Laminate Flooring Ideas for a Bathroom

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If you’re thinking of changing the look of your bathroom floor, laminate flooring ideas should be top of your list. You simply need to complement the laminate floor with a colour that’ll blend -in effortlessly.

Here, we’ll explore the top design options for laminate flooring. We’ll also highlight cost related expenses and how much you can expect to shell out on pristine laminate flooring ideas for a bathroom.

The Best Laminate Flooring Ideas for Bathrooms

Laminate flooring is a durable and attractive alternative to hardwood flooring. Market statistics show an increase in flooring covering usage among homeowners. Therefore, it’s more likely the price of laminate flooring will go up in the coming years.

In short, there’s never been a better time to buy laminate flooring. See the best laminate flooring ideas for bathrooms below:

Water-resistant Laminate Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is durable and easily blends with interior designs. But it’s not water-resistant. Therefore, the introduction of water-proof vinyl (WPC and SPC) is a game changer.

Water-resistant laminate flooring is a good idea for your bathroom. But you need to manage your flooring properly to ensure it lasts longer. For example, if water spills on a laminate floor, the installation lock will prevent it from soaking. But, if the moisture comes from beneath the flooring, it can damage your flooring.

Stain-resistant Laminate Flooring

Water resistance isn’t the only laminate flooring idea for your bathroom, especially if you have kids. Even for adults, a mistake is inevitable. Stain-resistant laminate floors for your bathroom are highly resilient.

When there’s an accident or a spill, you can easily wipe it off. Stain-resistant laminates have special agents that make them look new and fabulous when you wipe off any stain on them.

It’s a feature that provides added insurance for your flooring. You can expect stain-resistant laminate floors to remain trendy for a long time thanks to this distinct feature.

Wood-like Laminate Flooring

wood-like laminate flooring

The major feature of wood designs is that it complements any part of the house. As the name implies, wood-like laminate flooring design looks exactly like wood, and it can be a great choice for your bathroom.

Formerly, most homeowners used reclaimed wood from barns, timbers, and decking, to floor their homes. But currently, wood-like laminate flooring is the new sensation for wooden designs.

You can make your bathroom look amazing by selecting a decor that’ll blend with a wood-like laminate flooring. The best matching colour for a wood-like design is white. Wood-like laminate flooring is also durable and offers substantial strength.

Embossed in Register Laminate Floor

Embossed in register floor design is the most natural-looking design for laminate flooring. It provides attractive lifelike wood textures by creating patterns that look like actual wood grains. It’s a good laminate flooring idea for your bathroom.

Whitewashed Laminate Flooring

A whitewashed laminate floor is an excellent decision for your bathroom design. You can use darker colors to design other areas of your bathroom if you’re using whitewashed flooring. In addition, whitewashed flooring will make your bathroom look more relaxed, bigger, and brighter.

Depending on your design choice, it can also give your bathroom a deluxe contemporary appeal or that “beachy” effect. The variety of decor options is why whitewashed laminate flooring design is a good choice for your bathroom.

Grey Laminate Flooring

Grey-coloured laminate flooring has been in high demand over the last decade. Initially, manufacturers were cautious of grey laminates, producing only a few pieces to see how they’ll fare in the market.

Grey laminate flooring has surprisingly become a trend, and it’s also good for bathrooms. You can use grey laminates for your bathroom flooring to make it look beautiful. In addition, you can use a complementing colour for the walls to make grey laminate flooring more aesthetic.

Some people may just go with white paints for the wall, but you may decide to be more creative with your choice of colours. Grey laminate flooring serves as a backdrop to decorate your bathroom in various colours. The flooring option offers cool tones for your bathroom and a distinct contemporary feel.

High Variation Laminate Flooring

High variation laminate flooring has to do with integrating bright colours with neutrals to give your floor a unique and astonishing look. The only challenge a high laminate flooring may have is its precise design, which can quickly get boring.

Asides from that, using high variation laminate flooring in your bathroom will make it look more aesthetic. You can use it to achieve any design you have in mind. You can use white colors for the other areas of your bathroom to make the space come together. You can also use a different shade of high variation flooring colour for the walls.

Herringbone Laminate Floor Design

If you wish to go for a bold design instead of the usual streamlined floor patterns, then you’ll love herringbone flooring. It has grown to become one of the major decorative patterns in laminate flooring designs.

Herringbone laminate flooring design connects planks at an angle 90-degree to create a complex, angled design. Although herringbone flooring also looks like chevron flooring, there’s a slight difference between them.

You can also determine the herringbone flooring look you want. For instance, you can make it bold or tone it down to your desired effect. Herringbone laminate flooring can create the spectre of a wider space.

Herringbone laminate flooring is an excellent design for flooring in any area of your house, including the bathroom. Using herringbone flooring design with longer planks is a growing trend, and it can make your bathroom look stunning.

Chevron Laminate Flooring

Chevron flooring designs have been in existence for about ten years and are still waxing strong in the laminate industry. You can make chevron laminate flooring more attractive by pairing it with light wood. Then, you can also select complementing colors for other areas of the bathroom.

Wide Plank Laminate Flooring Design

Using a wide plank laminate flooring design makes your space look bigger, more cohesive, more open and simple. You can use the wide plank flooring design for your bathroom or any other part of your house.

While wide plank laminates are simple designs, they allow you to be more expressive in other areas of the bathroom. Besides using colors to complement a wide plank floor design, you can also select a bathroom design with interesting effects.

The simplicity and class of a wide plank laminate flooring design will make it stand the test of time. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about changing it any time soon unless for personal reasons.

Light Wood Laminate Flooring Design

light wood laminate flooring design

Previously, people used to see lighter flooring as inexpensive or unfashionable. But it’s no longer the case. Homeowners now have a different perception of lighter floors.

A light wood laminate floor can give your bathroom a very appealing and timeless look. There’s no limitation to your creativity if you use a light wood laminate flooring design for your bathroom. You can opt for a rustic, contemporary or chic effect if you use a light wood floor for your bathroom.

Also, light wood laminate flooring doesn’t appear dirty, and it also makes your bathroom look more spacious and bigger. Light wood floors are a new design trend, and many people haven’t grasped the concept yet. It means that if you hop on light wood laminate floor design now, you’ll be a trendsetter.

Oak Laminate Flooring

Like wood oak flooring, oak laminate flooring comes in different colours and styles. Oak flooring can come as black oak, red oak, and white oak. The most common types of oak laminate flooring you’ll find around are red and white.

Red oak laminates look warmer because of it’s red/pink undertone. At the same time, the grey/blue undertone of a white oak laminate makes it look cooler. Every type of oak laminate flooring has striking colours and unique grain variations.

You can select any colour shade of oak wood laminates to design your bathroom. Most people may go for a subtle shade of red oak laminate for a unique effect in their bathroom.

Acacia Laminate Flooring

The rich, deep brown colour of acacia laminates make them easily complement different spaces. Acacia laminate floors usually have a darker brown layer. However, some manufacturers produce acacia flooring that has golden tones like it’s glowing.

You can get acacia laminates in either hand-scraped or polished finishes. It’s also a great fit for your bathroom. To appreciate acacia laminate flooring, you can get bathroom accessories with complementing colours.

Maple Laminate Flooring

Maple laminates have little veining and come with a lucid light colour. In addition, manufacturers make the veining on maple laminates to be either curly or straight. Maple laminates are a brilliant option if you’re searching for a flooring design without lots of veins.

Another good thing about a maple laminate is its versatility. It can serve every room in your house, including your bathroom. In addition, maple laminates come in a nice colour that’ll give your bathroom a beautiful look. You can look for ways to make your bathroom design correspond with the appealing colour of maple laminate flooring.

Cherry Laminate Flooring

Cherry laminate is a unique flooring colour with a broad range. Normally, cherry is a reddish-brown colour that grows redder and darker. However, it can take different shades, like a rich burgundy colour with obvious dark veining. Manufacturers also make the “stained” cherry, which initiates the deepest tone of the grain.

Cherry laminate is an oddly satisfying flooring decision for homes. Most people tend to go for the light burgundy shade for their bathroom designs.

Elm Laminate Flooring

Before now, elm was one of the most popular types of flooring in people’s homes. But, unfortunately, it stopped being in circulation in wood due to the Dutch elm disease. The only method of getting this particular colour of flooring is through laminates or reclaimed wood.

Most people prefer using elm laminate flooring for their rooms and bathrooms because it has the same colour and dark grain as an actual elm. In addition, it’s available in several styles and widths, including finishes from hand-scraped to polished.

Beech Laminate Flooring

Beech is a reddish-brown colour that you can use for your bathroom and other parts of your house. It gives more effect in darker rooms. But you may not get enough choices for variation, tone and finish of beech laminate flooring. However, it still remains a viable option for flooring your bathroom.

Walnut Laminate Flooring

Walnut laminate flooring has a rich brown colour that makes it an excellent option for your home, including your bathroom. The walnut colour goes from a mid-warm tone to a cooler and darker shade.

Walnut laminate flooring is a good option if you want character and warmth with a dark floor. The colour and variation easily hides specks of dirt, especially in a home with kids.

Hickory Laminate Flooring

Hickory laminate flooring comes with a distinctive grain pattern marked by knots and material streaks. It has a light commercial wear layer and is moderately resistant to wear, fading and stains. Hickory laminate flooring also has several colours and thick veins.

The hickory floor design is one of the best laminate flooring styles for your bathroom. The veins stand out due to the cream light tan background of hickory laminates.

Stone Laminate Flooring

Stone laminates aren’t as common as wood-like laminates. Stone laminate flooring usually gives your bathroom an antique or tumbled stone floor appearance. You can go for it if you want to give your bathroom a rustic look.

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Laminate Floor Installation Cost

Laminate floor installation costs between $1,500 and $3,500 on average. An average homeowner may spend over $2,000 on a laminate floor with 12 mm thickness for a 200 sq. ft space with a sound-proof underlayment.

The lowest cost of installing laminate flooring for your bathroom is $1,200 for a 7 mm thick 200 sq.ft. laminate floor without underlayment. However, laminate floor installation may cost you as high as $4,600 for a 12 mm thick 300 sq.ft laminate, including a 3-in-1 underlayment.

The price of installing laminate floors differs due to certain factors. Have a look at these factors below.


Laminate flooring has different textures to confer the real look of actual hardwood, concrete, tile or stone. In addition, any laminate material has several finishing methods.

For instance, a laminate floor can be mild, moderate, or perfectly smooth. Your choice of texture plays a role in the cost of the laminate flooring installation for your bathroom.



There are various types of laminate flooring materials and designs, affecting the cost of installing laminate flooring for your bathroom. The better-looking laminate floors like hickory and elm are more expensive than others.


There are different levels of thickness for laminate flooring. Normally, the thickness of laminate floors begins from 7 mm to 12 mm. Thicker laminates are bend-resistant and have less noise resistance.

Underlayment Type

Underlayments are important for installing laminate flooring for your bathroom. It’s the material you have to put on your subfloor to support the laminate flooring. Underlayments provide noise reduction, support and stability.


Laminates also come in different types of finishes. Note that a finish isn’t the same as a texture. Sometimes, you may need to select from various textures and finishes to find an exclusive style.

Labor Cost

Most professionals charge from $4 to $8 per square foot for installing laminate flooring in a  bathroom. The labour cost includes installing the laminate and underlayment.

Space Size

The cost of installing laminate flooring for a bathroom depends on its size. A bigger space will consume more materials and require more labour time, which adds to the cost of laminate floor installation. So, it’s normal for laminate flooring costs for a bigger bath space to cost more than a smaller one.

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Final Take

Laminate flooring is an excellent decision for your bathroom due to the vast range of design options on offers. Above, we discuss different styles that’ll work for your bathroom. Read through and find the one that meets your preferences.

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