load. However, it doesn’t mean American walnut hardwood flooring can’t withstand any load.

The main selling point of the American walnut floor is the luxurious colour and beauty. When you buy the American Walnut, you will see a lovely chocolate colour. Purchasing an American walnut is a sign that you’re in love with luxury items. As much as the American walnut hardwood lets you down in strength, it makes it up in beauty and texture.

Birch Hardwood Flooring

When you want to choose your preferred hardwood option for your flooring, you may consider the cost. If you’re looking for an averagely durable hardwood flooring that won’t affect your finances, you should consider birch hardwood flooring. The cost of birch wood is below $5. The affordable price of birch hardwood flooring doesn’t affect its durability.

The Janka rating of the birch hardwood flooring is 1260. As a result, the birchwood has some strength to withstand load and repel scratches. A primary selling point of birch wood is the ability to absorb stains. So many use birch hardwood because it’s scratch-resistant hardwood.

Merbau Hardwood Flooring

Merbau hardwood doesn’t grow in only one part of the world. At the different places of growth, Merbau hardwood has various names. Some people refer to Merbau hardwood flooring as kwila, while others call it ipil. You can find Merbau hardwood grow in the Eastern parts of Africa, Australia, and some portions of Asia.

A primary selling point for Merbau hardwood is its resistance to pest infestation. Most woods will, over time, get infested by pests. But with Merbau hardwood, it will take the insects and pests sometime before they get into this wood.

The pest-resistant feature of Merbau hardwood takes the limelight of all the features. However, Merbau is a hardwood that can give you durable flooring. The Janka rating of the Merbau hardwood flooring is 1925. So while you’re getting a strong hardwood floor, you can bother less about pests.

Padauk hardwood flooring

If you have experienced pest infestation in your home because of your hardwood, you won’t want a repeat experience. When you’re shopping for durable hardwood flooring, you’ll also want hardwood that resists pests. If you need a hardwood floor that balances both durability and pest resistance.

A beautiful option you can consider if you want a durable and pest-resistant hardwood is padauk hardwood. Padauk hardwood has a Janka rating of 1725, which means it can withstand some load. Moreso, padauk hardwood is excellent at resisting pests.

Padauk hardwood flooring doesn’t cost too much, which explains why many experts choose the product. An interesting feature of padauk hardwood is the colour changes, which depend on the light exposure. The colour gives an orange tone when you don’t expose padauk hardwood to sunlight. However, if you expose to sunlight, you may get a reddish-brown colour.

Brazilian Teak hardwood flooring

Brazilian teak hardwood may look like teak hardwood, but they’re not the same. Teak hardwood is popular for its water resistance, while Brazilian teak is famous for its strength. Brazilian teak hardwood has its Janka rating of 3540. 3540 for a Janka rating is one of the highest ratings you will see for any hardwood.

Brazilian teak hardwood is an extremely durable hardwood for your home flooring. Before you notice any scratch on Brazilian teak, then it must have been a huge scratch.

For the strength of Brazilian teak hardwood, you may think the hardwood should be a scarce commodity. However, there is a reasonable amount of supply for the Brazilian teak hardwood floor.

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Looking for durable hardwood flooring can be challenging if you don’t exactly understand what to notice. However, with the information in this article, getting a suitable hardwood for your home should be easy.

All you need to do is first determine the exact type of hardwood floor you need and draw up a budget. Then, pick the right hardwood flooring option amongst the options mentioned above.

Here at LV Flooring, we offer top notch hardwood flooring designs that’ll stand the test of time. Look through our collection today!

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